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  1. Mayfair passed with us to the South over a very choppy Breydon recently (so rough that Pearl Horizon with her open fore cockpit turned back to Gt. Yarmouth). Here she is on the Yare after the weather had calmed down.
  2. Thats my favourite fruit cake still available then. Yummy! Fred
  3. Not the only ones who are nervous!
  4. Not a great surprise to be honest. Barry has been thinking about closing for a long time. Will miss the home made cakes though. I wonder if there is an opportunity here for the Ferry House? Fred
  5. Further to above, just found this on You Tube. Only one comment, were are the life jackets? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_75_5DA4fCc Fred
  6. Horning Marina (Richardsons) was frozen over Sunday and Monday, although a navagble channel was cut by an incoming boat. Malthouse Broad was frozen, except again for a navigable channel. Tuesday after the rain it was nearly all gone but with the forcast last night I got back to Boulters for fuel and pumpout then the marina and called it a very short break. A gent at Ranworth said he had heard two boats had got stck on Barton Broad but can not substantiate. Fred
  7. As seen this week alongside Far Horizon. Fair Diplomat (Sunway) still as was, awaiting re-naming and branding.
  8. Hi Russell, No shares available on Silver Cloud at the moment but one of our owners has intimated they may have to sell during this coming season due to a health problem. No problem doing blogs, we already have an owner who publishes on You Tube, Couple of points about Silver Cloud. Very easy to handle solo. She should be treated as a pure 4 berth boat. The saloon seating does not convert so if if you had a larger party in mind she may not be suitable, The syndicate has a no pet policy. This is due to us having dedicated quilts and pillows left on the boat. All we have to bring is sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases which keeps the packing down but in my case costs a lot in cattery expenses! If you ( or any one else) wants any information about Silver Cloud feel free to PM. Fred
  9. She has just come out of Rico’s shed and is moored alongside us again. Looks immaculate. Silver Cloud’s turn in a fortnight. Fred
  10. Neil has the problem of new syndicate boats spot on. The modern equivalent of Silver Cloud, the Heritage 39, costs nearly £250.000. Taking the BCBM method of 12.5 shares per boat, that is an initial outlay of £20,000 per full share. A lot of money for most people and an amount that makes many of the advantages of the syndicate approach to boating less desirable. This problem is reduced significantly on the canals due to new canal boats costing far less and where this type of ownership seems much more popular. Goosander, Lightning, all the BCBM managed boats and I believe the Freedom hire boat Absolute Freedom were all part of the ill-fated Challenger Syndicate Broads operations which included it's own dedicated yard (did it ever open ) at Brundall Gardens. As to using a management company or the owners doing their own thing is very much up to the talents and the time members of the ownership group have. At BCBM /owners AGMs. BCBM retire while the owners decide to carry on with their services or to go independent. As for the Silver Cloud group, while I have been a member there has never been a single voice of dissent against their continuation and my personal opinion is that although they need the occasional nudging (like keeping the web site up to date) on the big issues they are very competent and also very nice people to work with. An example was this year when our 1996 engine eventually expired. BCBM (and Richardson's) gave the owners a choice of options to vote on and the boat was ready to sail again within a week. No hassle or fuss, it was just done. In my opinion, peace of mind worth paying for. Fred
  11. Although the AFLowliner 38 is a nice design I would agree with Norfolk Nog that the number of craft available around this size is somewhat saturated and that it would be nice to see more 2 - 4 berth craft. The draw system works well for me. I already know what weeks I have in 2020 and some swapping did take place post the draw. Also, at least on Silver Cloud the system is flexible enough to allow an owner who is a school teacher to have first shout at the school holiday weeks. Simon mentioned annual running costs. On Silver Cloud we keep the annual running costs separate from the the winter maintenance costs, the program for being decided at the AGM. We also have a contingency fund for emergencies. Fred
  12. So very sad Alan. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Fred
  13. I remember speaking to the rather infamous late Ed Rimmer about Goosander which was the last (Broads) boat from the ill fated Challenger Syndicate operation and he thought the larger boats sold better. I know at the time the cost of a share on Goosander was higher than any of the other boats Challenger managed and he was pushing hard to get a sale. Silver Cloud still has a Challenger Syndicates brass name plate which I always Brasso to life when I'm on board! Fred
  14. Hi Buttons, help yourself. There is another image as you passed on the flickr page. We spoke at Ranworth after you helped me moor if you remember? Fred
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