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  1. In the event that you do venture north towards horning and wroxham, defo put bewilderwood (horning) and wroxham barns (wroxham based- animals and little fun/rides park) on your list. Our kids LOVE bewilderwood for a full day- picnic in a bag, and you can spend hours upon hours there- looks like it's planning on opening mid July from the website xxx
  2. I've absolutely no interest in political sides, but I do care about this virus and the impact it has had on people and their lives. It goes without saying not least those who have lost their lives, but also those who have had to sit at home and couldn't be with their loved ones in the last moments of their lives, those nhs staff members who have gone into work everyday and tried their utmost to help patients and have had to deal with the repeated emotional impact as they see patients who could not be helped and yet bravely soldier on shift after awful shift dealing with it. Also, those nhs staff and carers who have moved out of their own homes and left partners or young children behind for weeks at a time so that they could undertake more of these difficult shifts whilst ensuring they only put themselves at risk and not their wider families.....I do care a lot about those. And that's not even starting with the majority of us that have done no more than to stay at home, stay safe and stop the spread where we can to help the NHS do what it needs to, all the while missing our family members terribly. What the adviser chose to do was just that- a choice. His choice. In my mind it wasn't acceptable given what was being asked of and being done by others. And then to top that by suggesting he drive to a beauty spot some 30 miles away "to test his eyesight" I feel was the final insult. He disagrees. Im pretty sure he didn't mention that particular trip was his wife's birthday, did he? Wiki seems to indicate it was.... I sincerely hope that the choice made, and now very publicly played out, does not encourage others to make similar choices, but of course it may well do. Right, I'm done. I agree with Ray- I've had my say and thanks. I shall get back to hoping and praying that this virus goes away, and stops taking or ruining lives in the way it has so far, and looking forward to better times when we can hold our loved ones close again- maybe even one day get back to the Broads and be truly grateful for each day that we get. And possibly, hopefully and with much luck we will once again get to have a picnic with our own family whilst sat next to the river on our birthdays
  3. Sorry to hear about Mrs JM with shingles, it is awful. I've had the delight twice (!) in my life and it is pretty miserable. Really hope she feels better soon
  4. Katiew

    New Year

    Love this Ray Much health, wealth and happiness ( and even more amazing boat days ) to you all!
  5. Oh Griff, I’m so very sorry,. At least you were with her, she felt your arms and love to the end and she has no pain now. Hopefully, you will be able to draw some comfort from the lovely memories of the huge number of miles you will have walked, shot, drove or floated together over the years. Thoughts are very much with you x
  6. Words fail me. I know I am quickly approaching that awful point too with my lovely lady, and am grateful for every day we are not there yet. My thoughts are with you- be strong doggy daddy, and know she bloomin loves you xxx
  7. Katiew

    New Crew Member

    Welcome Tina! Take it steady, one paw at a time! I'm sure if you've already mastered the pub training, then in no time you will love cruising along the river, letting all the exciting new smells come to you as you go along whilst just laying on deck letting the breeze ruffle your fur! Smoggy- adoption instead of puppy farming is such a lovely decision, and who said dog training is hard work? we did the same 14 years ago and don't regret a day of it. Our lovely old lass is still loving the cruising up on deck just as much as ever- she needs a hand on and off when we moor, but frankly I'm not far off needing that either! Such a valuable crew member regardless
  8. Such happy news, wishing you all a really lovely day!
  9. Really lovely to hear you're on board- it's clearly been a tad less often of late so I know you must be pleased to get back to the lovely BA. Horrible news about the theft, just awful. Now, do I hold my breath for the reports of the swift and effective action from the local constabulary, or would I be ill advised to do so I wonder... wishing you a lovely time whatever, hope the start of the trip doesn't dictate the rest!
  10. Wow. Just absolute, up and down, toe curling, heart stopping, great clip wow!
  11. Welcome to the forum Trev! I think you've landed on your tyres with the new responsible adult here. Not sure what you've done in your past, but if you play your MPG right, you might well get some nice weekends resting your gearbox close to a river in Norfolk...you'll know you're onto a winner when he loads a few bits of no name timber as opposed to owt ceramic or grout...
  12. Not convinced ther is That's nothing more than a pitiful rumour.....
  13. No, I cannot imagine in any way whatsoever that you would have all had to consume rum to ensure everyone involved (and those not) didn’t pick up a bug from the unscheduled dunking in the Thurne.....
  14. Thank goodness you are ok! Am sure the wallet contents, phone and dinghy will be sorted one way or t’other, just keep an eye on yourself for a little while. Hoping you’ve a teeny tot of rum on board, purely medicinal purposes of course- positively anti-bacterial....
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