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  1. There's an extraordinary shot by Christopher Chatfield on flickr of Salhouse in 1973. How busy it was those days.
  2. trambo

    Locks Pub

    I wonder what Susan is thinking as she looks down? Fred
  3. Although they do the annual upholstery deep clean on Silver Cloud, the weekly clean is either be done by the owner or by a local owner at £25 to an exceedingly high standard. Fred
  4. Very interesting photographic collection of the disused Beccles to Tivetshall railway line by RTW501 can be found on Flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/rtw501/albums/72157628163229983/page1 Fred
  5. A link to Dan Horner's pages on F. B. Wilds. http://www.fbwilds.horning.org.uk Fred
  6. Same on Amazon. There are a couple of Blakes brochures from the 30s priced into the high £200s. Fred
  7. Off topic but as was mentioned earlier in the thread an update on the Broads Boat Company at Acle Bridge. All boats in water and some had a new, neat 'bbc' motif on the bow. Also the cafe / store on the opposite bank was due to reopen this week. Fred
  8. Swallow and her sister Flamingo which I both hired had so much character and very well presented. Miss seeing the Maffett boats. Always an interesting fleet. Fred
  9. Agree with those that think social media does not help. People love to exaggerate, just human nature and social media platforms are great for doing that. Passed over Breydon on the 17 March during the last windy weather. It was rough. In fact very rough. Great fun though. Pearl Horizon with her open fore cockpit turned back but Maycrafts Hampton 25 Mayfair soldiered on. I thought later that if the season had started the BA rangers would have stopped the hire craft crossing. This would have hit social media perpetuating peoples fears about Breydon. Similarly last year during foggy conditions a convoy was organised. Was that really necessary? I know from an owner on Silver Cloud it was over the top. Again just adds to myth. In fact this thread is probably doing just that by putting sub conscious thoughts into peoples heads who don't make the passage! fred Only real minus for me crossing in rough weather is having to clean the salty windows later. It's a b*gger.
  10. Noticed this myself and expected them to have been cleared but felled trees still there making unusable. Fred
  11. Scanned from an old Agfa slide. The Elysian to the fore is from the Caister group. The curtains being the give away.
  12. Although I have never hired from them or inspected the boats internally they do have quite a smart livery and don't look any worse afloat than many other yards. Colin is about my age (well past retirement) and must be dedicated because I would have sold the business and run. Would love get him, JM and Vaughan in a pub with a tape recorder and get them talking boats! Fred
  13. Hi Tony. Chumley & Hawkes......now that was tidy. Southgates Main Yard was sold for the residential developments we see today and they just retained the Lower Street yard. If memory serves me right this was the old H. T. Percival hire yard. Going upstream you then had the the New Inn, Norfolk Holiday Boats (H. C. Banham) The Green, Swan Inn, Horning Sailing Club and then Southgates main yard. Just remembered my dad did not like mooring there as it was too long a walk to the pub! Fred
  14. That really is good news. Hope it works out for them. Fred
  15. Not good news. Have a fond spot for the yard. I know they operate at the economy end of the market but you get what you pay for. Popped into the yard last year and had a nice chat, even got an old Blakes "A" flag decal. Did not like Hoseasons at all! On a historic note Sandersons are (or were ) the last yard applying the Blakes flag to their boats. Fred
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