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Morning all.

I have my wife's old phone a Samsung Galaxy y. Neither of us like it but it occurred to me that

I could use it on the boat as a GPS speedo, possibly ?

My friend Alan also has been given a Samsung Galaxy Tab E.

We would both like to know what App would be best for either or even both of these products for

use as a GPS speedo.

As well what kind of pay as you go SIM would I need for the phone?

Thank you in anticipation


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I'd be interested in any other recommendations for mph apps. I recall Robin went through a whole choice of them in one of his videos but unfortunately I can't remember which boat he was on to find it once again. I've never actually used an app to measure speed. Ive used the 1/4 mile markers and I usually find I'm going slower than my estimate so I'm thinking an app is a good way to go. 

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The main one I use is aSmartHud for my iphone.  Old now, but still working and downloadable in the App Store.  Got several fro my Android Tablet - far more choice and free versions so really they all do the same and are only as good as the device you are using them on so far as its GPS chip.

My Android Tab requires some time to get a good steady signal and until that has been acquired the speedo apps - whoever they are by - all are out and fluctuate a lot.

If you own your own boat I would not use an App based system but have a hard wired dedicated device -  like the NASA GPS Speed Log with its big display and external antenna. 

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GPS HUD Speedometer Plus  by Ascendapps - I had the free version and paid a few quid works great, all I can say is my train to London only got to 116mph where's the 125 gone.
Another I've got on a other phone and used on the boat measures low speed and produces graphs etc. I emailed these guys to see it a better scale could be built in for boats, you never know.

Speedometer GPS Pro by luozirui 

Don't mind paying a few quid at times to remove the cr&p on apps.
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