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    Advice Please!

    On my last boat I had the same wheel as you which was varnished, I used to clean the brassware with a brass cleaner warding and a quick buff with a cotton duster time taken probably 10 minutes, the trouble is with putting any sort of coating lacquer etc on brass it will still tarnish in time and then you have to clean the lacquer off before clearing the brass, so in my opinion ( clean Buff enjoy ) and do again when it starts to tarnish but it will only take you about 10 minutes
  2. eddybear

    Happy New Year Plus Some Tips Part 48

    Hi Jeff and Steve, nice to see you back cooking again be it only Cabbage I'm definitely going to try and do it your way it's got to be better than the soggy mess I normally end up with, Oh and a Happy New Year to you both, regards Ted
  3. eddybear

    Village Life

    Village life still exists but obviously not as it used to, I grew up in a village called Little Bentley in Essex one pub one church and back then one post office, still has a church where the vicar looks after three others in the district amazingly the pub is still there God knows how, the post office went years ago but the important thing is the community spirit is still there On the first Wednesday of every month they have a coffee and cake morning in the little village hall by the Church, this also attracts people from some of the outlying villages. Let's say you've just moved to the village and need to meet people If you're that way inclined there is the church the pub and as mentioned the little get together once a month, if you're not that sociable or interested in other people then it's probably best you don't pick a village to live in, the one thing a small village is no good for is older folk with no transport to get to shops doctors etc however quaint the place may look.
  4. eddybear

    Omni Directional Aerial

    Although we now get a brilliant signal on are very minimal aerial, we don't really watch that much television I always like to watch the local news while I'm having my evening meal, but then I have pre-recorded films and interesting programmes on my little USB keys which means I have endless entertainment without the fear of crap reception in some places, So basically nothing to spoil my enjoyment
  5. eddybear

    Omni Directional Aerial

    After spending a small fortune on various omnidirectional aerials we finally ended up with the one shown above, which if you look at the majority of hire craft now seem to have them, and they work fine now that the digital signal has been boosted to a satisfactory strength, yes you will still get places where there is no signal, the same places your mobile phone Won't work,life is like that :-)
  6. eddybear

    Bow Thruster Fitting

    Such a true statement, I personally haven't reached that stage yet where I can't manage without help but when that time comes I to will consider things like bow thrusters, as said before would you want a car without power steering, if you love your house and where you live would you want to move into a bungalow? Or in the house you know and love and put a stairlift in your existing property, Boats are the same no point in making life difficult for yourselves If there is an improvement you can make that enables you to continue your enjoyment, do it.
  7. eddybear

    Enamel Pin Badges

    No, but I'll start saving anyway :-)
  8. eddybear

    Hi All

    Hi Frank and welcome to the forum, I assume You must be on the southern rivers to have that much fall in water level bad luck not a good start just remember that with boats you never know what's going to happen next so have a separate savings account just for that and you can't go far wrong.
  9. eddybear

    Enamel Pin Badges

    Anyone know if Hamptons did an enamel badge and if so anybody got one willing to sell? I would be surprised if they didn't as they built and hired so many boats.
  10. Another vote here for Tim Waters, We have used him for our last 2 boats and yes there were things which needed sorting and quite rightly so, but he doesn't make a meal of it and is fair and understanding and you know when you get the certificate it does really mean your boat is safe, and let's face it that's the important thing, Regards Ted
  11. eddybear

    Blakes Catalogue 1968

    Okay found the pictures, I think it was August 1974 I remember the boat had a Morris Petrol engine including Morris 8 starting handle which was definitely needed as the batteries weren't that great.
  12. eddybear

    Blakes Catalogue 1968

    I remember seeing one of the sanderlings but lady Ursula was the cheapest they had and we'd only just got married, and I remember they'd forgotten to empty the holding tank so the boat was nose heavy and difficult to steer so after the first day we had to have her pumped out, other than that we had a great holiday ,somewhere I've got a picture of us on the boat if I can find it I'll post it on here. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  13. eddybear

    Blakes Catalogue 1968

    Thanks, Griff and Vaughan for that information, We hired Lady Ursula in the early 70s, I note there Our five lady class I always assumed there was only three, so I find this very interesting never realised that Sanderson's had built that many, again many thanks.
  14. eddybear

    Blakes Catalogue 1968

    Just a thought Griff, you wouldn't happen to have Lady Ursula from Sanderson marine in that catalogue, would you?
  15. eddybear


    Hi and welcome to the forum, as previously mentioned the Ouse being on the doorstep of Brandon so to speak would probably be your best bet, not sure about their rules on residential moorings but probably as restrictive as the Broads, how far have you gone towards the purchase of this boat, can you hold off buying until you have secured a mooring ? Anyway, good luck and hope you find what you are looking for.
  16. eddybear

    Happy New Year

    A happy and prosperous New Year folks hopefully this year will be full of joy and brilliant memories whatever floats your boat (the Norfolk Broads that's what floats your boat) Look after it and it will look after you, the BA will love me
  17. eddybear

    Beccles Bypass Bridge

    It sounds that he has standards and carers about his boat (his home) and probably does have the necessary licence insurance etc just prefers to live on the water, When people say what a pity he lost his home it isn't just the roof over his head it's everything under that roof his clothes personal positions and things that identify him if those are lost and he ends up in some hostel or grubby little bedsitter not good, Let's just hope things work out for him.
  18. eddybear


    They will be after a late Christmas present and hope you are paying, yes very wise never click on a link if you're suspicious, unlike yourself Some people will have an account and will worry click on the link fill in the details and before the New Year is summoned in their account will be empty
  19. eddybear

    New Member

    Welcome from me too, Good time to be looking for a boat now before the season starts happy hunting hope you find what you want, regards Ted
  20. eddybear

    Merry Christmas From The Mods

    As an aperitif before the lunch quite pleasant, but don't drink any more than one glass, and with the meal my I recommend a good German Riesling slightly chilled
  21. eddybear

    Christmas Fare

    Well now for my offering, picked up Turkey from butchers this morning at 7:30 AM a 7 kg bronze, spent the next hour preparing all the various stuffings basically chestnut sausage meat with flavourings and parsley lemon and time (definitely not sage and onion) I am cooking for eight Christmas day, hopefully, and I say hopefully next year we will be spending Christmas on the boat just the two of us, the last time we did this was in 1978 on a Hampton 27 hired from a yard in the Beccles, and Christmas day was spent on Barton Turf and when cooking the dinner we had the roof open, it was really special. this is a picture of my wife Susan enjoying her Christmas Day lunch.
  22. eddybear

    Merry Christmas From The Mods

    Moderators have obviously uncorked the Harveys Bristol a bit early
  23. eddybear

    Ready Meals

    These definitely sound like something we should keep with the emergency rations, I would say better than no food at all but reading some of the write-ups I've seen They sound pretty good, so apparently Morrisons do them so next time I'm in there I'll have a look and see what the shelf life is like, and their boil in the bag what could be simpler.
  24. eddybear

    Happy Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all looking forward to the May forum Get-together Because after the festivities we need something to look forward to, all the best Ted
  25. eddybear

    Southern Broads Extremely Low :o

    Thank you, Griff, at least I'm not the only one who thinks these high and low water readings are ass about-face, At low water the channel down through Yarmouth seems a lot narrower than it did back in the 70s, so I would definitely agree with more dredging and I do see the logic in what Griff is saying, now where's that tin hat thingy

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