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  1. Was that at the old Golling's yard and shop at Womack Water?
  2. Great image from "Berties World" on Flickr. I had better eyes four years ago and this was my comment; "An absolute boat anoraks dream photograph. From the mill moored, Poolcrafts Broadway, Ernest Collins Golden Emblem, Beaver Fleets New Generation, an ex Herbert Woods Starlight then in the Dawndraft fleet as Dawn Wanderer, an Elysian 27 but could be from many yards and a Johnson Yacht Station Anglia class after that definition is a bit poor. On the river from the mill is an R & C Bondon Pradel class and one of the mid-sized Martham Boat & Developments classes after that the eye strain comes in! Thanks Bertie for a great photo and for getting the grey cells awake." A number of further notes on the scene which is late 70s. How poor the mooring areas are by todays standards They would all have been taped off as high risk today. How busy it is, plenty of custom for the pub and the mill is open. Some remnants of the cement works seem to remain. Have not seem them recently. Are they gone or is it me missing them? Further Norfolk Broads treats from "Berties World* can be found on his Norfolk Broads Album. Click on above photo and were it says "This photo is in 1 album " click on Norfolk Broads. Fred
  3. O.A.King's Silver Dawn which by 1970 had become Dawncraft. Built in the 1930s Silver Dawn was a larger version of their Crimson Dawn class and was distinguished by having an enamel rather than varnished hull.
  4. Not really the time to buy into or sell from a syndicate. We have two owners selling on Silver Cloud due to ill heath and I think all the syndicates have availability at the moment. Silver Cloud at Thurne during the last part-week of normality. Fred
  5. Not a buyer of postcards normally but can't resist anything Hearts. Postcard has no publishers name and I'm guessing mid 50s. Need Vaughan to cast an expert eye and identify the moored craft. Fred
  6. For those who like the luxury of a G & T on the upper deck.
  7. One of the nicest canal vlogs "Floating our Boat" made by a couple named Fran and Rich finds Rich coming down with all the symptoms.
  8. BCBM has sent an email to all their owners (Broads and Canals) advising not to travel. "Based on this latest information, we are advising all owners not to travel to their boats. The safety of our owners and our staff is our primary concern. Many marinas are also now on lock down and not allowing anyone in unless they are a liveaboard at the marina with access to their primary homes." Fred
  9. I was down on Silver Cloud last week, the rivers busy for March and all the pubs open. Even Roy's had toilet roll! What a difference a week makes in the way things have escalated and I will not becoming down for my April and May weeks. Horning Marina have said they can service the BCBM fleet without customer contact but I do feel that those of us travelling from the big conurbations (I'm on the Liverpool / Manchester axis) have a duty not to travel at all. As you can have the virus without initially knowing it, there is the risk of being stranded in the area, putting extra pressure on services needed by the local population. Hopefully the government plans to protect affected businesses will go some way to keep the local economy afloat (excuse pun) until this thing passes. Fred
  10. Link to the BCBM Broads page. https://www.bcbm.co.uk/boats/broads-cruisers.html I believe their is also a share available on the similar (ex Finecraft) Blue Mist. http://broadsboatshare.co.uk Fred
  11. Does anyone use a windscreen demister unit(s)? One of the owners in the Silver Cloud syndicate has asked if we can fit these for use during the Winter months. I note Brian Ward stock them and we can get Jason to fit them at Horning Marina but do they work? Silver Cloud is a Diamond 35. Fred F
  12. John Lewis are closing their retail stores tomorrow and most of the staff are being transferred to work at Waitrose.
  13. Hi Peter, Understand how concerned you must, can not be a very nice time for you both. Hope your wife has a speedy and good recovery. Fred
  14. If I remember correctly Freeman's when built had a hide-away galley. Could this be part of that? Fred
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