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Please sponsor me in the Race For Life


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Hi Everyone!!

Thats it, im all signed up for the 2011 race For Life 10km challenge!! Yep, the 10km and for a non-runner as myself, some challenge it is!!

I know what its like to hear the words "I'm going to refer you", to feel your blood run cold, and that very minute how everything feels like it has changed for ever.

Ive been with patients prior to surgery, assisted with their anaesthetic and been there when they have woken up.

I don't know anyone who in one way or another has not been affected by this dreadful disease in some way, be it themselves, friends or family.

Cancer Research UK is at the forefront of giving us all the chance of achieving the best possible outcome from cancer treatment, and only through their continued research will we be taking our future back.

Please help me make a difference if you can, the link to my online sponsorship is below, and if you are a taxpayer, please tick for gift aid.

If you would like to sponsor me but prefer not to do it online, then please pm me, i will be very grateful for every penny.

If anyone would like to sponsor me in memory of a loved one or friend, and have their name written on a banner my friend and i will be carrying, please do, you can pm me any details.

Many thanks,



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Note to self-must train outside the village to avoid utter humilliation due ones running style akin to that of Mr Blobby-blotchy appearance and all...........lets face it, resembling luncheon meat is not a good look!! :oops:

Result of day 1 training-blisters :cry

-achy legs :cry

-sore knees :cry

-craving for butterkist popcorn, Galaxy chocolate, and sweets. :naughty:

Plan for day 2-blister plasters (lots)

-resemble Mr Blobby somewhere no-one recognises me so far less chance of being sectioned!!

-get the children to hide the popcorn, chocolate and sweets! (if they didn't all get eaten!!)

-pray for a miracle in the form of a dose of stamina and lungs that are a little more compliant to the requirement for large doses of oxygen.

-Keep calm and carry on

-have some Pimms in the fridge if all else fails !!

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Hi Annie, I`l post our (Karen and me) donation tomorrow. Sorry it took longer than hoped, but i`ve been looking after Karen while she`s recovering from her op :love:love:love . Hopefully, you`ll get it wednesday. Good luck, and our very best wishes for the run :clap:clap:clap . Regards ............... Neil.

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Hey Neil, no worries, not a problem at all.

I hope Karen's recovery is going well?

I will keep the thread posted as to my training progress-maybe i should make a video diary if only for Gav's amusement (couldn't post it there'd be nothing but bleeps!!)

Off to get more blister plasters..............and must remember to charge my ipod-it does help!!

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Im just out of the shower from my 3rd training session............woop woop, managed to run a greater proportion of the route!! Not that its a long route, but it has 2 steepish hills ............tho i must admit i havent managed to run all the way up them yet!!

Blister plasters are working a treat, but I must remember not to breathe in through my mouth.................flys are cr@p at navigating, don't feel great when they hit the back of your throat, and result in a gagging and coughing fit!! (And im not going to think about where they might have been.....eww !!)

So, quite pleased.......i did have the feeling progress just wasn't going to happen.........I haven't actually said that i spent a lot of my childhood restricted by severe asthma, on steroids and in many an oxygen tent, intimately aquainted with nebulisers until 19........and never actually made it round the 400m track at school!!

I guess its never too late!! ..............and if it is.......i'll flippin well walk!

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Will do - gonna get expensive as Maggott is doing it too :o

Joking aside - great cause - we know two people affected - fortunatley (or more importantly down to the good work of those who have gone before) one has been clear for a good while and the other has a good prognosis.

Just make sure you dont look like Mr Blobby going around ...lol!



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Many thanks Jim, much appreciated!

Hi Wayne-thank-you!! Well im searching for pink stetsons, got the t-shirts, hoping to find pink combat shorts (saw them about last yr but not this year so far!!) pink socks, pink laces, and whatever else i can find that wont make me overheat!!

As for not looking like Mr Blobby, pink and blotchy may not be avoidable, tho i will not be charging round yelling "Blobby, Blobby, Blobby!!" and knocking everybody over.......unless i fall and cause a domino effect for which i accept no responsibility!! Under such circumstances, im pretty sure it won't be "Blobby" i'll be yelling!! :lol::lol:

Many thanks again for everyones support.......will keep updating everyone with how the training is going!!


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I guessed it might be sensible to take a minute to consider what im eating-oats are apparently good for you, though porridge feels a bit wintery.........so I made them into flapjack!! Wondering if thats why my legs were a little reluctant to move at much more than a brisk walk today!!

Any runners out there?.........Why is it my legs feel like lead weights even after a very short run? (and I mean short, as in as soon as i set off!!)

Its been a nice sunny day, put my running gear on......did my legs want to cooperate? No! I sincerely believe they have a mind of their own. Any advice on taming them would be gratefully received!!


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Just recovering from my latest training mission..........headed off in my usual direction with my daughter Ellen ( She has thoughts of becoming an RAF PTI or personal trainer so she can run!!) and we decided to take the long route, and i was dreading it!! I can't run the whole of the short route so twice the distance was looking like a potential moral crusher...........but, I have been quite pleased with how much I managed to run. Rather than picking a point in the distance and aiming to run that far, Im just heading off (still forgot my i-pod!) and plodding on.........and managing to run much further than I anticipated!

I even ran up a hill......and had started a way back, not just at the bottom of it, and really surprised myself!

Im wondering if it was starting off thinking i didnt have a hope........couldnt run for laughing!! Ellen had her i-pod and i tried to get her attention, to no avail.......so I found a use for the water I was carrying!! It worked!! she didnt appreciate it greatly and I got the giggles! :lol::lol::lol:

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My thoughts are with them Brian!! Good luck to them both, i hope they have fun too.

I tried the same route today as yesterday, and although a little stiff, managed about the same.......im on a mission to make sure i run up the nastiest hill, and so far have somehow managed to reach the top both times!! :dance

..........hey next friday and the weekend looking bright-may just have to head for the reservoir!! If only the dogs would run in the same direction id take them with me........however they seem to be determined to tie me in knots.........good job they can't hold a camera!!

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