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0830 - BBC 4

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Very worth watching the first series was excellent.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/ ... ack-at-sea

Well worth watching as will the remainder of the series, but BBC 4 isn't on the air at 08:30....

Ok old folks it is 8:30 pm on Wednesdays...

or for the "moderns" 20:30..

Or after it finishes on the Iplayer for those with a fast enough Broadband.

Just watched it that way and it brought back many memories of Holyhead to Milford a few years ago.

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does anybody know if this is going to be repeated & when as i was on holiday when it started :(


I don't know about repeats Jonny, but episode 2 is available on the IPlayer until 7th September.

Episode 1 seems to have been dropped off of the IPlayer though..

(that is a bit strange as you would expect it to be available up until 31st August based on whet tthey show for Episode 2.)

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If I am not mistaken it looks like the Princess Matilda has made Shotley.

I hope they did not damage the lock coming in ;)

I hope we don't have camera crews running about getting under everybody's feet at the weekend. :naughty:

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Crikey, I wonder where he is going next? Rumour has it he is heading for Tollesbury later this week - is there a schedule somewhere??

The current (East Coast) stretch - does anyone know if it will make it into this series or is the general concensus that it will be the next? :Stinky Either way - I'm really enjoying it and find it incredible the seas that the barge can take!

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Faceache - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=1 ... 196&v=wall

Twatter - https://twitter.com/#!/pastafa

Blog - http://www.spallsatsea.com/

I think this current run was in the can some while back so presume the East Coast will feature on the next run.

It's good to know it's going to be an on going series. I really enjoy them and had hoped after the first series they would be doing the whole circumnavigation of Britain.

Looking at the http://www.spallatsea.com blog they where actually where the last episode finished in June LAST YEAR

"30th June 2010

We left Piel at 10 this morning, waving goodbye to King Steve, who’d dropped off Paul (our invisible cameraman) and then took Phil to the island so he could film us leave. Phil’s having the best time, he’s a birdwatcher and the King let him climb up the battlements of Piel Castle. It’s an amazing ruin, I’ll have to google…"

At this rate the East Coast bit will be in Series 3, they have covered a lot of ground since filming at Peil Island.

I just paged through the blog until I got to the right bit of the Irish Sea, I don't really want to read it until I've seen the episode that that bit covers, otherway it will lose its spontinaity.

The next couple of episodes look like covering some ground that I did a few years back in a flappy, Douglas IOM, Bangor NI, Firth of Clyde, Oban, Caledonian Canal..., we did a lot of motoring but I bet we used less diesel than The Princess Matilda!

Well we now know that he survied until Shotley without being run down by the heavy's...

(Unless of course Rod runs into him in the Thames estuary...)

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He is devoloping as a mariner as the tale progresses.

In the first series he came across as one of the infamous "boating prats" knowing absoloutly nothing about what he was getting into except how to buy himself a boat...

By the third episode of series two he is showing that he is now continuallly doubting his own abilities, even though he now knows a lot more than when he started.

What is it that the Hockam Admiral has on his signature line "there are bold pilots and old pilots but few old bold pilots"

Well it is equally true for mariners, as "he who thinks he knows it all will find out the truth suddenly"

A cautious boater is far safer, to himself and others, than "he who knows that he knows everything there is to know"

Me, I am like Timothy Spall , I never think I know it all, and am always trying to second guess what might happen.

Sometimes I get it right, hooray, but when it does go wrong then I hope to be ready for it.

He and his wife and any visiting crew are also very careful to always wear their life-jackets, and he shows a very deferential respect for the guys of the RNLI.

This guy is developing as a boater we watch his on-going tale.

(but my instincts and some of the photos in the "in the next episode" bit means that I reckon that he is about to chicken out of the Mull of Kyntyre

and head for the bypass, the Crinan Canal.)

Rollon next Wednesday at 20:30

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I also suspect some reporting innacurracy. Sheerness is at the mouth of the Medway proper so it is not possible to be going up it the wrong way entering from the Thames Estuary.

Sounds as if they were heading up the Medway and turned to port entering Stangate which is after a bit a dead end.

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Herewith map

http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&ll= ... 6&t=h&z=12

Enter Medway via Sheerness & Grain first to port is the Swale head down here and you will pop out heading towards Herne Bay and Whitstable second to port is Stangate. As you can see heading upriver to Chatham is not that difficult so who knows where they were.

I suspect this episode will also have a bit about the Richard Montgomery just to add a bit of drama.

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I agree that it is great that he has gained a healthy respect for the sea but in fairness the errors he keeps making are so basic you can only really assume that they have been invented for dramatic effect. Either that or he is flicking in courses on the chart plotter rather than the chart, it then gets much easier to miss buoys and marks completely.

Great series though and I am really enjoying it. :grin:

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