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9 minutes ago, Delilah said:

254 days to go.....has anyone started their shopping yet? :default_hiding:


Hi Linda :default_icon_kiss:

I have tried but I just can't walk past the ruddy shoe shops :default_biggrin:

4 minutes ago, Bound2Please said:

:default_eusa_naughty::default_eusa_naughty::default_eusa_naughty::default_eusa_naughty::default_eusa_naughty::6973434b8b31cd5effed88c7cbb2f1149d4af7_t:Grace grace darlin put this fella in his pace girl..

I'll sort him out for you Charlie, don't worry about that :default_norty:


4 minutes ago, Jayfire said:

Ooh yes please. 

On my way babe :default_icon_kiss:


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2 minutes ago, Delilah said:

Is that your boat, JF?

Unfortunately not. I do have it around Christmas this year though so you never know. Stay tuned :default_norty:

2 minutes ago, NorfolkNog said:

Can someone pour Charlie a large brandy please :default_icon_e_biggrin:


Maybe a mulled wine :default_biggrin:

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Just now, NorfolkNog said:

Priceless JF :default_icon_e_biggrin:

We're all gonna get banned! 

Don't worry Mr Nog, you are liked and respected around here, it's only myself that'll get banned :default_biggrin:

Just now, Delilah said:

Or a snowball......:default_hiding:

Actually maybe you will too :default_rofl:

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