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  1. Silver Clouds AGM also on Saturday. I take it Mouldy you will be off to Crick? Where do you hold yours Neil?.........err, the AGM that is!
  2. trambo

    Mooring At Wroxham

    Always moor at the Wroxham Hotel or is it The Hotel Wroxham these days? Nice mooring, reasonably quiet at night and mooring fee refundable against meals in the restaurant. Food is good if a bit pricey for the Broads but we have never had a bad meal there. When Brister Craft was closing I'm sure Mike said to me that the moorings would remain. Something which has not happened but if you zoom in on this ariel shot (photo by Cam Self) of the area you can clearly see the old moorings fenced off. Is there a story or dispute about this land. Would certainly be welcome if they were opened again. Fred
  3. Yikes Neil, that really must have been frightening for you both. Lucky in one sense that you where at Oulton Broad and not in the wilds. Best wishes to Karen. We passed on the Ant at Howe Hill but too narrow for me to navigate and get a shot of Lightning. Fred
  4. I was initially with the idea that £10 was a fair cost considering maintenance costs and allowing for a fair profit so did a few calculations based on various scenarios of season x boats x fee. In most cases I still consider it a fair price for the return. Would I personally moor on the island out of choice? No, from my point of view it is much nicer to either wait for a mooring at the staithe with all it's facilities or for quietness at night, mud weight on the Broad. Fred
  5. Because it is not an opinion. Being a member of the Liberal Party or reading the Guardian is a choice. Being GAY is not, believe me I know and yes I have been verbally abused for being Gay whist on the Broads while eating at a restaurant in Wroxham. I'm sorry but some of the comments in the thread I find personally offensive, mainly stated out ignorance but if you have been called names in the street or spent a night in hospital due to GAY bashing as I have done you may see the World we live in, in a different light. Anyway cheers from my Civil partner, soulmate, lover and I! Fred
  6. trambo

    Pastures New

    If your willing to go into Wroxham, I've never had a bad meal at the Wroxham Hotel and the The Station Smokehouse is on my list to try after recommendations to the good. Agree with everyone about the White Horse. Very good. Fred
  7. trambo

    Pastures New

    Interesting comment on the New Inn. We had a similar experience last year but as it usually gets good comments put it down to them having a bad day but it has put us off trying again. I'm told the Bure River Cottage Restaurant is excellent although expensive and needs booking well in advance. We like one 'posh' meal during our stays but for some reason, even though we are moored in Horning we have never been. Fred
  8. Super video Jean. Nice to see scenes from view points not usually taken. Highlight for me being the flotilla of boats all keeping to the speed limit through Burgh Castle behind the rangers launch. Great choice of music too. Fred
  9. Thought you might like this view of her I found taken by Keith Sowter. Fred
  10. This, I think, was the standard Blakes description for boats passing Potter Heigham, much more honest than Hoseasons who at the time never ( or rarely) mentioned bridge restrictions. Fred
  11. When new, from the 1973 Blakes brochure. Fred
  12. trambo

    The Locks

    Let's change "disappointed" to "delighted". After all we don't know unless Yougov has been around? At least the place is open and they are trying to make a go of the place. Everyone is different. Like it some will, some won't but it's there if you want it. Fred p.s. Just my luck it will be cr*p next time!
  13. Hi Herts, Hull design dates back to the 1970s but is still produced as the Silverline 27 by Silverline at Brundall. Very common in hire fleets until recently in all design guises. Composite versions like yours being popular in the earlier builds. Is any of the superstructure original? Fred
  14. trambo

    The Locks

    To be honest I think the heritage was lost after the first extension was made. Before that it was unique and not just on the Broads. I've never really enjoyed the place since until my visit in June. As for the food, though the menu was slightly pretentious the meal was good. I like a simple traditional menu as much as anyone (the superb Surlingham Ferry coming straight to mind) but it's nice to have a bit of diversity as well and much better than the freezer sourced offerings found at many pubs. Fred
  15. I'm reading this at 16:00 and wow, you've made me feel hungry! Fred
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