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Pollution, high court challenge.


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Morning PW and I doubt you are not surprised that I shall comment on your post - whilst you do not mention it specifically i can see through your post and where your finger is pointed!! And I think you are wrong again - and this type of mischievous action being taken  will come out of your pocket in the end!!! Glad you do not mind too much and welcome the action!!!

The Broads, as you well know, are much much cleaner than they were ,say 35 years ago, but this is not just about the Broads but the headwaters. The proliferation of white water lilies helps prove the point and if the water is dirty, you know they will not tolerate it.   Most of Norfolk is agricultural and a significant proportion drains into the Broads so this area has a lot of water flowing through that comes from a huge area. The water is cleaner but Anglian Water need to clean up their act too to help improve matters further - farmers too are less wasteful with fertiliser than they were but can still improve - we all are aware of that.

And as for the Anglers Trust joining in, methinks that is a bit tongue in cheek as we all know from posts on here in abundance, fish stocks are as high, with notable exceptions, as they have been for many years.

Thats not to say improvement is not possible but the plaintiffs must have deep pockets if they are going to take to court every authority failing to meet these very stiff European directives - i doubt by any means that this area is the worst!!!

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Marshman, I will respond, as is my right you understand, but you are absolutely 'barking'! Barking up the wrong tree that is. I am guessing that you are guessing that I am pointing my fingers at the BA. I have made the point elsewhere, if not here, that water quality, or lack of, is the responsibility of the Environment Agency, not the BA. The EDP article makes it quite clear that it is the responsibility of DEFRA & the EA.

Water quality is better on the Broads than it has been for generations, no question of that, and the BA has been keen to take the credit for that via its spin machine. However, things are now claimed not to be as good as they could be. By the way, the money being used by the plaintiffs does come from very, very deep pockets.

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