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For Those On The Water 3rd And 4th June 2017


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For those who are not competing, but are on the Northern Rivers the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of June 2017.

You are perfectly entitled to motor or sail or row anywhere the  BA permits in the ways they permit, we do NOT wish to infringe on that.


Here I hope is some information to save you much inconvience, and heart failure by getting caught up in the middle of the chaos:shocked that can ensue in certain places.


The Race is due to Start, at 11:00 on the Saturday the 3rd, the starting line being from the Sailing club across the river at Swan Inn Corner. There will be up to 150 boats competing, starting in groups of about 10 boats at 5 Minute intervals heading down river.

If you wish to go through the start line, between 10:55 and about 13:30, you will find a group of boats sailing in ever decreasing circles on the start line, getting most agitated exactly on the 5 minute intervals (we use a radio clock for timing).

If going Down river the best thing to do is to hold off until a start has just happened and then follow them, when you see a gap appear on the right hand bank go a little faster and pass. (within the speed limits)

If coming up river Keep tight to the right hand bank, when the start occurs once the group has passed, go forward keeping to the right .

The tide is going out this year at the start so the sailing boat should keep moving down river.



The Next congested Point is likely to be the river ANT, given the choice I would avoid the ANT between Ludham Bridge and the Bure from 11:30 till 14:00. With any decent wind there will be hoards of boats sailing up to the turning point just below the bridge and back to the Bure. The river is Narrow the boats will have to tack one way or the other there is not a lot of room. If you Have to go up there, all you will be able to do is go with the flow and try to keep to the right..

South Walsham

The South Walsham leg is slightly wider and by keeping to your bank you should get through, If a mass of boats appears all you do is slow down and keep to your bank let them go round you.

Potter Heigham Bridge,

Most boats will tie up just down river of the old bridge to remove their masts, then they will paddle like mad to go through and up past the new bridge before putting everything back up. If you want to go through, all you can do is follow someone. If you are going the other way, please wait for a gap. ( same in reverse when they are coming back).        Please just be  be cautious the masts stick long way back over the boats

ACLE Bridge

The boats will tie up both side of the bridge paddle through and put their rig back up normally there is little trouble for those not competing going through, just be cautious the masts stick long way back over the boats.

The bottom turning point.

The bottom Turning point can be anywhere between the Acle Bridge and Six Mile house, we do NOT know until the day where it will be due to the variability of the wind, boats always go round anti clockwise so if you arrive with a competing boat just follow through on your bank.


The Turning Points are marked with a yellow Sausage bouy often with a basket and white flashing lights mounted on it, please try to stay clear of them as the boats turn.

Once boats start reaching the Thurne, they will be thining out because you can go round the course in any order you like. Life becomes easier for everyone

ALL of our boats will be trailing a red and white streamer from the back, so if you have an Incident with a boat with a streamer. Make a note of the Number on the sail and it's registration number on the hull and it's name. Asking us to Identify someone, saying it had a white sail and white hull denotes most of the sailing boats on the broads!!!!

There are guardships (10 off) are scattered around the broads at the key points they can be identfied by a sign saying.... Guardship and a yellow flashing light at night. If you need to contact them about an incident whether or not you were involved.

Please remember the Guardships are manned by volunteers trying to help,  their prime responsibily is to the race and race safety. Individual boats are responsible for their actions and have their own Insurance (it's a requirement of the race) .


PS sorry for the long post But I tried to cover everything , if you have a question or think I've left anything out please let nme know...

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  • grendel changed the title to For Those On The Water 3rd And 4th June 2017

WR will be at Thurne (unless things change) - mooring might be interesting this year ........................

Please don't think we are rude if you try to come and chat to us, but if there are a lot of boats going past, we have to seriously concentrate and can't always talk.  If nothing is happening on the river then we will chat as long as you like :)


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I've just looked at the long range Forecast for next week, sunshine and wind speeds not exceeding 8 mph making use of the sea breeze in the afternoon will be important..could be a slow race.

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