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What's In A Name 2


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I couldn't find the original thread on weird kids names but I have managed to collect a fine specimen just recently.

 I collected this little gem from a friend last week. An acquaintance of hers works in a book store. One of the sales assistants had returned to the bookshop to show off her new baby after the christening.

"Ooh what did you name her?" asked my friend's friend."
"Wivanee." said the sales assistant.
"What with an 'e'?"
"Wivanee!" the sales assistant repeated.
"Yes we know it's got an 'e' but what's her name?"
"Wivanee! We got it from that book wiv all them baby names in wot you give us! Wivanee!"
"No, still none the wiser. Spell it for us."
"Y V O N N E. Wivanee!" :shocked

Surely, surely at some point the grandparents, registrar or even the vicar must have asked the question?:facepalm:

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There was me thinking that the 'correct' pronunciation was going to be Waveney, after the river, a name used by two parents that I know of. Why Van Ee being very much as one might hear it said to this day in parts of the Why Van Ee Vall Ee, Waveney Valley. The trend of purposely misspelling a name in order to be different is another fad that never fails to perplex me. Some poor little sods are going to spend their lives admitting that their parents couldn't spell!

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My sons are called Howie and Bart, after two of my favourite places in Broadland, can you guess where?........Nah just kidding lol, they have very normal names. Parents should think carefully about naming their children, they can get teased relentlessly over their parents choice. I believe I said this on the other similar thread but Apple and Sunday Rose which a well known celeb couple named their children, the little girl's not going to be called Sunday Roast much, is she? :facepalm:



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A name is for life, not just for a christening. 

As a society we are terrible snobs really. Not only are we judged by the names that we inflict on our children but also the breed of dog we own, how we talk, whether we do or don't do aerobics with our hands as we chat away on on our mobile phones,  the list goes on and on!

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