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  1. If I remember correctly Freeman's when built had a hide-away galley. Could this be part of that? Fred
  2. In the late 1990s Freshwater Cruisers of Brundall operated two Connoisseur Cruisers (Regal Waters and Serene Waters) which for one or two seasons offered one way hires to Wroxham during the short period when Connoisseur Cruisers also marketed their Wroxham fleet through Blakes as well as Hoseasons. Fred
  3. A lot of their boats are no pets allowed which makes me think they have had bad experiences in the past. Next door Swancraft used to have a no cat policy. The yard runs like clockwork and perhaps a little too regimented for some but the results show. Personally always found them very friendly and they always have time for a chat. The stories Colin told me about his time at Jenners where hilarious. Fred
  4. Probably a basket should do it at Waitrose and still have room for the bubbly! Fred
  5. Here too, we always used Silverline before going into shared ownership and could not recommend them enough. Last of the really top notch yards for presentation with the demise of Summercraft. Fred
  6. Hi Simon, I have an 8% and 4% share in Silver Cloud. The 4% share (at least in our syndicate) gives a week each in the Spring and Summer allocation. Fred
  7. A bad news story. Started I believe by a Broads enthusiast who had the money to give it a go. Boats always looked clean and well presented. Lot of investment this year improving the moorings. Will Pedro's Restaurant be continuing? Fred
  8. We have a similar if less formal arrangement on Silver Cloud whereby when an owner needs the school holiday breaks they go in the hat first for those weeks.. It certainly meets the approval of other owners who usually prefer to avoid the school weeks, so everyone happy. Fred
  9. Hope you sell soon. Oldgregg's video a brilliant advert for her......although I did nearly go dizzy at one point! Should be backed with a certain Kylie track. Fred
  10. We use Ocado for the general shop as I can in the time and comfort of my home see where food has been sourced from and what is in it. We use Riverford and Able and Cole for the veg and dairy produce for the same reason, again delivered. However I do make monthly trips to places like Aldi and B&M to stock up on toiletries, detergents and household items. Far cheaper than regular supermarkets (and Ocado). I might add, Ocado in my experience is the most reliable of the online supermarkets and ASDA by far the worse. Fred
  11. trambo


    This is sad but not unexpected news and a massive blow to hirers who judge a hire boat by its presentation and not the heavily hyped but poorly presented offerings that seem to dominate today. My lasting impression of them will be when the fleet was all varnished. The way they bravely used a light finish that was absolutely stunning in bright sunlight. No ones craft looked better, even Moores. We are now left with only one hire yard who's boats will go out in October as they do in April yet at the price a certain high end Wroxham yard charges you think they could clean the hulls at the end of each hire. Is it really that difficult? Good luck too them with their holiday lets and the yard in its future reincarnation. Fred
  12. Silver Clouds AGM also on Saturday. I take it Mouldy you will be off to Crick? Where do you hold yours Neil?.........err, the AGM that is!
  13. trambo

    Mooring At Wroxham

    Always moor at the Wroxham Hotel or is it The Hotel Wroxham these days? Nice mooring, reasonably quiet at night and mooring fee refundable against meals in the restaurant. Food is good if a bit pricey for the Broads but we have never had a bad meal there. When Brister Craft was closing I'm sure Mike said to me that the moorings would remain. Something which has not happened but if you zoom in on this ariel shot (photo by Cam Self) of the area you can clearly see the old moorings fenced off. Is there a story or dispute about this land. Would certainly be welcome if they were opened again. Fred
  14. Yikes Neil, that really must have been frightening for you both. Lucky in one sense that you where at Oulton Broad and not in the wilds. Best wishes to Karen. We passed on the Ant at Howe Hill but too narrow for me to navigate and get a shot of Lightning. Fred
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