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Not Another Blimmin Boat?


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Not my words, the words of Mrs L

Flushed with my success at fitting a piece of wood back in Lovejoy I decided I was ready for a full blown restoration

So I bought this








Bought from a bloke in Lincoln who looks exactly like Fred Dibnah and restores Traction engines.

He bought it in Brundall and was told it was from around 1929 and built in Wroxham

And thats all I know at present

Powered by an early air cooled Stuart Turner (with water cooling jacket added later its 12 ft long and was apparently a tender to a yacht.

Closer inspection reveals a tax disc from 1991 with the name "Miss G Helliwell" Sadly not Gerry Halliwell of Spice Girls fame though. Its spelled differently. 



Its called "Bronte and was registered as W479

Craigs Database has no info on her other than its length 

Can anyone help me find out about it? Surely someone here musty know?

To help you help me find out about it the old owner sent me these pics. No idea of the date but does anyone recognise anyone? I assume the bloke in the pics is NOT Miss Helliwell. 





Please help


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I can see Bishop's Bridge but I am stumped as to where the other moorings are? There are a lot of woodies but they in private ownership and one has some code flags on display? Is it NBYC at Wroxham? Vaughan do you recognise the boat occupants?


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11 minutes ago, LizG said:

Vaughan do you recognise the boat occupants?

No, 'fraid not, but that boat looks to be in very good shape, believe it or not!  It will be an awful job getting all that varnish back to the bare wood but the actual boat looks sound, from the photos.

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