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  2. When I can I visit farmers market.I agree never always cheap.Supermarkets have purchasing power.That said I like to support local shops,farms when I can.
  3. I tend to agree... but I'll refute "always was" It used to have some of the highest viewing figures on T.V. and tackled important issues of the day. Sadly not so much now. Although it's still pulling regular audiences of 3 to 4 million an episode which is more than most "broadcast" shows. I've not watched it since the whole Ronnie Mitchell stole Cat's baby debacle.
  4. They most definitely are not, but I probably cannot say more than that!
  5. Even more so than Jeremy Kyle? Surely not all Eastenders are as portrayed by the BBC, are they?
  6. Not sure you have time for all this free advice Doug, Soon be August you know !
  7. Near where I live there is Beccles Farmer's Market and very good it's always been. From a point of view of value it's never been that good. Despite there being no middle man there does seem to be a perception that what is on offer are premium products therefore justifying a higher price. I'm not entirely convinced by that argument but the burgers and mugs of tea on offer make a visit to the market worthwhile. Bit of a social event really.
  8. Hmmmmm, Eastenders?. Always was, still is, and always will be the biggest load of UTTER CRAP ever put on television.
  9. Which Clifford Allen boat did you hire ? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  10. There might be a demographic issue regarding a yard's targeted customer base, who knows. Could be headed towards deep water on that one !
  11. Today
  12. Statistically the chances of being hit by a boat from the largest hire yard on the Broads has to be far greater. What would be more interesting to know is what each yards share of accidents is as a percentage of the total amounts of accidents involving hire boats, and then what each yards percentage is as a total number of hire boats. In theory the two figures should be very close, but I'm guessing that the figures from some yards might be higher than their share of the market would suggest. A second interesting figure for comparison would be the number of handovers completed per member of staff. I suspect the quality and length of hand over probably varies quite a bit. Will be out for a week soon. Looking on Facebook and another forum, seems like I'd better put in a quick order for another set of fenders and noise cancelling head phones. Or do my usual and just take it as it comes, after all I'm on holiday.
  13. The red line points to the fuel return pipe, the green line pints to the glow plugs. The wire to the glow plugs should not corrode.
  14. I think Tesco’s have cottoned on to the fact that customers are beginning to favour loose veggies over pre-packed. Previously, loose stuff was marginally cheaper if not the same price. I have also found recently that farm shops have increased their prices, many no longer seem such good value.
  15. Larger fleets, more chance I suppose Griff
  16. Does this mean that Richardson's customers are statistically more likely to hit boats than are the customers from other yards?
  17. also the wires rail that i think is the glow plugs looks very rusty so i wouldn't mind having that changed
  18. ok confused me already lol yes it's a diesel. and i know there is a fan belt for the alternator not sure about any gearbox levels i think it's a prm box i think thats what i was told. i am one of these ppl if you show me and i do it i remember, if i read it i will never remember it hence why i'd really like someone who has patience just to walk me through it at the actualy boat and say this is this and that is that please
  19. trouble is i am pretty basic knowledge with regards to engines yes i can change the oil etc and rewire a boat but i have no idea where wires go on the actual engine or alternator. i did think about swapping the filter for a spin on normal type seen the conversion on flebay
  20. Not sure that Tesco would agree with you
  21. BMC 1.5 are a simple engine but can be a pig to bleed after changing the fuel filters, the oil filter is normally inside a canister unless it’s had a spin on conversion it’s easier to remove the canister from the block and change the filter on the bench than try to do it in situ. A normal service would include oil and filter, fuel filter ( mine has two) and a new raw water pump impeller.
  22. Yes, I too have enjoyed the Easter weekend and didn't manage to get hit once which is a bonus as usually, we manage to get some damage on the northern Broads in the silly season which basically has just begun, I have noticed since the re-profiling of banks although we have lost a lot of the wild Moorings, I think it would be quite easy to establish others but with reeds instead of grass I have my eye on a few sites, I will keep you posted, regards Ted Dropbox.exe
  23. We did on Richardson's Crusader 1 (petrol) in 1963. Self inflicted of course, trying to cover as much of the Broads as we could in one week. No idea of tides etc so were probably pushing against it everywhere. We worked out we averaged about 4 mph and 4mpg. Running out of fuel must have been fairly common in those days as a lot of hire boats carried a spare gallon in a heavy duty red petrol can. We swapped our empty one for a full one from another hire cruiser (at considerable cost) mid river below Wroxham. We pulled into Sabberton's for fuel but they were closed. The chap eventually took pity on us and filled us up.
  24. Oops, nearly forgot. check all the electrical connections and the battery condition and the charging system. Its no good having a good engine and a knackered battery. Its a bit difficult to give a push start to a boat especially in deep water.
  25. Basically, servicing these old BMC engines is relatively simple. I used to do it on an old ex plates London taxi which was owned by my father. The engine is similar if not the same as the BMC boat engines although dad's was two litre. I am assuming it is a diesel. If not you probably have an SU carburettor so just take off the bell top, wipe the piston and inside the bell and replace then top up the dashpot in the middle of the carb. You could give the carb a tweak using the nut underneath the carb but you need a vacuum gauge or a good ear for an engine to do this. Change the oil and oil filter regularly, replace the diesel filter about every two oil changes and bleed the diesel pipes, check the water pump belt/s and replace if necessary, check the secondary water pump impellor preferably take it out when the boat is laid up for the Winter if it is neoprene. If you are using blue antifreeze in the primary cooling system, change it every two years and give the block a good flushing if you can and use at least a 50/50 mixture and use rain water when refilling if you can. Check the tappets and adjust if necessary, check all flexible pipes and replace if necessary. Leave the injectors and injector pump alone unless they are playing up otherwise it will only lead to grief. Let a proper diesel engineer deal with these if necessary (costs a fortune!). Don't forget to check the oil in the gearbox and fill up the propshaft greasers and don't forget to check all your fuel lines for damage and replace if necessary. Hope this helps. No doubt there will be a few more DIYers along to give you more advice but it is not rocket science. Just take your time and make a good job of it. Best wishes. Troutbridge.
  26. You know what they say, every Lidl helps
  27. Yes what a great Easter weekend great weather we had a wonderful time cruising between Horning and Cottishall.Wish the weather was this good every time we took the boat out .
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