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  1. trambo

    Old Broads Boats

    Perhaps as a consolation Essexgirl you will like this shot by Terry Baldrey. I think the last Foxglove in hire was from Bridgecraft (name escapes me) who restored her to a varnished superstructure. Anyone interested in 60/70s hire boats, have a look at Terry's home page on Flickr. Fascinating collection. Mainly Richardsons. https://www.flickr.com/photos/41409347@N07/ Fred
  2. trambo

    Now And Then

    As requested Vaughan. http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/6343 Fred
  3. trambo

    That First Coffee

    I have had the largest size of this classic instrument since the 70s. Just needed to replace the seal a couple of times. Makes superb coffee but what a palaver! Use a cafeteria for everyday use. I think the most important thing about coffee is to only use whole beans which are ground just before use. Keep them airtight, it does make a difference. You can buy battery powered vacuum containers which will pump the air out a couple of times a day. As Cambridge Cabby says experiment blending the beans for whatever the occasion is. Wonderful drink if made properly. Fred
  4. trambo

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Friendly and consistent sums up the Bridge Inn. Superb mooring, well kept garden and welcoming pub. As others have said, definitely not fine dining but honest food, nicely presented and good value. I only wish some very well known establishments, North and South could be as consistent as the Bridge. Fred
  5. trambo

    Holiday Chalets At 'st Olaves' In The Late 70's

    I seem to recall they appeared on the front of the Blakes brochure the first year they became agents for land based accommodation as well as boats. Not sure of the year but it was about the same time they used to have a separate brochure for non Broads based holidays afloat. Fred
  6. trambo

    What Might We Reasonably Expect Of Nbn?

    Although a member of Facebook, I find myself using it less and less. There is too many nasty, even dangerous posts out there, many camouflaging their real intent. This all mixed up with the trivial "I'm having an ice cream at Loddon" type nonsense posts. Who cares? Get a life! There are of course exceptions to the rule. It is useful to look at business pages and Broads related, those run by Sue Hines are sensible and well run. However in the main I do think Facebook and for that matter YouTube are platforms which have the potential to be (or may already be ) very disruptive to society, something we should all be at least aware of. At least both the main Broads forums have reasonable conditions of use. Not always perfect, nothing can be, but they have good general standards of decency and fairness to their users. Fred
  7. trambo

    Expectations From A Mooring?

    Rarely moor over night at Ranworth Staithe during the Summer months. Much nicer to spend the day there and to mud weight on the Broad overnight. Ranworth is very popular, it ticks all the right boxes in one location but to be honest unless we are with another couple we usually only visit during the quieter months. As for rafting or double mooring in general I would avoid having to do it but have not found myself in a position to need to do so. If someone requested to double moor to me I would and have done so on a number of occasions.Depends on the situation, size of boat and close inspection of crew, not forgetting what mood I was in at the time! Fred
  8. trambo

    Mayfair From Maycraft

    Saw Mayfair a couple of weeks ago at Wroxham and it looked in good nick. I was a little amused it still sported an old style Hoseasons sticker (the BOAC bluebird) on the cabin. Thought I was in a time-warp! Fred
  9. trambo

    Memories Of The 80's

    Looks like Percival's hire boat Panther bottom left. Fred
  10. trambo

    When Did The First Grp Boats Arrive?.

    Much of this needs substantiating(marked *) but I believe the first composite fibreglass hire cruiser was Conway Bridge from Bridge Craft at Acle which dated to1958 (*) and was similar in design to their Clifton Bridge. The first fibreglass hulled cruisers from a Blakes yard were the Ambassadors from the NBYC at Wroxham in 1961, which was also the year Windboats launched the Tradewinds with their Seacrete hull. By 1964 there were a number of Seamsters in a number of fleets including Easticks and Sabberton Marine. The big breakthrough would also seem to be 1964 with the introduction of the Elysian 27 which was marketed on the Broads by Percival Boats and was bought in large numbers by Richardsons, the Jenners group and many others over the next couple of years. 1965(*) was the first year of the Bourne 35 hull. The first examples in hire being Golden Emblem from Ernest Collins and Regal Safari from Hampton Boats. Without detracting from the revolutionary Wild's designs I consider them to be just modern versions of Leo Robinson (and others) classes that dated back to the 1920s. What he did was to bring all the modern developments together in one boat with great success. I think it fair to say that some of his wooden fleet also had some unique design features. I've uploaded a scan of the Bridge Craft boats. Fred
  11. trambo

    Dockless Bikes In Norwich!

    Probably out on a limb here but bicycles and cities are a nightmare to me. They ignore every rule of the road, including pedestrian lights and plague pedestrianised areas and don't start me with those on a Deliveroo mission! Fred
  12. trambo

    Anyone For Hickling?

    We hired Hawaiian Goose, an aquafibre opel from Whispering Reeds in 2010 and I remember she went under very easily. Fred
  13. Great read and superb photographs David. Goosander is a superb boat. Enjoy! Fred
  14. trambo

    Barnes And Wroxham Bridge

    I think there was (is) a time when not all boats went through free when using the pilot at Wroxham. Wonder if that explains BBs perceived policy? Fred
  15. trambo

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    On what has been a rather dire forum (sorry association) of late, that made me chuckle. Fred

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