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  1. Yes many congrats Carole, have a wonderful day!
  2. I really enjoyed the write up and the pics, and have to say the "mini beast" is just too cute
  3. The weather has been perfect Have seen the old NBN symbol here and there on boats out and about, and even spotted Malanka 'in the flesh' floating around Womack in the sun- stunning! Now I just need more of this weather next month too, I wonder where I can put the order in....
  4. My pring is now sparkling, my pringer spaniel walked and all is good with the world. Now, what to do with the sunny afternoon
  5. Defo the pringer spaniel too
  6. Well it's pring cleaning day today, so am right now on the dirty boat, by lunchtime I'm hoping to be on the clean one
  7. Great pic! I'm just having morning brew in the sun at PH- do love this quiet time of the day
  8. I don't know what's most appropriate here - "brave" or "death wish"......
  9. I’m loving the tales, so very engaging. Please do post more- I cannot wait to read the next instalments!
  10. Sincere condolences for your loss Alan, my thoughts are with you and your family. I hope you will be able to take some comfort and strength from the kind words of your many friends here at NBN at this difficult time x
  11. Looking very confident there Robin, quiet and smooth, making ground nicely. As long as you stay calm, and take it all one step at a time without rushing then you will be all good!
  12. OMG!!!!!! What a brilliant idea..... To keep Griff happy, they must be able to be be pulled up for all usual and straightforward journeys, but mandatory deployment for all supermarket car parks should be in place.... What is it with those places? it's like being on the dodgem rink at a fairground...I am always on complete alert if I enter such areas as it seems to draw more than it's fair share of "less spatially aware" drivers.... IMHO obv
  13. Yay- well done LR, am really pleased for you!
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