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I have a bmc 1.5 diesel engine that i will need a high cca rating battery for.

i was thinking about an 019 battery which is rated at 920cca

i also need 2 x leisure batteries

i only use my boat occasionly so i'm not a liver or anything like that

i was thinking of getting dual purpose as obviously they are cheap compared to proper deep cycle ones.

what are your thoughts?

i don't have money so don't mention trojans that isn't going to happen lol

they will only be charged up via the engine, although i did think about getting a 100w solar just to keep the leisures topped up

we will only be using on 12v when we are moored up in the eve during the day we will be cruising so engine will be doing the charging

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Hi Smich Two 100/105/110 Ahc will be the cheapest as they are used by most people, i use the ones from Multi Cell in Norwich they are the cheapest £65 and as good as any others, the last time i bought four you could have lithium but very expensive and not worth the extra for every day boating, liverboards and synticat perhaps. I would recommend a solar panel as this will keep your batteries topped up and increase the longevity and i would connect the starter battery to the solar as well, you can get a dual charging regulator for almost the cost of a single ported one. Engine batt does your engine start easily or some do you need to crank over a lot before it fires up, if easy 85 amp if not a 95/100 one, a ordinary vehicle battery is best and cheapest, physical size my be a issue. when you connect the domestic batteries up in parrial have the pos feed wire on one batt and the neg on the other one this makes them work as one, most people connect pos on the same battery as the neg this works the first one more than the second one, the same applys to three or four batteries connect to the end ones, four is the most you want to connect up for a 12 volt systems, make sure you connect the solar via a fuse to the battery side of batt switch otherwise they won't charge until you switch the isolator switch on. hope this helps . John

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Asking about batteries and charging there of is a big can of worms to open - least it was when I opened it around here last year.

I now have on my Sheerline 24 (which has a 43HP engine) a large high CCA rated cranking battery which also powers the Bow Thruster. I then upgraded the domestic batteries to three Vetus 105Ah batteries which are sealed and though have slightly less capacity have much thicker and heaver plates internally which provide longevity through multi cycles. They also come with a longer warranty.

Even if your boat has not got dedicated shore power and fixed battery charger, your mooring may have shore power so a simple sealed trickle charger would do the job to keep everything 'topped up'. Failing that, a single solar panel that you could mount on the boat securely when moored but remove when out and about (if space was at a premium on deck) would be an alternative excellent idea.

The best advice I would say is buying a battery monitor regardless of what type of battery you have, or how many since then you will be able to know what your state of charge is, how the batteries are performing - how many Amps your Alternator is putting back in, how many Amps you have used over a period and so on. Without one of these you are basing everything on guess work and hope and it is surprising just how much an evening on battery can take out of batteries and how long it can take underway to replenish them fully.

Advanced Battery Supplies do some good batteries, and you can buy two or more in 'packages' to save some money. They include VAT and delivery too.


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