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Cantley Incident


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22/05/16  22:22 paged by Humber to investigate and assist as appropriate with an incident involving two Broads Cruisers at Cantley.  RV with police and Gorleston ILB at the Red House in Cantley.  One vessel damaged and person injured but was found to be OK by Paramedics from the East of England Ambulance Service at scene.  #029/16.

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Ray & Carole

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55 minutes ago, John said:

Why are the details always so vague for these incidents?

I am not a plod.

But I'll venture two main reasons:

  1. Culture
  2. Lawyers


The first step in most policing is to de-escalate the situation. One incredibly effective way of doing this is to make it as boring for all involved as possible. This includes their own staff. One cultural tool deployed to this aim is standardised language generally only talking about established facts. You may note that if pressed on the scene, officers may resort to using lots of boring ambiguous vocabulary peppered with indisputable facts. The facts make it sound clear while the semi-random and often nonsensical ambiguous officious terms force the target to think which they are often not used to doing. You can tell that a police officer has done this properly when the target looks somewhat stunned and rocks back on their heals with their head up. I have seen particularly effective officers actually make their target fall over backwards by taking a small slow step forwards at this point, giving them many options on contact and excuses for it. In short appearing very boring to the outside world is good policing.


Everyone knows that any interesting facts should be saved for and from the lawyers.


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10 hours ago, John said:

Why say anything then? All seems pretty pointless 

If they don't say when they do things then they get accused of failing to engage with and or support the 'community'.

If they say too much then the section of the community they actually did engage with may get a get out of jail card. Which will really annoy the wider community. 

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