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Potential New Owner Looking For Advice


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Hello, and thanks for looking at my ramblings

Long story short. Every year I rent a day boat, go out with a few mates. Have a few drinks and then think about buying a boat. This year is no different. But I have a load of questions before I jump head first in to something I regret lol

1a. I'm looking at something like a bowrider. I like the sleek look at the seating area up front etc. Holds 8 people. Seems up my street. But will pottering around the broads at 5 mph choke up the engine and be detrimental to the boat?

1b. Will the bowrider ride rubbish at slow speed around the broads? 

2. Is the entire broads 5mph?

3. I know I need a broads toll pass which is around £320 per year. But are there any other things I need such as boat insurance? Or an mot?

4. I don't require mooring as I'll trailer the boat around BUT how open are boat yards to mooring over night. I.e I pull up at 8pm. Get a taxi home. Come back following day to remove the boat. Are boat yards OK with for a small fee or is it frowned upon. 

Thanks again


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2. the speed limit is 6 mph in places, 5mph in others, and some narrow places can be 4mph or 3mph


3. you will need the broads toll, insurance and a BSS test every (i think) 3 years

4. you could try ringing around the yards and asking, there will be certain days (changeover days) when they like people to be gone early as they need all the space to service their boats at changeover.

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having looked up a bowrider, its not generally the boat most suited to the broads, as you will never get to an economical cruising speed, my advice would be to look for a standard broads dayboat, whose engine will be better suited for slow cruising, and will be more likely to pass under all of the bridges that many boats cant these days, then you could explore the wonders of hickling coltishall and geldeston

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Where abouts is your home area? A bowrider on a trailer would be a lot of fun to drop into a harbour for a sea trip but not the best for broads use by far, it'd probably handle like a pig at low speeds and use loads of fuel compared to a small diesel engined boat.

You will need insurance and boat safety certificate which is a 4 yearly thing, likely a survey for the insurance too.


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Hi, and welcome, if you hire a day boat and intend to buy a boat to use on the Broads like that, then you have answered your self on which is the best type of boat for that usage.

A bowrider is best for inshore fun but not for the Broads.


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10 hours ago, Smoggy said:

Everything is a comprimise with boats, the most practical are usually the ugliest.

Just like that old song, never make a pretty woman your wife and you will be happy for the rest of your life LOL

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For the odd trip that is the far cheaper option, you need to use a boat a lot to justify the cost although not as much with a trailer boat, but the launch/recover can be a pain and put you off using it sometimes.

I have a little rib in my garden on a trailer and I've used it twice on our local river in 3 years as most nice weekends I'm in norfolk on the main boat or out on my bike worrying traffic (or in the pub) and getting the trailer and rib out of the garden is such a pain, and with a car and trailer in a car park I can't have a beer or four on the way.

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