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  1. Really lovely to hear you're on board- it's clearly been a tad less often of late so I know you must be pleased to get back to the lovely BA. Horrible news about the theft, just awful. Now, do I hold my breath for the reports of the swift and effective action from the local constabulary, or would I be ill advised to do so I wonder... wishing you a lovely time whatever, hope the start of the trip doesn't dictate the rest!
  2. Wow. Just absolute, up and down, toe curling, heart stopping, great clip wow!
  3. Welcome to the forum Trev! I think you've landed on your tyres with the new responsible adult here. Not sure what you've done in your past, but if you play your MPG right, you might well get some nice weekends resting your gearbox close to a river in Norfolk...you'll know you're onto a winner when he loads a few bits of no name timber as opposed to owt ceramic or grout...
  4. Not convinced ther is That's nothing more than a pitiful rumour.....
  5. No, I cannot imagine in any way whatsoever that you would have all had to consume rum to ensure everyone involved (and those not) didn’t pick up a bug from the unscheduled dunking in the Thurne.....
  6. Thank goodness you are ok! Am sure the wallet contents, phone and dinghy will be sorted one way or t’other, just keep an eye on yourself for a little while. Hoping you’ve a teeny tot of rum on board, purely medicinal purposes of course- positively anti-bacterial....
  7. Blimey, for a second there I wasn’t quite sure who was hiring who... I really should stop the quick scan reading, it’s going to get me into a lot of trouble one day Have a lovely time G, looking forward to more pics of your trip
  8. Well that sounded like an amazing plan- good boat, good pals and good pub with good beer and food- what's not to like
  9. Very many happy returns Robin! 40 is defo the new 20, but better! And if Indy wasn't the middle-aged crisis, then I'm really looking forward to what is next
  10. Eeek- that is not looking like the pic of a gentle cruise down the Ant I hope whatever it is, you get sorted soon and can get on your way.
  11. Fab tale, we do need more! And loving the last pic- can see us moored on the staithe! Malanka looked amazing out on the water, and what brill weather too
  12. Hmm. I’m thinking of changing my boats current ID marks to make them a tad larger- I’m worried with the guidance I may not comply. They are fine in terms of contrast colour (white marks on a navy background should suffice?), they are fine with placing on the stern and on each side near the bow, but perhaps they should be a bit bigger. I think 6 inch high marks would be better. Oh, and whilst I am at it I think I will put the chinese symbol for each letter and number instead of the current alpha numeric ones. Whhaaaaat??? They will be placed correctly and very conspicuous indeed- I doubt many would miss them..... Its a nonsense. Huge numbers of us have seen Broad Ambition either on photos or some luckily up close and “in the flesh”, exactly who’s first thought has been “oh but there isn’t an ID mark exactly there where it should be to comply with guidance”? No, the vast majority think what a lovely boat, how brilliant that she has been saved and restored for the future, and what a lot of time, skill, love and money has been put into it. Ultimately, it will be for Broad Ambition’s owners to consider what they want to do, and this may well be to comply with guidance. It may not. Quite simply it is wholly their call but I, for one, would wholly understand either decision. What I do not and will never understand is BA grubbing around and making an issue when there isn’t one- there are lots of far more important issues to address. If grub they must for reasons only known to themselves, then ECIPA is totally correct-there are ways and ways of doing things....
  13. This boils down to two points for me: 1) it is either a law, or guidance. One can be enforced, the other cannot. I feel sure I could write some very detailed guidance for how the BA should operate and things that’s they should do, and even get it published and circulated. With much regret, my chances of ever enforcing my guidance on BA in a court of law are nada.... 2) the point of the law is to ensure that vessels can be identified easily and accurately, which allows BA to do so for checking that they have paid tolls, allows other vessels to identify them in case of any issues/accidents etc. The point of the guidance appears to be similar, to aid easy and accurately identification from the rear and from either side. I suggest the current placing of Broad Ambition’s identification mark would allow easy and accurate identification from each side and the rear. If m’lud has no further questions, then I shall rest my case....
  14. Assume you are good for suggestions about where you should tell them to stuff said notice...?
  15. Pretty good from the s/steel bods and seems like a good contact to have in the contact book- who were they Griff?
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