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"The blind leading the blind" - Dejavu


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In a moment of boredom, I went and had a look around on another boating forum (not one that I post on), and had a real dejavu moment, which did make me smile.

As someone who has held a Class A amateur radio licence for almost 45 years, I remember the introduction of legal CB in this country.

My kids had a CB radio, and used it to chat to their friends in the neigbourhood, and of course like most of the kids using it, adopted silly names ('Handles' as they called them), and the American 'CB Speak', but hey, they were kids. Amazingly though, so did many of the "adults" :roll: .

Anyway, I degress from my dejavu moment.

I would often listen to what was going on when the kids were using it, to make sure that there were no perverts or foulmouthed people around. I used to hear a lot of 'psuedo technical experts', spouting all sorts of garbage, especially when it came to the subject of antennas and antenna matching, while others would in all innoncence absorb this gibberish.

Now some 30+ years on, and when I thought that CB was long since 'dead and buried', over on this boating forum a group of 1980's ex CB'ers were chatting about digging out and dusting off their old CB radios, and using them on their boats (river/broads based) as a means of communicating with each other.

A great idea, and actually a sensible use of CB radio.

However, they then started discussing antenna installation and matching the antenna/feeder to the CB radio. Dejavu!!!! :lol: , the wisdom of the 'psuedo technical experts' had stood the 'test of time', and been retained for almost 40 years.

Exactly the same technically incorrect gibberish was being passed back and forth between them, just as it was all those years ago :o

The information imparted by the so called 'CB technical experts' of the 70's and 80's, had been taken as Gospel, and in all innocence retained by these guys for decades. :(


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Great post Dave! cheersbar

As a PMR supplier and engineer, I can well remember the early days when most of them were more worried about their SWAR than anything else.

How many candles are you burning anyway? :naughty:

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I remember my old President 47, complete with DV27 mounted on a 1m square sheet of metal in the bedroom.

Heard all the rumours of the sets blowing up if the SWR was out but also remember transmitting on a coat hanger so not really sure what was right to this day.


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I even remember Blue Peter doing an article about CB in america! The worst thing is though, I can't even remember what my handle was...... :? I might try asking 1-4 for a copy next time when entering Lowestoft just by way of reminiscing though!

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I don't know how many candles I'm burning Jim, but I do know I've got a lot of 'turns on the coil' now, as I'll be hitting the big 70 this year :(


Good health to you Dave and hope Grant and family are keeping well :wave

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