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  1. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    Must be a husky/shepard thing then, mine is husky/shepard/lab mix and it's very rare to hear anything from him, knock on the door though and he makes a hell of a racket and doubles in size, trouble is the tail keeps wagging which ruins the dangerous dog effect.
  2. Bridge Store At Acle To Close

    We have one on the wall of a coop funeral parlour in st.neots, just poor marketing if you ask me, like the number of condom machines with a sign saying 'pull knob' on the front.
  3. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    The one at brammerton was probably the richos boat hired by a local family to surlingham and probably either own the private mooring or know the owners, they certainly had the boat at the weekend as they spent friday night at the ferryhouse.
  4. Cause For Concern?

    Or Paul at clemments engineering, he knows most things prop and does a lovely job on them.
  5. Stainless Welder

    What size and how much? It's something I'm looking to get done, so far the best option is £250 cash via a local fabricator, mine is 200 litres with a V shaped bottom.
  6. Door Matt?

    To give the dog a bit of grip and confidence on wet grp a cheap bathmat does a good job and usually has suckers on the underside to stop the mat sliding.
  7. Eberspacher Help

    If air has got into the system they can take a few startup attempts to re-prime the system but voltage is most likely culprit. have a look here http://www.letonkinoisvarnish.co.uk and look at their eberspacher pages, they have most of the answers and tricks to eber issues.
  8. Self Checkouts - Call An Assistant

    If asked for ID it's very simple, look into a mirror and say "yep that's me".
  9. Time To Fess Up

    My best gear issue was on the gt.ouse in a norman 25 during a big rowing regatta, going upstream they would hold the boats back till a race went off and let the cruisers follow up through the race lanes (you'd never catch the rowers at river speed), I held back holding station nicely till I was given the signal to go and as I went into forward gear and gave it some throttle I discovered the gear cable had jumped off in reverse gear, backwards we shot shouting at the rowers waiting for the next race to get out of the way as all I could do was reverse till we reached the bank. Luckily only a few thousand spectators, even more luckily before youtube....
  10. Inflatable Canoe On The Broads

    The opposite of this then.... Does the chelmer actually check for licences on canoes?
  11. Damage To Bathing Platform

    Cut it straight and remount the boarding ladder to suit the new edge, that protrusion is a crappy bit of design as proved by the damage.
  12. Owning A Boat On The Broads

    Theres plenty of syndicate planes too, when you get it wrong I do a good line in shock load inspections and know a good prop shop.
  13. Southern Rivers

    If first timing on the southern rivers don't forget you need to moor against the tide which may mean going past and turning round and leave plenty of slack on the ropes, it runs a good deal harder than the northern softies are used to.
  14. Small World

    Yes surlingham was pretty busy saturday but you would have got in later on as a lot departed after the music, we had 2 on the outside rafted. I did hear someone got a punch on the snout after the music at coldham over music played a bit too loud on a boat, won't mention names though.
  15. Boat Canopy

    Just 12v, the gas/240/12 are the ones that eat batteries as they use a heating element to work, the fridge in question was great for smaller boats as it was a drawer fridge mounted below a dinette seat with the compressor unit unwound and fed through to the base of the cupboard beside it, we once forgot to turn it off and left the drawer open over a really hot and humid week, when we returned the next weekend there was still frost on the evaporator plate and the outboard still started (albeit a bit slow to crank), that was a bloody good fridge (waeco with danfoss compressor). I wouldn't touch a gas/240/12 fridge.

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