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  1. I think the original Horizon 35 design dates (at least as a hire boat) to 1972 and Superline. Number 3 became Topline for the 1973 season. The design was soon adopted by numerous yards and in large numbers. Caroline was built on the Horizon hull with a Porter & Haylett superstructure. They did not stay long at Wroxham and had ended up with Alpha Craft, F.W. Cruisers and Harvey Eastwood by the end of the decade. Fred
  2. From Terry Badrey's Flickr page. Fred
  3. If it is the competition I think you are referring to it was organised by the old NBO forum. Fred
  4. Photo from Terry Baldwin's Boats photo collection of Swiftway 3 which he helped build. Terry's notes say there were two more under build and that number 5 was the last new wooden boat built for Richardson's. Fred
  5. Aston Boats moved to the Princess basin in 1968 when the Princess fleet was either bought or merged with Astons. The original Aston yard is today the site of Bill Maxted's yard (Broadland Riverine). The card is photographed from S. B. Brooks and Mistralcrafts boatyards on the Chedgrave bank both who used R. B.Bradbeer as their letting agent. The boat on the right of the postcard is Mistralcraft's Whispering Reed and on the left Whispering Gypsy. Fred
  6. Just one definite identification which is Morlands (photo no.3) Brimbelow Road Wroxham. The plot is still called Morlands but the property either rebuilt or replaced by a new build. Link http://www.summercraftboats.co.uk/holiday-cottage-guide/morlands/ Agree 1 is Horning either Chumley & Hawk or possibly Turners. 2. Typical late 60s/70s lodge found all over but for some reason I keep going back to St. Olaves. 4. Fleet House South Walsham which was part of Bondon's? Fred
  7. Just had a look at my profile and 2008. Asked to join by JillR who had fell out elsewhere, although how anyone could have upset Jill just shows the tensions in the forums in those days which even resulted in this forum splitting into two. Fred
  8. Jomaric moored at the yard in 2016. Fred
  9. The mooring at Dilham.
  10. The other Broads hire cruisers are L to R. Pearson - Barbers (Pearson Marine) "Golden Nymph", H. T. Percivals "Panther", a C. J. Brooms "Commander", possibly a Martham B & D Co. just showing her bow and H. E. Hippersons "Rest-A-Whyle. Golden Nymph dated from 1955, so narrows the date to 1955 / 1957.
  11. Thanks Norfolk Nog. Sums up the philosophy of James Hoseason that customer care was paramount and from that everything else flowed. Having met over the years members of the Lowestoft office they all thought he was a great boss and company to work for. In the 1970s I used to get new members of the staff in our order office to ring Blakes and Hoseasons and pretend to enquire about a holiday and then compare. Both were friendly but Hoseasons always came out top. Obviously scripted but not overtly so, it was consistent and got you the customer to where you wanted. A model used everywhere tod
  12. They did not achieve it as the opposite happened when Blakes parent owner at the time, Wyndham Vacations bought out Hoseasons. The trading style has been allowed to lapse but if you want to book online through Blakes you still can. The 1970s event has always fascinated me. Blakes was still a co-operative and all I know is that it was promoted amongst others by Truman from the Blakes side to no avail. Perhaps Peter or Vaughan can enlighten? Fred
  13. I know there were environmental concerns but what has happened to the host of schemes for tidal power? I would have thought a much more reliable source than the wind.
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