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  1. The Best And The Worst

    Best we hired was Fair Aristocat , a Haines 35 flybridge , since sold . Hired her 4 times , the worst was Grecian Girl nothing wrong with her per say just wasn’t our sort of boat but we needed the cabins that year .
  2. 2nd Visit To The Broads

    The semi-industrial landscape as you travel by river into Norwich imho is a must see if visiting the South Broads
  3. Buying A Boat (again!)

    Not me , Polly is taking the names etc, or simply enter your details on the May meet thread if you are able to attend
  4. Mud Weight Size

  5. Buying A Boat (again!)

    Hopefully you’ll be able to attend the May meet
  6. Buying A Boat (again!)

    Welcome to the no regrets but skint club
  7. Signing Off And Leaving

    Ooops apologies
  8. Signing Off And Leaving

    Any forum benefits from contrasting views , the NBN will be a poorer place with the loss of such a regular poster as Ricardo , whilst his take on things have not always been in line with others on here that is what makes him and many others an important part of this forum. i for one will miss his forthright style and wish him only well in the future , and hope one day he may return
  9. New Member

    Warm welcome from Katie and I
  10. Bridge Indicator Maintenance

    With the minimal costs nowadays I cannot understand why a simple laser beam is not used linked to either a green tick or red cross that lights up on the bridge , very easy to install and maintain
  11. Robins Platter

    When I saw the thread title , I immediately thought it was about yet another gourmet burger as enjoyed by our eponymous member
  12. Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    The more the merrier , the meet is a gathering of like minded souls , friends old and hopefully new and to the best of my knowledge no adverse judgement of any other persons pride and joy has been made by fellow members at the two previous meets I have attended . although I do seem to remember a non member at Beccles last August in their “*******” did comment to ( and I hope he doesn’t take this the wrong way ) MM on Nyx that they hoped he wasn’t going to moor next to them , comment duly ignored with dignity.
  13. Where Is This

    That was quick , yes is Irstead , Kate and I did have a childish giggle at the design
  14. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Robin has never asked any advice from myself , and not having any expertise to be able to proffer any I’d be shocked if he did. but i would like to offer some advice , KEEP LIVING YOUR DREAM !!! , your journey so far has been wonderful and a privilege to have been invited to follow online on the NBN I , along with many others look forward (with a touch of jealousy admittedly) to your continued adventures .
  15. Where Is This

    Where is this “interesting” piece of carving

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