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A news report from the NBN Night Owls Corner dated October 13th 2016

*For relatively new members, Night Owls Corner was a means of keeping beloved moderator BroadScot amused through bouts of insomnia and a spot of pain. There seemed to be a running bad joke about farting camels of which BroadScot seemed to be an authority.
Following BBC News reports of an escaped Gorilla, that day and a dodgy open day had recently been organised by the BA to support spending a load of dosh on rebranding the rebranding of the rebranding of The Broads!


Broads Authority Camel Protection Unit Ranger Humph Littleton informs the NBN-NOC Newsroom that the Broads Authority would welcome any escaped gorillas to Broadland.
"We've already renamed the Broads in anticipation of the large numbers of primates wishing to take holidays birdwatching, basket weaving and paddleboarding innit Guv! 'The Broads Not a National farting Camel and Big Monkey Park' signs are being printed as I speak!" says Ranger Humph.

Sources close to the Broads Authority dismiss ideas they will be launching a replica of the African Queen.
"Why on earth would we want any more boats on a waterway? We are already doing our damndest to point out that the Broads may be man made, but the rivers are 'natural' so we can dispense with those foolish enough to disagree with me. By the way...any news on my Knighthood? I've heard there could be one going spare when they take that Green bloke's away!"

Local businesses are also looking forward to the prospect of adding Gorilla's to the Broads. Reginald Molesponger from CooDee's Norfolk Emporium says
"Can'' wair for monkeys on thur broads. We've ariddy bought extra tocks f bananas and pg tips!"

This is Reginald Doseyget reporting for NBN-NOC News. More on our next bulletin! "

Still thinking about you Iain!

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