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Fantastic service


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Have to sat a big thankyou to Richard at SnuggTopz for his service today.


We all know how quickly canopy makers respond to a request, well I have to say I know one that breaks all the rules.


Clanny today ripped her canopy in a bit of a blow. Being in Birmingham getting to her if something is wrong can be a bit of a problem but when one of my neighbours called me to let me know he had just propped Clanny;s canopy up and there was a rip where stitching had come undone (thanks Kieth) I called Richard up at SnuggTopz. he waa down at Reedham marina in about an hour. stitched up the canopy and replaced the broken stud that he felt caused the problem by letting the wind in in the first place. called me to let me know it was done and when asked how much I owed him responded with "don't worry about it"


How is that for service on a canopy that was fitted 15 months ago?



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Great service indeed.


Despite lots of claims of great customer service and it all being about the customer there are not that many businesses that I think actually really get this right, so it is good to hear of genuine and kind service like this.


I wonder if many people just don't look forward enough, but the amount of recommendations this kind of thing brings (although probably less than people hear about if a bad service is encountered) and that you will probably not think of going anywhere else now for any canopy work is not a reward that enough see (I guess as there is no instant gratification/reward, especially if you don't enjoy making people happy) or really genuinely care about good service.


This said it always seems to me that there is a higher share of Norfolk businesses that do a good job compared to where I live but this could be partly to do with the change of businesses I deal with when in Norfolk than when at home



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Yet another boat owner visiting this thread to sing Richard's praises.

He certainly looked after us when we dropped in the other day as we passed through Bramerton.


We wanted to get a small canopy problem sorted before the winter finally arrives in earnest.

Richard dropped what he was doing to fix it while we waited and then wanted next to nothing for the work!



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