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  1. Katiew

    Diesel Stench

    I'm only surprised Lathams don't sell tigers....😁
  2. Katiew

    My Accident!

    Very best wishes for a speedy recovery! a sage reminder of how fortunate we are to have emergency services and the angels of the NHS when we need them....
  3. Katiew

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    So, clocked the lovely BA in the flesh (or should that be very carefully looked after timber?) for the first time yesterday- what a beaut 🙂
  4. Katiew

    My Day

    I think the Lakeside is perfect, stunning location and views- I got married there
  5. Just a suggestion, but might you consider sharing MOB/safety procedures on the forum? Obviously I may have missed something, but can’t remember seeing a quick guide/ hints/tips kind of thing on the handy information section covering this type of thing? It may be that forum needs to check with a recognised training org before publishing something, but I think it would be a valuable resource for both newbies and some not-so-newbies to check we’ve all covered our bases- never too old to learn something, or at least take comfort in knowing you know it!
  6. Katiew

    What I Saw Today... Safety Related.

    Thank you Wyndham, but it’s nowt more than a good dose of common sense, the most precious things in my life are those two little beings. My kids + their safety = my responsibility. Simple sum really... It’s a shame there wasn’t a ranger around to see what you did today, I’m sure a few words of advice would have been carefully imparted.
  7. Katiew

    What I Saw Today... Safety Related.

    Crikey, I feel a tad bilious now too! That fills me with horror- a disaster waiting to happen. As someone who has two kids under the age ten aboard, we have a very clear and small set of rules so nobody can ‘forget’ one: 1) boat engine starts= life jackets on 2) when we are doing any manoeuvre that isn’t cruising in a straight line, (mooring, leaving a mooring, changing rivers, going through a bridge, etc) kids must be inside boat with windows closed and sat down 3) when underway, allowed to come into the upper helm area if driving from there but cannot leave the ‘square’ (so no walking round decks) 4) if windows or hatches open, not even the end of your nose can go past the frame 5) all above applies to kids and dog equally Works for us..... if I caught one of mine dangling out like you saw today, boat would be sold in a nano second.....
  8. Katiew

    Glorious Norfolk Morning

    Sounds lovely Grendel, and such a perfect pic Wyndham! Wishing you all a great weekend!
  9. Katiew

    My Day

    Aaahhh what a week. Don’t give yourself a hard time- you didn’t let your mate down, it was just circumstances were against you this time round and I’m sure you’re pal will understand. I suspect he will really be more bothered about how he could offer to help you in this pickle! There will be more opportunities for you to give a hand to your pal sometime soon I’m sure. I really hope the Tiger is fixed up soon though- sounds heartbreaking! Now, just one last thing- this ‘sensible’ decision making about vehicles needs to cease forthwith- isnt it wholly incompatible with owning a boat????? And a woody at that??????
  10. Katiew

    Rnli Online Shop

    Selfless, Compassionate and Brave- every single person who has, or will ever, set a foot off terrafirma and onto any kind of vessel should be grateful we have such people, for it's these people who make this service, not their "Manual of Policies/Procedures".
  11. Katiew

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    If I ever actually got my hands on the real thing (obv with the full blessing of Mrs G!), I'm not sure I'd know which way was up anyway
  12. Katiew

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    whhaaaaattt? I've a gun dog that could do with a dose of retraining, a boat engine that's due a service, a kitchen floor that needs resealing and no doubt lots of wiring in hard to reach places that could do with a tidy. Oh, and quite a bit of rum that needs a drop of coffee in before consuming..... That doesn't all happen 'speedily' ......
  13. Katiew

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Now there's the Carlsberg of suggestions.....(strictly according to the advert, I don't do silly fizzy pop myself....) Speed??!! No, I definitely didnt have speed in mind....
  14. Katiew

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Crikey I had defo better get one quick- that sounds very impressive and even more tempting that I imagined- worth putting the old suvvern softie out to grass for.... now, all I need to do is source a suitable outlet that has clones of Griff in stock and I’ll be fixed up......
  15. Katiew

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I'm very much a fan of a northern bloke- often a mans man, straight talking and decent Have to also admit, I'm liking the idea that a Yorkshire man can get into difficult spaces and tidy up too. Note to self- I really must get one of my own....

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