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  2. We will ring you on Tuesday after the weekend and the fridge will be available on Saturday morning 31st August.
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  4. Yes, but luckily he has one or two other boats he can use to get around the Broads. Bit more economical on fuel too!
  5. Wonderful write up. I love your sense of humour! ;)
  6. How's does Robin manage with his trader?? , oh forgot it doesn't go anywhere..
  7. Sedgemoor was originally up for sale at over £30 k, it two had not been lifted for around 10 years and it definitely shows, I believe it was eventually sold at sub £5k.
  8. I wonder if she has or had anodes fitted?
  9. Lovely looking boat, but I would suggest possibly at an unrealistic price. If I recollect correctly she was for sale through an online broker quite recently at somewhere near £60k. By and large woodies just don't sell at these prices (there are always exceptions for exceptional boats). Mind you, 11 years without a lift out is mighty impressive!
  10. I am very wary of inviting any trades people on to my property and would only do so if absolutely necessary. Very few I ever came across seemed prepared to do a job for a fair and decent price. That might sound negative, I assume there are some decent trades out there but you always have to be on the look out for the one with a glint in his eye looking to live off you for a month or two. Mechanics are top of my list to treat sceptically Im afraid and word of mouth is the only way to do it.
  11. She can get under Wroxham. The day they did it was a bit of a squeeze whereas WR was easy. Lives opposite at Horning. Lovely boat and deserves a good home Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  12. Except Potter!!! Or at least with VERY favourable tides
  13. The amount of times you mention this company in your posts, are you on a retainer or do you have shares in the company!
  14. You never ever charge for a quote or estimate for repairs unless you have diagnosed a fault. When you are in business, whether it be boat repairs, electrical or heating/plumbing(heating/plumbing mean they print their own money ) the money you charge for actual work, allows for you to cover the costs for time and fuel for quotes for work you might not get.
  15. I think they`re right, forget the sea, get something that will allow you to cruise the entire Broads. If 38ft is your size, then an Aquafibre Lowliner 38 is a good boat, with dual steering. Whenever you decide, i`m sure others will advise you on their own preferences, but my advice would be to go for something that will go through ALL broads bridges.
  16. it will be the oil pressure once the engine is warmed up that you want to check, on a recent trip with a marthams hire boat, just after starting the pressure was 70 psi, but after a while it levelled out to about 40 on normal revs, and about 20 on tickover. that was in a boat freshly refurbished.
  17. The best way is to cut open the oil filter that is the only way to see if any thing is breaking down, as I asked before what oil pressure do you have as this will give a good indication of the engines health.
  18. there are a number of things which make me feel that these guys may not be quite as honest as they should be. I'm told by several people that finding filings in the oil on the dipstick is extremely unlikely and that one should checks with the oil filter which I can do. The quote for overhauling the engine was 4 1/2 thousand pounds and they want to charge me for the quote. I think I need to get somebody else in to check it out
  19. if you dip the dipstick, get the oil on your fingers and thumb and rub them together, if it feels gritty then you may have metal particles, a magnet on the side of the sump can help stop these floating around in the engine. do you know how many hours it has on it?
  20. I think Dave has hit the nail on the head with his reply earlier. If the boat is on the south coast, i`m not surprised about this, i`ve heard of some horror stories about people being ripped off. Living near the south coast, we always hear stories of rip off prices, dodgy goings on etc, because of the age old belief, if you`ve got a boat, you`re loaded, and gullible, so often they`re happy to pull a fast one.
  21. Marshman and smoggy's posts gave me a lot to think about.
  22. Thanks for everyone's input, it has given me food for thought. I will be walking around the pontoons with a tape measure checking air deaught. Maybe a broom is a better bet. If anyone with a sea going cruiser can let me know there dimensions I would be greatfull.
  23. was paulines name and yacht, as far as i recall, she sold it in 2012
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