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Petrol Webasto heater

Guest lordofsealand

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Does any one know if the B1LC (petrol fueled type ) is OK to fit regarding the BSS?

As I have a petrol engine I would not want to have the trouble of fitting an addition diesel fuel tank.

Any one have these fitted??

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Providing you use the correct fuel lines and fittings to meet BSS I can't imagine this to be a problem. It would definately save the hassle of fitting a second fuel tank. I had to do exactly this on my previous boat.

I think for the definative answer Antares 9 is the man.

:santawave: :santawave:

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Providing you use the correct fuel lines and fittings to meet BSS I can't imagine this to be a problem. I think for the definitive answer Antares 9 is the man. :santawave: :santawave:

just fit a smaller tank for the petrol say £10s worth not to big should be ok no reason for it not too. :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa:

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Paul, I can see the attraction, fuel source already present etc. BUT neither Eberspacher nor Webasto are keen on petrol furnaces in boats, in fact they specifically advise against, and neither offer petrol fired marine kits. In a car or other road vehicle where the heater is “open to atmosphere†they are happy but not in any enclosed space. A diesel one with a 2 to 5 gallon tank (run it on paraffin if you prefer) is the way to go.

That's the official line, however I guess if one were to pull the combustion air in through a sealed pipe like the exhaust from outside the boat then it might be safe enough.

My personal advice, go with a diesel fired one and run it on either diesel or paraffin, the consumption is miniscule and even a couple of gallons will last ages.

BSS, better ask and inspector or the BSS office, though I can guess the answer will be based on the manufacturers advice on what is appropriate for marine usage.

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Thank David, and Season greeting to you and Rachel .

Your reply is what I had thought to expect.

I now the gas fridge is a no, no due to naked flames so guessed it would be the same for this type of heater.

I have contacted the BSS office but they are closed till the new year and would expect them to say the same.

Have a good one David and catch up in 2008.

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Plan A is still underway.

In fact I will be finishing it today and doing a "trial run" again out the Barton and the ANT.

I was working on it yesterday and put in a diverter valve which I am hoping will give a flow around the heater matrix AND some bypass to prevent the over heating problem I had earlier.

The diverter should not need to be too much as it took over 1.5 hours of running before the temp. started to rise.

It was reading other threads about the Webasto (Palmtree ) and saw a Freeman 21 with a diesel one fitted that gave me the other idea.

Looking on ebay there was a B1LC - petrol fueled one forsale. That was what kicked the idea off again. The petrol type would have saved an additional fuel tank but like David said, the consumption is so small that a gallon tank would last for hours.

I hope to be about just after Christmas and before the new year so if you spot me then wave me down and will show you the MK ?? attempt. Am pleased with the installation just hope it will give enough heat now !

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Well I just back from an early morning trip to How Hill from Wayford.

The cabin temp when I arrived was 4C. Got the engine started and did the normal checks etc.

First boat I saw was a yacht on Barton. Nothing else on the Broad.

I even had to take avoiding action as he tacked straight in front of me !!!!!!!!!!!

God knows how many acres of Broad there is but he decided to use the bit in front of me. !!!

Any way by the time I got to How Hill the cabin temp was u to 17C and the engine temp was still normal !!!!! MAGIC !! :love

On the way back I opened it up to give it some welly over Barton as nothing was about. The engine temp rose by about +3C ( 85C )

When I slowed down the engine temp droped back to about 78C

So looks like the divertor valve has done the trick. Also as the air / water temp increases towards the summer all I may have to do is to open the valve more and less flow thru the heater will be needed.

I know I will not get any heat when moored but not too worried about that as I can use a gas heater or electric it near a hookup.

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Hi Gordon

Yes that is right. Have been working on it for some time.

Had a few problems but looks like it is now doing a reasonable job now I have ironed out the bugs .

Can only heat the cabin when the engine is running but is free heat. Not as hot as a car heater but that may be because the boat is in a colder environment lol!!

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Great idea :idea: glad it appears to be working now, beats wasting heat by chucking it back into the river, very "green" :clap

Do you recall the old car heater valve, which were effectively a gate valve under the bonnet, my old moggy minor had one. You opened it in the winter to let the water through to the heater and closed it in summer to avoid being roasted. None of yer being able to control the heater from the dashboard in those days. I reckon that something like that would be a good addition. Probably impossible to find and cost a fortune though



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Still available Gordon, and not too expensive,


Loads of heating & ventilation parts including purpose designed matrix for projects like this. The major difficulty with adding a matrix to a raw water cooled system will always be the amount of heat available as they tend to run cooler than a closed system and also a petrol will usually run cooler than a diesel.

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I have just received the reply back from the BSS regarding PETROL HEATERS.

Our enquires with Eberspacher over the last 18 months have resulted in

them stating that no petrol powered Eberspacher units are suitable for

use in a marine enviroment. Therefore the unit should not be fitted

anywhere on the boat.

I attach the official document as issued by Eberspacher UK.

Please note that the conclusion is,

1. Perol units are not allowed on boats

2. Diesel units are not to be fitted in petrol engine spaces.

3. Only units suitable for purpose must be fitted.

I hope this solves your problems.

If you require any more details please do not hesitate to contact me.

So will have to go with diesel.

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  • 1 year later...

Just seen this thread so apologies for the delayed comment.

If you've got gas Paul, why not look at the option of fitting a gas fired Propex heater which is what we have planned (subject to dosh, recession etc). Ian (Senator) fitted one himself on his last boat and said it was just the job. BSS compliant too as long as it's fitted correctly cheers

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Hi Jim.

Catching up on threads you missed lol !

Have fitted a Ebespacher D1LC over the winter last year and all working very well.

Gas was a no go as didnt have the locker space for a larger cylinder so put in a seperate diesel tank for it.

Have fitted others since and looks like I have got 2 or 3 more to fit shortly for others.

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You may well already be doing it Pete & Paul but as it’s a small separate tank then for what it burns it is best to us ULSD from the pumps instead of red, it will pay dividends it the intervals the evaporator and glow pin screen needs attention, particularly if you run it on low a lot of the time. Not really something usually considered on a boat carrying hundreds of litres of red anyway but a separate tank is something I consider every time I have to decoke an evaporator. Another important point to consider on a DIY installation is the exhaust co2 setting, this should be done (especially on used ex BT units) as it goes to mixture strength and thereby to carbonization and service life levels. Most folks to not have an exhaust gas analyzer to hand but it is an important part of the setup and most Webasto or Eberspacher agents will do it in 15 minutes.

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the reason we now fit Eberspacher heaters is that the red diesel seems to make little of no difference to the running of them, we found that the Webastos needed a decoke more often so did not bother with a webasto quote.

For a hire craft it is not practical to have another tank and the heaters do quite a few hours a year, that could be the difference between the two.

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Thanks David and Clive.

I used red diesel last year - a whole 2 gals. as I could get it for a song!

This year I will be using road diesel as the amount again may not exceed 3 gals. !

I did try bio - a friend makes it for me and yes it is done properly,- I have been using it in my car for a few years, but it is certainly not "hot" enough for the eberspacher.

It will run - and smell like a chippy ! - but flame out after a short while.

Eberspacher do say it can run on bio but needs to be about 50/50. So not really worth messing up a good heater for 48p per lt.

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I have heard that A bit of the old esso blue is the best fuel for them, cuts down on carbon, burns cleaner and gives out more heat.

Was going to fit one into clandestine on a seperate tank but have ended up going back to Propex for their biggest unit, at least it is a fit and forget unit and I am all for that, there are already enough bits that need servicing.

The gas bottle was the major concern as Sealines use camping gaz and on my old boat you could go through one of the 907 bottles in a couple of days, expensive at £15-£20 a throw.

Have now found an ideal locker, that can be sealed, fire proofed and vented overboard, right next to the existing gas locker, it is big enough for a 7kg bottle of Calor so ater the performance on White Lady of the smaller unit it was definately a prefered option over the eberspatcher. The 7kg bottle would run the heater flat out constantly for nearly a week so taking into account that the thermostate will have it turned off for most of the time I would say it is cheaper to run than an ebber on red

Not much use if you have a gas free diesel burner but if you have LPG and petrol it is in my opinion the best option.

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Webasto HL32 D Heater.

I have been asked to have a look at this heater for a friend.

It is in my workshop and will not start.

So far this is what I have checked.

The glow pin is OK - I know this as have had it out and tried it on the battery where it gets hot.

I have check the plug where the glow pin connects to and NO voltage there when it is trying to start.

Yes the battery is OK.

Guess it must be the ECU?

Any other ideas before I start to look around for another ECU? SG1561 is the ECU fitted at present.


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