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Publication Of The Landscapes Review


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""21 September 2019

I am writing to let you know that tomorrow, we will be publishing our independent review into England’s National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), which will be available at this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/designated-landscapes-national-parks-and-aonbs-2018-review from midnight.""

Interesting reading perhaps?

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Thanks Ray, here's a direct link to the document

First read through...and several things jumped out at me.

  • The report's main objective seems to be unification of all NP's and AONB's under a more 'American' system of National Park.
  • While much is made of similarities and common goals of NP's and AONB little is made of the differences.
  • This bit sent a cold shiver down my spine
    "The Sandford Principle should remain in place as discussed earlier, and be extended to AONBs, to ensure the primacy of the first purpose."
  • As did this bit!
    "National landscapes should also be encouraged to bid to become ‘tourism zones’ under the new Tourism Sector Deal, helping pioneer truly sustainable tourism."
  • I quite liked the increased access section which included
    "We heard from canoeists how access is restricted to a tiny percentage of waterways which increases the pressure on ‘uncontested’ rivers. There is a lack of consistency between National Parks with some considered to be promoting shared and fair access, others less so!"
  • I also had to chuckle at the mention of the 'Old boys club' and the need to diversify NP management.
  • National oversight of NP's and AONB management. Very interesting!

  • OK they are looking at reforming law's enshrining NP's. We need to keep an eye on this!
  • Reforming governance of NP's! Oh that is very interesting reading!


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This....no, no NO!

"Where there is a conflict between any of the three purposes, and the further navigation purpose assigned to the Broads, then greater weight must be given to the first of these purposes under an updated ‘Sandford Principle’ that applies to all our national landscapes and not just to National Parks as it does currently." 

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The Broads is quite unique, a fact that is continually forgotten, even in this report.

I find it quite amusing that London has declared itself a national park city.

I also note that the report refers to the Broads as already being a national park, e.g. " Introducing new audiences to the Broads National Park A ‘Water, Mills and Marshes’ pilot project run by English+ (a charity based in Norwich) in partnership with Natural England and the Broads Authority . . . . . . . . 

A list of proposed new national parks does not include the Broads.

It appears that JP is to be answerable to a higher tier of command.

Whilst it is acknowledged that there should be greater local input the report also suggest that the various family members should work more closely, surely yet another threat to the individuality that makes the Broads what it is.

The Sandford threat applies to any form of right of way, that includes the hard fought right to roam and the network of footpaths crisscrossing the countryside.

As yet I have not fully digested the report, the above is just my immediate response following a cursory perusal.


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