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  1. Thats a very nice solution Viking23, a bathing platform alone is prone to catching when the tide height changes where yours gives a good range of bank heights. Looks nice and simple too, most good solutions are the simplest, it's far too east to look at a problem and over-complicate it.
  2. Was it actually witnessed by anyone? Waterfowl of any kind normally just bobs out of the way purely by the wash they don't have to put any effort in to avoid a boat unless it is doing a hell of a speed, I would think it would have to be a planning speed. That said I suppose a good burst of reverse with a swan behind could possibly draw it into the prop, never heard of it happening before though.
  3. Funnily enough Carole you came up in conversation today, it was Alex and Susan from Cumulus (Nimbus) now in st.neots boat club, something about someone that used to moor in ely and now has a big sheerline on the broads, I thought that description rang a bell and realised it was you they were talking about. Don't worry it was all bad..... (no it wasn't, I made that up)
  4. Is that statement specific to that post or just a general statement Gracie?
  5. It won't have hurt any lighting circuits on the boat and a bilge pump would probably just spin the wrong way and not pump but it will wreck the charging regulator in the outboard if you don't sort it.
  6. Are the leads the right way round in the multimeter?
  7. That's a bit bloody posh! Whats her name and hourly rate?
  8. The bit I really love about the broads is the towels and pants drying on bow rails and windows, just makes it look sooo much like a boating holiday....... Dislike seeing household telly aerials on boats, makes them look too much like a caravan, I don't even like the omni directional thing on my own boat but I'm too lazy to take it off and I don't even have a telly on board, as for the trakvision dome thingys they look like some kind of growth that needs removing by a doctor with a very small and flexible camera.
  9. I'd want to see the underside for myself, grp boats really need to dry out every few years to prevent bad osmosis, don't get me wrong osmosis itself isn't a reason not to buy as everything in your budget (and much higher) will have it but to a minor extent, I've seen some big blisters on freemans that have never been allowed to dry, a couple of months every 2-3 years will do it but once in 30 years would make me walk away. Surely his insurance must want a survey at that age?? I bet yours would as a new owner.
  10. A prop took a guys foot off just a mile from my house a few years back, the guy was sitting on the back of the boat on a tarp that had been covering it over when the tarp got caught in the prop dragging him in the river with it, guy at the helm reversed towards him to rescue him, oops!
  11. Just sent you a pm about a freeman 24 Jocave, don't know if it is what you are looking for.
  12. Hill starts will be tricky as you have to get the clutch to bite at the same time as you lift your mudweight, and remember you can't do a three point turn by stuffing your nose into the weeds and powering the back round.
  13. Can they actually forbid a portable appliance as the directive only relates to the craft surely, maybe the regs for hire or passenger use could do something but I would have thought the portable nature would have taken it out of the rcd's remit. I will point out that I've never read the rcd regs and never likely to so ready to be shot down in flames (without the use of any gas appliances portable or otherwise) There's nothing unusual about gas cookers inside the accommodation area of a boat is there.
  14. On an open deck with plenty of air and space, on a stand so no where near the grp, I don't see an issue there.