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broads health warning


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its seriously hot out there


I visited acle bridge yesterday and saw boaters with no hats and bare very red arms cruising by.


the met office have heat warnings out at level 2 rising to level 3.


when your out on a boat feeling cool due to the breeze, you don't realise the damage till its done.






so cover up and wear a hat

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Can endorse that Jill, having just gone through skin cancer treatment on my lower lip , iam fair haired and more prone to it but you are all in danger from the uv rays of the sun, in my case it involved surgery ,,,,,not nice on your lip.....take all possible steps to protect yourself, all the days out in the sun add up, it,s just not one overexposure!! 



And dont,t forget your lips........i bet you never heard of lip sunblock?? you have now!!

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Also protect yourselves against dehydration, drink plenty of soft drinks and water, as alcohol actualy dehydrates you more in the long term.

Its a good idea to have some salty food to replace the salts lost by your body due to heavy perspiration, just a bag of salty crisps or nuts, or a salty bacon butty will do if eaten a couple of times a day. You dont need tons of the stuff, just a bit more than your normal average intake.

Taking asprin also helps ward off sunstroke, (consult your local pharmacist)but is no substitute for covering up with a hat and cool cottons.


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:wave hi jill I totally agree with you, & also just because you're blonde it doesn't mean that you can get away with it, as I first thought when I went blonde, my scalp actually burnt more being blonde, a lot of people automatically think that being blonde will make the sun reflect off your head, but that's not so, lori :teddy:

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Hi all. Sitting in the Maltsters, with at last a decent wi-fi connection. Not having too much problem keeping cool. Cowboy hat when under way and keeping the split canopy closed on the sun side when moored. Lots of factor 50 as well.


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