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  1. Happy Birthday Katie

    Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife , Kate, thought I would post it on here in a probably pointless attempt to gain brownie points but “every little helps” Love you xxx
  2. Well Done BA On These Two Prosecutions

    If the speeds are indeed as you say (and I have no reason to doubt it) then it makes me wonder what the police and courts would do with a car driver who constantly sped at three to four times the speed limit , I would not be in the least surprised if it did not result in a custodial sentence plus a ban and hefty fine . yes the fine is substantial but imho deserved
  3. A Wonderful Peaceful Weekend

    Back home after a wonderful weekend afloat
  4. Suneberie

    Or you could simply add a ? After the name , makes it uniquely yours
  5. Dunkirk (film)

    The first film I can actually remember seeing at the cinema was The Magnificent Seven , the most recent was an imax of Return of the Jedi
  6. Dunkirk (film)

    Watched it last weekend , my youngest got it for me for Christmas , whilst I enjoyed it I much prefer the 1958 offering
  7. Buying A Boat

    When Kate and I were searching , we decided that Ludham bridge was a must have , and to many this also applies to Wroxham bridge so set what aircraft you are happy with to allow passage under said bridges (very few will pass Potter ) . our initial budget was £15000 we ended up spending nigh on £30000 but we did find exactly what we were seeking , so do allow for “wiggle room” on your top end. we also wanted an aft cockpit ,diesel inboard engine , heating and original gel coat ; we ended up with an Ocean30 and couldn’t be happier , yes we had to compromise on some minor things and we have also spent a fair bit on top of our initial purchase but dreams don’t come cheap . i also know others who have spent £12000 and they too have never regretted their investment . a final note , Kate and I spent over 18months in our search and rejected dozens before we found our dream , not just searching on the Broads but also on other waterways also.
  8. Hello All

    Welcome to our friendly forum and we look forward to hearing of your upcoming adventures and to answering any queries you may have
  9. Heater

    Don’t forget that if you have a diesel heater then the reduced rate of diesel (compared to road diesel) is an entitlement whereas technically if you have no diesel heating fitted then the reduced tax rate fuel does not apply to you , other waterways do indeed only sell “red” diesel to vessels that do have diesel heating . I stand to be corrected on this if my understanding is incorrect
  10. New Year's Eve

    Happy New Year from Katie and I to all fellow members and visitors alike
  11. New Year On Board

    Jealous , but happy for you , have a great break
  12. New Year On Board

    Unfortunately my mother is not well so we are now unable to enjoy the weekend afloat :( i hope all you that do make it afloat this weekend have fine weather and an enjoyable sail
  13. New Year On Board

    Kate and I hope to be out Saturday and Sunday , and praying that Ludham bridge is passable . any recommandations of a good NYE evening stop (with electric if poss)
  14. Tv Aerial

    We also use the “mini” aerial and can only agree with what others have said , it is really very very good , as you can see by the clarity of the tv picture whilst moored at Ranworth , and we just hang it out the window
  15. Stalham Wet Shed

    With the tube heaters and the onboard oil radiator and with this being our first year as boat owners I wanted to make sure the leccy would last till we could be down next , obviously the usage is lower than I feared

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