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  1. trambo

    Winter Cruising

    Agree with what Simon says above. The Swancraft boats are fitted to a much higher standard and the clincher is they are fitted (or were) with very powerful heating systems. Always worth taking foam pipe insulation, to plug any drafts in the canopy but must add check any gap is not being used as part of the ventilation system. Fred
  2. trambo

    Goosander? No - Gooseandhim!

    Been a great read up Dave with super images. Reference cleaning , on Silver Cloud, we are very lucky in having a local owner who will valet the inside to a pristine condition for a nominal fee.This is so handy on the shorter days when you are facing a 5½ hour journey home. Also means I can pick up the puss from the cattery on the same day, rather than the next, which pays for the clean. As for the exterior I think the depth of cleaning is really up to the mobility of the crew while us more able owners can spend hours (and I do) enjoying ourselves with overpriced hull cleaners at the waterline. As long as the windows shine, that does me. Fred
  3. Yes it was Pensby School, I think we used to be a fleet of five. Each boat was mastered be either two teachers or our parents. Bill Waterhouse was one of my favourite teachers and taught a subject I seemed very good at, Rural Studies. Strange subject for a school on the Wirral and not much use a I ended up selling ready mixed concrete! One thing I remember about Bill is he only had one tie for school use and that was the Blakes tie. It certainly was from these trips that both my dad and I got our love of the Broads. Fred
  4. Great photos and info Vaughan. Spent a week on her in 1965 as part of a school trip when we won a pen knife each for the best written log which was judged I believe by your father and Harry Brooker. The next time I saw her was in 1967 at Brundall as she turned at the old Tidecraft stores. Can't tell you how gutted I was to see she was flying Jenners flag, just didn't look right! Picture is of the crew from the above school trip. We usually had the King (1962-64) but Bill Waterhouse (centre) who organised the trips went for the Ace this year. Photo was taken with a Kodak Brownie 127 and look at the age of my other ancient camera on deck, remember it took a very large negative but buying the film was difficult even then. Fred
  5. trambo

    Pacific Cruisers Fleet Updates

    Hi Neil, Question away! Embarrassingly your right on every count. Just checked and I was looking at the 1976 brochure and my jottings were 1975 with makes me feel a right twit. Down to crossed filling but it does show I should have checked what I was looking at before posting. Now I'm off to sit in the corner.
  6. Latest offering from Carol and a must watch. So many gems but I think my favourite is at 6:09 when I thought a Woods ex Landamore was coming into picture but it was actualy Conquest formerly the Ace of Hearts. Had not seen or can not remember seeing her in this livery. She did return to operate from Heatrs as the Conquest of Hearts which I always thought a slightly ironic renaming. Fred
  7. trambo

    Pacific Cruisers Fleet Updates

    Up for the challenge and the sake of accuracy, after checking I reckon it was 1972 (according to my geekish log of the time which reads rather unhelpfully "Calypso in Ferry colours" ). They appear as the complete class in the Blakes 1973 brochure. So we can say 45/46 years old. Slightly off topic Pacific Cruisers yard was founded in the mid 60s as S.B. Brooks Ltd who had previously operated their boats alongside the Mistral Craft fleet at their yard which was was on the site of the housing opposite the public moorings. Their boat names being prefixed with "Pacific". They were marketed then through Bradbeers but future owners have used both Blakes and Hoseasons before becoming an independent yard. Fred
  8. trambo

    Pacific Cruisers Fleet Updates

    Found this picture by Antony Guppy of Emerald in it's last month on hire. Not bad for a 50 year old boat. Fred
  9. trambo

    Lion Thurne Update

    Have been twice this year and on both occasions could not fault. What was once off the list completely is now near the top. Fred
  10. trambo

    Robert John Richardson

    So very sad to read this news. Sincere condolences to Clive and all the family. A true Broads legend. Fred
  11. trambo

    Where Is This Mooring?

    Looks a little different from how I remember but are they at Boathouse Hill? Used to have a little sandy beach and was much loved in Hoseaons brochures of the 50s and 60s. Fred
  12. Out of step completely. I rather like it's stubby look. As with all designs only time will tell. I wonder if people greeted the Windboat post-war classics with the same disdain. Remember thinking in the late 60s that 'Ultima' from the Neatishead B.Y. was the bees knees but today............what the heck did I see in it? Fred
  13. trambo

    Langford Jillings Snr.

    Article in the Great Yarmouth Mercury. http://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/norfolk-broads-alphacraft-langford-jillings-dies-aged-79-1-5686754
  14. For some reason the page does not bring up the development except for a news update but the develoment page can be found here. http://www.eastangliangroup.co.uk/project/great-yarmouth-marina/ Fred
  15. This East Anglian Group page has been live (although updated) for a number of years. As far as I am aware Hoseasons, as stated, never had any connection with the site. Fred http://www.eastangliangroup.co.uk/news/

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