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I think the attachment I have provided further clarifies matters - that Hoveton Parish Council are the registered owners and their boundary covers 'half' of the small cut. 

If you moored a powered boat to the land owned by the Parish Council you'd fall foul of the Parish Council's sign (though not too sure this could be enforced and what penalty may be issued for someone doing so.) What has been discussed and disputed is that Hotel Wroxham has asked for payment from those onboard a boat moored on the land owned by the Parish Council. That is wrong and not justified.

The Hotel has no right as to demand any payment from people moored on the land that is owned by the Parish Council. However we are therefore not really talking about who owns what, and who can demand payment but the more complected area of trespass.

It may be deemed that a wide beamed boat that was moored on the Parish Council side of the cut, encroached over the river bed owned by the Hotel and was therefore trespassing on this land and further was preventing patrons of the Hotel mooring on their land and revenue being made for mooring charges there would be prevented.

It needs either the Hotel or Parish Council to buy the other half of the cut of of one or the other and therefore be clearer - or if the cut was wide enough for two boats to moor side by side, the issue would not be what it is.



Official Copy (Title Plan) - NK262211.pdf

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I had a discussion with a guy at work who was an avid canoeist, or Kayaker (Kayakist?), and was talking about some of the narrow, but canoe navigable rivers down here in Dorset. He said it`s all to do with something called  "Riparian Rites" whatever that may meen?. He did say you could canoe along the river, but as soon as you touch bottom for any reason, you could be found guilty of tresspass?.

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