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I think it may be that the webpage detects the requestor's browser type and then doesn't show the HD thumbnail of the new webcam to small screen devices, or maybe it tests the download bandwidth, which could be too slow on a phone.

This is what the page looks like (just now), when accessed from a normal PC. :)


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 hi guys have finally got that new webcam working on my fone, i decided to switch on my 3G on my iphone & it worked, looks like i'll have to do it every time i want to go on that camera, but at least it does work now. loriî‘

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:wave:wave the reason that i turn off my 3G is that it wears my battery down on my 3GS at an alarming rate, so only use it for downloading stuff. & yes brian i do have data package, but i'm soon to move from o2 to voda as the signal is getting worse, just got to wait for o2 to unlock my fone, lori :roll:
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:wave hi all ive been on the new webcam at barnes, i quite like it but it takes abit of getting used to the controls, i went on the other day & there was a queue to watch it & it look quite busy down there, now that the weather is getting better i think we'll see more activity round there.lori :Stinky
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I have just noticed that the BB webcamera now has control on a new site - http://www.beta.norfolkwebcams.com

Wow, i have never controlled a web camera like this..

Mike, Hi

I've just tried to register with the site but it won't accept me... any suggestions? (preferably decent ones!) :naughty::naughty::naughty:

And Welcome to the Forum! :clap:clap:clap

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:wave hi all just tried to get on the camera in front of the hotel, it looks like you have to sign in there too, same sign in as barnes camera , but i can't seem to get it to work & there's only one camera like with the barnes one. don't think i like their new way of doing things with the camera, i prefered the old way, with this new one you have to keep waiting til it's your turn to control it. lori :?
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