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  1. CambridgeCabby

    Pump Outs On Sunday

    They are def open as is Ludham bridge
  2. CambridgeCabby

    Forum Meet At Salhouse 2018

    Grendel , it was an absolute pleasure to meet you , and the other NBN members . this really is the friendly forum , oh and Inge , I await your (or my) spanking
  3. CambridgeCabby

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    See you in the morning then , sleep well
  4. CambridgeCabby

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    We have picked Cerise Lady up from George , at our home morning now , will dress her in the morning and meet up at Ranworth for the C in C , son in law , daughter and grandson aboard for the day
  5. CambridgeCabby

    I Want A Sign

    I must admit I do like the current electronic speed limit signs around Cambridge, they simply say remember 40 is not a target (speeds vary depending on area) , short considered and makes you think .
  6. CambridgeCabby

    Hello I’m New Here.....

    It’s a from Kate and I too
  7. CambridgeCabby

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Maybe see you at Ludham Friday when we pick Cerise Lady up
  8. CambridgeCabby

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    Here you go then Trixie in all glory , apologies Robin , could not resist
  9. CambridgeCabby

    The Bridge At Potter

    I would imagine if the boat is loaded with copious amounts of beer then the air draft should be low enough, not sure how he will get back though
  10. CambridgeCabby

    Hampton Safari

    NBS Wroxham have a safari for sale , https://www.norfolkboatsales.co.uk/used-boats/hampton-safari-blueberry-565.asp
  11. CambridgeCabby

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    Bo****ks will make sure drinks cabinet is replenished
  12. CambridgeCabby

    Herringfleet Moorings

    Point taken , but in the example you posted the instructions were clear and unambiguous unlike the original example . But then again I am a pedantic sod (and yes I know a sentence should not begin with but )
  13. CambridgeCabby

    Herringfleet Moorings

    Font size may indicate such , but is not grammatically correct . A full stop in the correct place is.
  14. CambridgeCabby

    Herringfleet Moorings

    Just goes to highlight the need for correct punctuation use when writing anything , a simple addition of a full stop would have made the sign 100% clear with no ambiguity .
  15. CambridgeCabby

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    Does Salhouse still sell ten visit tickets at a discount ?

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