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Otters Spotted


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Otters are fast becoming a regular sight on the Broads. I was speaking to somebody in the Kings Head a while ago and they told me that they saw one bounding along the moorings on the path outside in broad daylight and with people around.

On my last trip there were two of them in the reeds knocking the stuffing out of each other, probably a territorial thing. In fact I almost always see one in the morning in a rather nice place where I like mooring (not telling where otherwise everybody will go there).

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Last Summer while sitting in the cockpit on our mooring on Brundall Bay's Kingfisher quay I saw an otter emerge from the foliage that separates the dyke from the road, cross the road and go onto the pontoon ramp where it got the astonished attention of a black Labrador sitting in the back of a Landrover Discovery by the open tailgate. By the time the dog had recovered from it's surprise and leapt out of the car, the otter had dived into the river. 2days later while driving  along the marina road heading for our mooring  a very large otter came slowly strolling from our left and ambled across the road in front of us. A few minutes later we saw another much smaller one come out of the bushes and disappear into the river.




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Last year, we had moored close to being across from Pulls Ferry, Norwich. When in the garden to the left of Pulls Ferry comes a young otter walking across the grass and ended up laying in the sun in a dip close to the edge of the bank, but just out of site to be able to fully see him. 

That was one place I did need expect to see an otter relaxing in the sun. For me total enjoyment :55c8f94983015_default_happyparty:.


Marina :default_stinky:


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