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  1. Great Timbo. Serious brain fade. His name. I remember him well. I would recognise him immediately. But I cannot remember his name. What is his name ? Old Wussername
  2. Wussername


    I could not help but notice that there were some 18 active threads on this forum yesterday. Quality threads at that. Long may it continue. Old Wussername
  3. ChrisB Is it not prone to flooding during the winter months? Old Wussername
  4. Can i have a go please Old Wussername jobs a good un!
  5. Despite the political shenanigans or dare I say because of them, within the "Park", there would seem to be a degree of confidence within the industry. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/public_access_to_the_river_at_brundall_under_10m_boatyard_investment_1_3808104 Old Wussername
  6. Donald Rumsfeld stated: We know, there are known knowns, there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that it's say there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns - the ones we don't know we don't know. For the new holiday maker the broads are full of unknown unknowns. Reedham Ferry is one of them. Seen from a distance many could be forgiven for not knowing what it is. Indeed would you be able to see the chain hazard which exists? Would a CD help, I think not. Where would one start and finish. There is a fourth, the unknown known, that which we intentionally refuse to acknowledge that we know. How the holiday maker surviives defies belief...................but they do. Perhaps having been scared by the Reedham Ferry they continue thier white knuckle journey anticipating at every bend in the River Yare the ferry at Buckenham, Surlingham, and Pulls Ferry in the heart of Norwich.
  7. Sounds a bit worrying to me. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/destructive_mussels_could_soon_be_in_the_broads_1_3804876 Old Wussername
  8. Been twice. A wonderful show, a wonderful spectacle.You will not be dissapointed. I believe I am correct in saying that some theatre critics have stated that the content, the number of performers, the proffesional quality is equal or better than that to be found anywhere in the UK. However. You need to book now. Old Wussername
  9. A Broadland Pirelli theme perhaps? Old Wussername
  10. The other day I decided to cruise up the Thurne. On the left hand bank there were an inordanate number of quite large gentleman, it has to be said, snoozing in the mid - day sun. Gently flatulating. They all had umbrellas. Without exception, they were all sitting on very large boxes. Would they have been anglers? More importantly...........what is in these "very large boxes" Old Wussername
  11. Easy peacy Jill Waveny Hotel Beccles. Old Wassername
  12. It is several years since I hired a motor cruiser from a boatyard. It may be that trial runs have now changed, but I was aware that some trial run drivers had never experienced the Souther rivers, had never been on them! In some instances they were very skilled at handling a boat in the small confines of the boat yard, some, not all, lacked the ability to teach that skill. Old Wussername
  13. It would be good for a number of people on this very forum to be recognised for the valuable contribution that they have made over a period of time. For their efforts in conservation,highlighting important issues, being controversial, constructive critiscism for the benefit of all and all important, that of promoting The Broads both past and present. Who would I suggest? A difficult ask. We have an embarrassment of riches. Old Wussername
  14. For some the gateway is the memories which are treasured, and there is nothing wrong in that. Perhaps where you were first introduced to The Broads. Where you keep your boat. For many a special place. I am privileged to live here. I chose a quality of life above other riches. I am a poor man. Financially a man of straw, a step away from Carey Street. I know, some of you are starting to "fill up" a little quiver of the bottom lip!! But I digress. One or two mentioned the ports of Greay Yarmouth and Lowestoft. For me the true gateways. Great Yarmouth, the entrance to the North and South rivers, and Lowestoft to the South. Some on different stages will say that the North Sea surrounding the Broads is irrelevant. For me the sea has and always will have a a great influence on the inland rivers and broads. Did not Nelson learn to sail onthe rivers. (did you know that old Horatio has a department at the University Hospital named after him, the eye department.......he only had one. A comfort or what to those who patronise the place) The Norfolk Wherry has been known to creep out of Yarmouth on a calm day or night to make the journey to Lowestoft. Indeed the wherry would act as portage fro craft at anchor at Great Yarmouth. Some will say that in times of duress, the war years, it was not uncommon for a Lowestoft trawler to meet a Frenchman off Pakefield. Brandy, Cigars and othe luxurys would make there way through Lake Lothing onto Oulton Broad, to be rowed past Postwick to Thorpe St Andrew. But that is another story. The German bombers, on a moonlite night, would cross the North Sea, and follow the sliver river into the heart of Norwich. These two gateways have and always will be an integral part of The Norfolk Broads. The North Sea, it's attraction for some who cruise the inland water ways, and our all important awareness as to how vunerable we are to it's moods.
  15. A very warm welcom Gramps. I am a Norfolk Man. Not born but bred. A marsh warrior. North of Buckenham ferry. Part of the wherethehellarewetribe. As we bob up and down in the reeds. I won the North Allerton Baby Competion in the 1940's. Not many people know that!
  16. Where is the Gateway to The Broads? I had a look on Google..........as you do. Wroxham seemed very popular. Coltishall was mentioned. Acle was also in the running. Even the gravel pits at Whitlingham/Trowse made an attempt for fame. If you know where it is, please tell me. Old Wussername.
  17. Tip for the crew, when standing on the stern, or indeed wherever, to assist the mooring. One hand for yourself. One hand for the boat. Avoid the Broadland Leap From boat to bank Having disembarked from the boat, holding your mooring rope, you may find that your craft will ricochet from the bank, the wind will catch it, the tide will try and carry you away. Not unknown for the helm to leave the boat in gear. This allows for an ideal opportunity to practice The Broadland Tug of War with your boat. Not obligatory. Before coming on holiday you can practice, at home, pulling your car down the road. Can be avoided of course, just a couple of turns round the post you nearly fall over. Old Wussername
  18. I must meet you old boys. I thort it was only me. Blast me. Will have to meet up for a mardle I wont bring my old mawther, She woont understand.
  19. HA Out of the 36 drifter skippers, four were decorated with the D.S.C. Skipper Walter Scrivens on the Ploughboy. Skipper W Jenner on The Brothers (?) Skipper "Toddles" Mayhew on the Exmouth Daisey Skipper Arthur Cove, a Wenhaston man on the Dulcie Doris. We're they allowed to fly the Jolly Roger above the White Ensign? I really don't know. Perhaps a fishermans tale! But certainley the skull and crossbones was frequently used by the military during that period. Old Wussername
  20. I was looking through my box of treasures the other day. The might come in handy box, the "I think that I will keep that box" (when I pop me clogs, it will end up in Strumpshaw tip!) I came across an article from the Lowestoft Journal, dated the May 4th 1962. It made reference to a Lowestoft man. A trawler skipper. A boat owner, a Broadsman in the true sense of the word. He earned the right to fly the Skull and Crossbones, the Jolly Rodger, above the White Ensign, for his work in laying anti-submarine nets of islands near the Italian coast in the 1914-18 war. Thirty six drifter skippers were involved. Out of Taranto. Four were decorated with the D.S.C. And we're presented with parchments stating that they had the right "in perpetuity" to fly the Old Jolly Roger above the White Ensign. He also received a medallion, bearing the words Death or Glory, from the King of Serbia. Old Wussername
  21. It has fallen upon dear old grandad (that will be me then!) to teach Major and Minor Wussername the art of course fishing during the summer holidays. The present Mrs Wussername (bless) has purchased, a rod £17.00, including the reel. Yet another raid on my meagre pension. Major is seven years of age, Minor is four. The one fishing rod, to be shared, will create the perfect storm. However, despite my feelings Mrs W has showed a determination, a reluctance to compromise, my advances have all been rebuffed. Reminds me of that night we first " walked out together" The fishing lesson will take place. To avoid a touch of the vapours from Granny Wussername. There is however another problem. Give the poor old donkey another whack! The donkey in this particular instance is Grandads pension yet again. Does he have to buy a license? Even though he is not fishing, simply teaching his well honed skills. Old Wussername.
  22. Watcher JM howyer doern! And I might tell yer Oive gotta rumsey well cap an all
  23. Hello. Anybody about. Or is everybody on the bobbing up and down stuff? Old Wussername
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