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  1. We passed over in Silver Cloud, N to S at 0700. Choppy but had a lot worse. Now at Langley Dyke. Fred
  2. Talking of Beccles, if you are able to get under the Old Bridge the pontoon moorings at the outdoor lido are superb and nearer the Town centre. Fred
  3. Too late, you want to see the nonsense being spouted in another place. My first reaction was negative but stepping back and rethinking, although twisting (not breaking) the rules, it keeps the rush at the boatyard down with better social distancing and was in fact a sensible move. Fred
  4. Agree but you can market the product so that it attracts a holidaymaker who wants what the Broads offer. A lot of the problem is many people end up on the Broads who are bored by it all, are unable to slow down and go home disappointed. I know this is very simplistic but it all seamed to go wrong from when Hoseason's had it's Sun newspaper (sic) promotion. Fred
  5. What really gets me is there are places and activities designed so you can really let your steam off, be loud and just go for it but the Norfolk Broads is not one of them.......or am I getting old and grumpy? Fred
  6. 1/. Depends on your definition of fun and yes your river toll will be eye watering when all the decent tourists decide they have had enough. 2/. Probably why so many people still avoid Gt. Yarmouth like the plague! (Or to be more topical, virus) 3/. Totally agree Fred
  7. He's a to**er! Just told everyone to go South! Fred ps Hey Dave how about a bit of totty for me and Dk?
  8. A nice atmospheric shot by Geoff Stone on Flickr. Parked at Applegate's, had it become part of Woods in 1959?
  9. The Beauchamp Arms, last time overnighted was in the 1990s on Eastwood's Santa Cruz. Pretty poor even then which is a shame as it's such an iconic and handsome building. Don't rate Cantley as an eatery. Ferry House Surlingham is a must. Super basic menu at reasonable prices. A model of how to run a good pub and restaurant. New Inn Rockland always enjoy. Waters Edge, get a bank loan first! Really top notch food, on another level than any other riverside establishment but only for that special occasion. Reedham Ferry, very hit and miss but seems to be more miss than hit recently. The two pubs in Reedham, ok but nowt special, Fred
  10. Although most syndicate boat owners take their boats through themselves, those managed through BCBM can use the pilot service if they prefer. Fred
  11. Air draft on Silver Cloud is 6' 10" with all tanks full. The 43' version needs slightly more due to the upper deck windscreen. If you watch Dave Whitworth's videos he is on Silver Cloud. Fred
  12. Agree with all thats been said. There have to be compromises with all helm positions but overall the steering position is very comfortable and visibility good. Like others, in good weather I tend to stand or to be exact lean forward! They handle like a dream too. Main disadvantage when enclosed is that when passing craft you are too high up to give the customary wave, you sort of have to bend down!. As Mouldy said the Brooms built versions had an extra window put into the camber of the sliding roof. An important plus of the helm position is that when the canopy is open you sit (or stand) in the open, you are not inside the windscreen structure. All in all a brilliant design, a real Broads classic. Fred Silver Cloud at her home mooring.
  13. Mafair seen last year on the River Yare. Fred
  14. I was shocked when I read the BBC news page. One of those people you just thought would go on and on. Whilst not the strongest voice it was always sweet and melodious and caught the mood of the country in bad times. Although she was out of fashion when I was a teenager in the 60s I remember having an old 78rpm disk, "Auf Wiedersehen" that I played over and over. We have lost a genuine National Treasure. RIP
  15. Oh yes...................!
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