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Sea Sickness - Oh Joy And Glee!

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Another cure for sea sickness.

Again, onboard HMS Explorer I was the nominated ships doctor.  Not really a trained doctor of course you understand.  The thing is within the RN 'Small Ships' world as the common term was used meant that lots of other branches  were not carried onboard.  I.e - Stewards, Chefs, Scab lifters, Deck Apes, Buntings, Ops room ratings, SA's  etc, the list goes on and on.

So I had been 'Volunteered' as the ships doc (Along with a long list of my other responsibilities as we all had, there was only five of us) which entailed a 3 x week in depth course at HMS Excellent at Whale Island (Pompey) to be trained up, this wasn't any normal 'Doctor' training, we were all first aid trained but this was  more training for extreme trauma casualties  - it was pretty gruesome too.

AAARRGGHHHHH!  NO!  What am I doing?  - A 'Robin' and rambling on - nearly derailed this thread there!

Anyroadup - So as ships 'Doc' it was one of my many responsibilities early in t morning to dole out sea sickness pills to the trainee officers that wanted them.  The Ships company tried to get the trainees to develop sea legs and not rely on tablets, if they were to progress with a career in the RN they wouldn't get far not being able to operate in rough weather.

So I had a sneaky idea.  When ashore I bought a 1/4 ounce of Sherbert Pips - remember them?  I then sorted them out into one colour and popped them into a plastic pill box that was marked Sea sickness or some such like.

This particular morning we had a moderate to rough forecast.  I'm sat in t wardroom with the usual trainees queuing up outside for said tablets. There were around eight of them out of the twelve we normally carried.   I explained that the Admiralty has issued new improved sea sickness tablets,  They were very powerful and not available to 'strawberry mivies' (Civvies).  The prescription was an absolute max of two per person per day but must be taken with water and swallowed down whole.  They would also not induce tiredness or have any other side effects.

By the time we were alongside that evening - out of the eight only TWO of them suffered sea sickness that day

That evening once alongside I went below to the crew quarters and got the whole lot of them together.  I opened the seasickness pill box, gave half a dozen to each one of them along with myself and ordered them all to  shove the lot in their orifices at one go and then to suck on them gently.  I then up ended the whole box onto the table, made my exit with the words:-

 'Sherbert Pips' and you lot have degrees?



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I did a similar think to you Griff

On a cruise a bought a box of Smarties sorted the red ones and gave them as Sea Sickness pills no one was sick and next day ask where I got them

Strange thing is my ex would not believe me  When I said they where Smarties




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My first posting in the Army was to Fremington, in north Devon, where we had a squadron of DUKWs - the famous amphibian trucks.

One evening, when I was the "duty dog" I got a call from the police as they were about to raid a house on the river close to Bideford, where young hippies were known to be abusing various substances and selling them. The police were short handed and asked me for a bit of back up. So I trundled off there in the duty Land Rover with my troop sergeant and a couple of large corporals, all of us in civvies, and we helped the police to force the entry into this house.

In fact there was no resistance, as we found a large upstairs bedroom, with almost no furniture, where about 15 of these "friends of Jesus" in various stages of undress, were laid out all over the floor in a cloud of noxious smoke.

As it happened, we were often over the other side of the Bay in Braunton Burrows with our DUKWs and so I knew the skippers of the sand dredgers, who also harvested seaweed, which they dried out and mashed into rectangular cakes, which looked just like hashish. They made more money out of this, than the sand!

So I told the police what  this was, and we left these young gentlefolk to their euphoria - all "spaced out" on dried Bladder Wrack.

The police did not press charges!

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I'm ok in rough water but always get sick in a small swell. The worst is kitting up on a dive boat. As soon as I look down and concentrate it hits me. I buy Stugeron by the 100.

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