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  1. Oops! Where have me pics gone. Have I transgressed?
  2. I thought he said Black Suspenders! Must get to Spec Savers.
  3. Hi Strow To answer your request please see attached photo's of the boat mentioned. Hired from Buccaneer Boats, Brundall. The boat itself was immaculate, the service provided by the owner of the boatyard was, as ever, superb. We hired the boat for two days, and had hoped to moor at Loddon. However only stern on moorings were available. Not to be denied our visit to Loddon we moored side on at Pyes Mill. A most delightful place. In the evening we dined at The Swan. A jolly good meal it was too. I consumed the best part of a bottle of Australians finest, from a Creek I think, owned by a bloke called Jacob. Anyway, I led the way back to the mooring, in the dark, without a torch, across a boggy field full of cows. What a challenge that turned out to be. Not the cows, Mrs Wussername. Whinged all the way back. Thank god the old SAS training clicked in. (I have read all the books!)
  4. I have just this minute had a look at the high tide, Oulton Broad, outside the Wherry mooring. A challenge I suspect for boats without bathing platforms, particularly challenging for those with, I would imagine.
  5. As a matter of interest I hired a boat from a Brundall boat yard some three weeks ago. This particular boat had a bathing platform. One of the hire conditions was that under no circumstances was this boat to be moored stern on.
  6. Thankfully the fire was contained. It was fortunate that the Cutty Sark was not completely lost during the first fire. This second incident could have resulted in her loss for ever. Old Wussername
  7. Here we go. A silly question. Why can't we have a silly question Topic. Where we can all post our silly questions. Or is this a silly proposal. Silly Old Wussername P.S. I have got loads of silly questions. I can't wait!
  8. Matt I live locally, thankfully, to the best of my knowledge the answer to your question is that there seems to be very few serious incidents. No doubt the hire industry would, individually, be able to offer information concerning damage to craft. What the financial implications are I really have no idea. I suspect that they factor the cost into the hire charge. Regarding accidents to individuals, I suppose The James Paget and the University Hospital would have information on boating related accidents, but it does not seem to be an issue. Minor accidents, dealt with by the local GP. Records if any do not seem to be collated or published. The walking wounded who limp home.........dunno! I like to think that a holiday on the Broads is a safe and enjoyable place to be. I have no reason to think otherwise. However, one should not be complacent and it is sensible to take care. The other issue of course is that boating can be quite demanding on the older generation, a generation with a disposable income who can enjoy thier own boat. As I get older I find myself increasingly challanged by the design of some craft, grab rails in particular and the ability to board a boat or disembark from a boat. But perjhaps that is just me! Very Old Wussername
  9. Oh dear! Sorry about the duplicate post, ignore the first one with the duplicate pics. Would a friendly mod delete for me please. (you are of course all friendly, so don't all rush!) Old Wussername
  10. I was prompted to post this topic because of an incident which occurred at Ranworth earlier this year. An incident which could well have resulted in a fatal accident. By chance I met a relative, an experienced helm, who was staying at Ranworth on his own boat on this particular day. I did not witness the incident, however I do not doubt for a minute his graphic description of events. A hire boat, with a bathing platform was attempting with some enthusiasm to execute a stern on mooring. A member of the crew, a lady, was standing on the bathing platform holding a mooring rope. There were no grab rails for the lady to offer support. The helm, on the realisation that he was reversing to fast, blipped the throttle in forward gear which resulted in the lady loosing her balance and falling into the water. Having arrested the backward motion of the boat, the helm proceeded to place the boat into reverse gear at a more respectable speed. He was unaware that his crew member had fallen overboard. The depth of the bathing platform, to all intents and purposes a ledge 4 to 5 inches thick, some 8 inches above the water line was level with the crew members head, behind which was the wooden piling of the staithe. It was only the quick action of my relative, who sprinted across the green, shouting at the helm, that avoided the most dreadful of accidents. Could this incident have been avoided? Allow me to show you some photographs. None of which I hasten to add were involved, to the best of my knowledge, in the above incident. No grab rails. An individual on this platform, I would consider to be at risk. No Grab rails. An individual on this platform could be seriously disadvantaged. Would the helm be able to see the crew member was in difficulty? Has much to recommend. Grab rails, and good visibity for the helm. For me, this ticks all the boxes. Sensibly placed grab rails. Mooring ropes easily at hand, and I particularly like the way the ropes are stored. To my mind designed by a boat builder who was aware of the demands that can be placed upon the unwary. Old Wussername
  11. The bathing platform, or swim platform. Notwithstanding that it is not used for the purpose for which it is intended. Seen on many new builds, and not so new. A good idea, or are there disadvantages, indeed are there safety issues? Old Wussername
  12. I blame Hadrian. It was a silly thing. The beggars iether went round it, or hopped over it! Old Wussername
  13. There you go. Thanks Iain.
  14. Great Timbo. Serious brain fade. His name. I remember him well. I would recognise him immediately. But I cannot remember his name. What is his name ? Old Wussername
  15. Wussername


    I could not help but notice that there were some 18 active threads on this forum yesterday. Quality threads at that. Long may it continue. Old Wussername
  16. ChrisB Is it not prone to flooding during the winter months? Old Wussername
  17. Can i have a go please Old Wussername jobs a good un!
  18. Despite the political shenanigans or dare I say because of them, within the "Park", there would seem to be a degree of confidence within the industry. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/public_access_to_the_river_at_brundall_under_10m_boatyard_investment_1_3808104 Old Wussername
  19. Donald Rumsfeld stated: We know, there are known knowns, there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that it's say there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns - the ones we don't know we don't know. For the new holiday maker the broads are full of unknown unknowns. Reedham Ferry is one of them. Seen from a distance many could be forgiven for not knowing what it is. Indeed would you be able to see the chain hazard which exists? Would a CD help, I think not. Where would one start and finish. There is a fourth, the unknown known, that which we intentionally refuse to acknowledge that we know. How the holiday maker surviives defies belief...................but they do. Perhaps having been scared by the Reedham Ferry they continue thier white knuckle journey anticipating at every bend in the River Yare the ferry at Buckenham, Surlingham, and Pulls Ferry in the heart of Norwich.
  20. Sounds a bit worrying to me. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/destructive_mussels_could_soon_be_in_the_broads_1_3804876 Old Wussername
  21. Been twice. A wonderful show, a wonderful spectacle.You will not be dissapointed. I believe I am correct in saying that some theatre critics have stated that the content, the number of performers, the proffesional quality is equal or better than that to be found anywhere in the UK. However. You need to book now. Old Wussername
  22. A Broadland Pirelli theme perhaps? Old Wussername
  23. The other day I decided to cruise up the Thurne. On the left hand bank there were an inordanate number of quite large gentleman, it has to be said, snoozing in the mid - day sun. Gently flatulating. They all had umbrellas. Without exception, they were all sitting on very large boxes. Would they have been anglers? More importantly...........what is in these "very large boxes" Old Wussername
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