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Passage through Yarmouth


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Afternoon all,

Picking up Contessa from Richardsons on August 15th, cannot wait. The day i wish to pass through Yarmouth, low tide is 06.11. The plan is to overnight at Acle and set off at 6am. That makes my arrival at GY about 8am. I'm hoping the tide won't have risen too much by this time and there is sufficient clearance under the bridges. My height above water is 8ft 4in.

What do you guys think?

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Hi Jim

What day are you planning on crossing? You want to aim for slack water, not low water. Slack on Sunday 16th is at 06:38 and sunrise is at 05:40. The time gets later as the week goes on. Bearing in mind the bure empties out for a good 30 - 45 minutes after slack I think you'll be fine if you are able to leave Acle as soon after sunrise as possible if going on the Sunday. You'll also do well on the fuel with the outgoing behind you and then the flood tide heading over Breydon.



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if i leave Ranworth at sunrise (0540) on 17th Aug, what are the chances of me getting under the Yarmouth bridges? Slack is 0711 according to the info i have. My airdraft is 8ft 4in.


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Hi Jim.. Personally I'd say you are pushing it with that plan.. I think it's about an hour from Ranworth to Acle alone (Then 2 hours).. so you are looking at three hours which would miss slack by some considerable time.. even though you will have the tide behind you for the majority.  With an early morning tide at Yarmouth you do need to be closer to Yarmouth than further. Unless you buy your own boat then it doesn't matter where you moor as long as you have a good alarm clock :) Your high tops don't really permit for being too far off slack water. I'd say go for the acle or Stacy plan.. Stacy is about an hour or so from yarmouth with the tide behind you, so it would be a nice calm crossing.

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Orca is right Jim, its  around three and a half hours from Ant  mouth alone to Great Yarmouth, so even with the tides assistance you wont get there  from Ranworth until around  08:40 to 09:00 and with that air draft you  risk getting there and having to turn and moor up. There is also a fair  possibility that you may not even be able to get onto Ranworth on the day as its  nearly always busy (Unless you have booked onto the Island) so  unless you have to be at Ranworth  then if you can you are better off as suggested  getting  down closer to GtY .

See how Acle is on the way down, you can moor  at Horizons  mooring as on hire boat and have the bridge Inn , or continue on to  Stokesby. There are less moorings there but is a little closer and also has a  pub.  Final option is Stracy and the closest of all has a shop but no pub           

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Jim as Mark said.. Turning on the narrow section of the YS with the tide flowing (in either way) is a serious accident waiting to happen.. (Been there done that) at worst you will slam into the bridge and take the boats superstructure with you.. Honestly don't try it.. Only run down to yarmouth knowing you can get under the bridge and ideally bang on slack water :).. Enjoy planning..  ;)cheers

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