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Which Wifi Printer To Buy.


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I wonder if anyone can help on this one, we have several printers, but to be fair... they have had their day, non are WiFi, so if we need to print something from the ipad, we have to email it to ourselves, warm up the old computer, reboot it a couple of times, then open the emails then wait for word to load... Then print to find the cartridge has not been recognised, so re boot printer reload etc.
So from print request you are looking at a realistic 20 minutes to get a print.
OK I do not sit infront of the computer waiting all that time lol. Wash the car, cut the grass, go on the forums with my ipad etc.

So our spec is...
WiFi but MUST have USB port.
Must be compatible with ipad, apple air, iphone, android devices.
Must have off line copy facility, B&W and colour.
Fax, well not used the last one apart from testing it once, so not important.
Must be able to take cheapo cloned cartridges, and be able to be refilled.

Most important thing is ... to be able to work with XP Win 7 etc

Well I am not letting you guys do all my work but I have found one that does it all, the Cannon Pixma MX475, not sure what the difference is with the MX495 though.
Some say it's a bit noisy, takes a while to start printing, but unless there is a better one for £45 don't mind paying a bit more, but a laser one is too big lol
Thanks for your help.

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Hi Richard

we have an HP Envy 5640 and it's brilliant 

has a usb socket as well and is AirPrint so works great with iPads, phones etc.

also can use the HP instant ink service with various monthly options they send you the ink before you run out..... This works really well for us.

incidently I had a problem with an ink cartridge failing and it was replaced within a couple of days.

really can't fault the printer at all

hope this helps


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when I research printers I do two things - firstly I only look at printers designated as office printers, and secondly I look at ink usage, how many pages per cartridge and cost.

inkjet do work out cheaper than laserjet (by about 2p per page) currently my inkjet costs me about 2.6p / page (its one of the HP officejets) it prints approximately 1200 pages per black cartridge (some home use printers are lucky to get 120 pages per cartridge).

you do tend to pay a bit more for the printers, but the cartridges are usually about the same. the printers are designed for an office based environment, so can handle several hundred pages a day, dont fall to bits as easily, and are cheaper to run than home based printers (usually given away cheap as they get the money back on all those extra ink cartridges you use).

I currently have 2 laserjets, one colour, one black and white, both of these were got for nothing, and when the toners that came with them are gone, will probably be scrapped, as I dont see myself spending a few hundred pounds to replace the colour toners, hopefully by then a new colour laserjet will end its life in the office and become available.

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Hi Grendel

I have the Canon MG5500. It's wifi, works from android, laptop, main computer and win 10 tablet (Don't know about Apple wont own one, bought an ipod years ago and don't get the hype). 

I use it a lot for projects, for local restaurants I do and it's really good for duplex colour good, even on cheap cartridges

Mine must have done thousands of copies, but still goes on and not that noisy. Yes on big jobs it does take time to buffer on wifi but USB sorts that out

One small problem scanner on wifi does not work with all providers hubs but maybe that has been sorted by now.

All in All would I buy another, for what I paid for it £52 I think. Price per copy on non Canon cartridges efficiancy of paper handling? Yes I would have another

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I'm using Officejet 8615 and seems to be runing ok on carts, does all the wifi,bluetooth and email print so it has it's own emaill address and you mail it and it prints. scan to various options.

Beat last Hp printer which drank ink.

other option with this is Hp ink where you may a monthly fee and carts are mailed to you but you do have a print limit to monthly fee. £2 / 50 prints

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Thanks for the support and information, I checked the printers and very few are compatible with Windows XP 
I just checked on the internet for a couple of Canon printers, and they require Service Pack 3 to be installed, after a quick panic and check, it is installed. 
So looks like a canon.

But the later canons are chipped but compatible ink cartridges are fairly cheap.

There are loads of printers being ordered at the moment, fresher students to University I guess lol
So thanks again.


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