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  1. Very impressed. Looks like a sympathetic modernisation both inside and out. Fred
  2. See what you mean David! Broads Holidays Ltd (later traded as Helmsman) offices. Although I have a few doubts about the plan, it sounds a great improvement over todays eyesore and a much nicer place to moor while waiting for the tide over Breydon. Fred
  3. There are many good canal blogs on You Tube and this is one of the best. Informative, well produced and bravely confronts the mental health issues of one of the bloggers. Thought their last offering made Breydon Water look a doddle and no Yellow Post! Fred
  4. I still find it remarkable that Round the Horne got on the air at all, never mind at the Sunday lunch slot. Absolutely hilarious, even now and a superb, well balanced cast. Fred
  5. Thank goodness for Ocado.[emoji106]
  6. If I remember correctly the Wavechief class originated with Tidecraft (possibly Summer Tide) which was between Broom's and Bell Boats. You can see on Vaughan's Blakes brochure clip that the plan shown uses the standard Hoseason's style. Broom's got most of the more modern Tidecraft fleet when it closed and renamed them with the prefix Wave. Fred
  7. Found this rather dramatic image of an old R. Moore & Sons Glenmore seen in Bath by "curly42" on Flickr. Fred
  8. Hi Bryan, Nice to have met you both at Neitishead. Fred & Co on Silver Cloud.
  9. I think this is a doctored photograph with the boats name and Waveney River Centre logo added. Hull looks proper filthy for a new boat too. Fred
  10. Nothing is for ever but would be sad to see the yard go completely. One of the oldest established yards still in operation and a very interesting hire fleet over the years. Fred
  11. Hi Simon, I would be very surprised if any syndicates do not have breakdown cover. There are differences in the way we all run our craft. Even on the BCBM managed fleet it is up to the owners how we finance our boats. I would be surprised however if at the end of the day we did not end up with a total outlay similar to each other. Agree with 'oldgregg' about the cleaning can vary although on Silver Cloud we are lucky enough to have a local owner who is superb and does the job at a very reasonable charge. To get back to the thread, although I have never been on board, Moonlight Shadow always looks beautifully presented and is a credit to her owners. The price Steve is offering for a 12% share is the bargain of the year! Fred
  12. We are prepared to let these go together at the bargain price of £3500 for the full 12% if you come to us direct. Indeed a bargain Steve for such a well presented boat. Seen recently at the Chet Mouth.
  13. trambo


    Hi Tubbster, If you want a boat immaculate inside or out at any time in the season then I really think your only choice is between Summercraft at Wroxham, Silverline who are at Brundall or Bridgecraft at Acle Bridge. Put up with a few scuffs on the outside and any other yard should be fine. All depends on your budget, expectations and requirements. As choice I would choose one of the smaller yards for the personal touch and if anything does go wrong you will probably be dealing with the owner direct. Fred
  14. If definitely hired through Hoseasons it could have been with King Line at Horning (where Boulters are) or Royalls in Wroxham whos yard is now part of the Barnes Brinkcraft complex. Fred
  15. Wet your appetite Neil. Lightning on the 9th June. Fred
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