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Teak the deck.......

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Has anyone any experience of teaking a GRP deck ??

The options I have found so far are:-

Real teak - Very expensive, hard to find a qualified fitter, needs yearly maintenance.

Flexi-deck - No maintenance, UV resistent, cheaper than real teak.

Tek-Dek - No maintenance, Fully UV protected, will not fade, cheaper than teak.

At the moment, Tek-Dek is my choice after going through lots of sites/forums and seeing the general feeling towards the options. I have just had a verbal quote and to do the bathing platform including the two side steps, and the main cockpit area comes to a few pennies over £2000. This includes fitting (which I am told is well worth having the pro do it) although it can be put down myself.... (hmmm)

Have any of you had any experience of this - and what would you recommend ?

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We are quite interested in any info on this aswell.

We are going to view a very scruffy vessell this weekend, which could be a described as a bargain (depending on the work involved) where she will need a lot of TLC but Col maybe able to work his magic again and turn a piece of coal into diamond ;). Athough this one will need much more work and money spent on or thrown at her to get her to HJII standard. :(

You'll probably be able to hear me running away screaming :o after we view her.

Then again we may not bother to make the appointment at all

Lou xx

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I think if you want a teak look then plastic will not do it, I’ve never seen anything that could really pass for teak, that said some of the plastic ones do look really good, just not like real teak. Maintenance of my teak is at the opposite end of the spectrum to Perry’s, I decided that from new I would do nothing other than a soap scrub on a regular basis and now after almost four years it has taken on a lovely (to me) sun bleached silver appearance, not for everybody but it suits our ship nicely. :P

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Thanks everyone for the input !!

Real teak is now out of the question I think. I don't actually like it when it turns the silver colour (as it did on one of my previous boats) so I have requested samples from a couple of manufacturers...

Will give an update as and when. As I say, one supplier has quoted £2k all in, which I don't think is too unreasonable, but I haven't actually seen the product as yet.... The PermaTeek looks good too !

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A quick update !!

We got the samples in and Tek-Dek is without a doubt the best in our view. The original quote was for just over £2k, but after politely pointing out that Flexi-Teak price came in at £1500, the suppliers have said they will do the complete job next week for £1600 so a nice result....

This includes the main cockpit, the two side steps on each side and the three level bathing platform. The procudure is that they send someone up to template the areas, go back, then back up to fit. They are in Hampshire, so a lot of travelling for them !

I will post a few pictures up when its finished, and if anyone would like the suppliers number let me know..


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Another update as I know a couple of members are interested in the result.

The installer turned up on Monday (this week) spent about half an hour talking to me about exactly how I wanted it laid, then spent about two hours on the boat templating it.

Yesterday, Thursday, they turned up, two of them and started preparing the boat. By about 5pm the teak was all laid and looking fantastic, although the glue was oozing out of the sides. They slept on the boat last night (with my permission of course) and as I look out of the window right now, 7.15am they are finishing it off and removing the excess glue....

I will post a few pictures up later of the end result and will be interested in your comments. I know there will be some "die-hard" original teak lovers here of course, but take a look and see what you think !!


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If any one wants the details just let me know !!

I have one small problem now though...... Where the metal chair legs meet the deck, they used to have rubber/plastic feet inside them that protruded out a little to stop the metal grazing against the GRP. Over time these have worn themselves out and are now stuck inside the tube. Useless trying to get them out as they would just go back inside again as the lip has worn away....

I've been to B&Q to see if they do something instead that I can use but they only sell feet that go around the tube rather than inside - they are also black and will mark the new 'teak'

Anyone got any ideas where I could purchase some 'proper' feet that go inside the tube ?? This is my quest for today !! lol !!

Seems simple, but i can't find any anywhere !

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Anyone got any ideas where I could purchase some 'proper' feet that go inside the tube ?? This is my quest for today !! lol !!

Seems simple, but i can't find any anywhere !

Try here Luke.


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It is good isn't it Luke, they also do tapered silicone plugs that are a far better option than the wooden bungs for keeping by your seacocks as emergency plugs to prevent that embarassing visit to Davy Jones that we all try to avoid.

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If anyone wants a sample of the Tek-Dek, I have the one here that I originally requested, along with a couple of flyers if anyone is interested... I can post it out to you - or, if you're passing stop in at Oulton Broad and see it for yourself......

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