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  1. You're going to laugh at at me I know you are, but when I read the heading Yorkie Rescued, I thought it was a dog but when I found out it wasn't and thank God this poor man was rescued and I did read the whole article and really feel for his predicament, but the fact is that heading although factual in its sense Yorkie rescued, I read it differently which just means that whether a person comes from Yorkshire Hampshire Outer Mongolia doesn't matter, that I thought it was a dog a man's best friend because let's face it how many of us have mourned the loss of a pet more than a family member So basically pet or human same result rescued fantastic People have lost their lives rescuing us humans and I think as many rescuing pet animals, just proves who we are and the sort of people we strive to Be.
  2. What a beautiful picture, the Broads at its best
  3. Hi Mel, welcome to the forum, I'm another one from Acle Marina Probably been there 10 years, now on our second boat and Hopefully the last because as you know you never seem to stop doing things and spending money on them I think I'm almost there fingers crossed,our boat is called wild thyme it is about 11 or 12 boats down from the gate as you come in, be nice to meet up sometime, regards Ted
  4. I think Alex Hampton got it spot on really think it has classic lines for a modern boat, the only thing that he got wrong was having the Stern open when cruising no good in the winter, the canopy had to be folded back onto the roof as it was sloping with no means of getting off from the side when mooring the last owner of my boat had a square canopy made with an extension frame at the Stern and zipped side panels as can be seen in the photograph, and as he commented to me probably one of the best Improvement now allowing side and Stern mooring while leaving canopy up.
  5. Yes that's right the sedan version, Out of the three that were built the first one had a nasty accident with a bridge and could not be economically repaired so was altered internally and fitted with large canopy, That just left 2 and both are in the Hampton Safari owners club, mine is the last one built and is called wild thyme,The picture was taken this Sunday 22//9/2019 at the Hampton Safari club's Autumn meet at Acle.
  6. I've got a Hampton Safari Mk 4 with a Thorneycroft 1500 mated to a hydraulic drive in the Stern very smooth and very quiet and doesn't have that horrible diesel smell I had in my previous boat a Mk 2 Hampton shaft drive
  7. Just a thought, as drones have cameras and the person operating that drone is seeing said person with shot gun pointing at it, I think the person flying the drone may want to move away very fast Before he gets blasted out of the sky.
  8. The only way to take part in all of the interesting things is to buy a boat, unfortunately this may have a detrimental affect on your financial and mental faculties, I personally think that boat ownership is the only way to go but then I'm not exactly cash rich or mentally stable so what the hell do I know he said gibbering
  9. Yes welcome from me to, I also prefer the Northern Broads especially now the silly season has come to an end, hopefully for you it's fourth time lucky with your next boat, regards Ted
  10. Hi John, at least you've got the right boat you can go under all bridges but one of them you will need to clench your buttocks,enjoy and make sure Millie has a life jacket, Regards Ted
  11. God I hope so having been hit by one of their boats in the daylight.
  12. I had this problem just over a year ago, unfortunately you can't replace a Three way fridge which operates on gas/electric when you have your safety certificate done they will have a record of the last fridge you had if it was gas and still working you can keep it, but if you change it it has to be 12 V compressor only, and yes they are very expensive, but there's always a possibility that a second hand one will come up for sale, good hunting.
  13. I just had to jump in on this discussion, I bought a Triumph Tiger Cub together with a Francis Barnett in bits both in the same boxes got the Francis running but never ever got the triumph running looked a nice bike when I'd completed it but for the life of me couldn't get the bastard to run,I personally prefer Norton's happy days
  14. Welcome to the forum, as others have said an excellent choice of boat and I talk from experience as I myself am on my second Hampton Safari which is the much rarer mark 4, and yes mine is hydraulic drive engine in the rear makes it a lot quieter in the main cabin, I would also like to see pictures when you get her uncovered, regards Ted
  15. It's when you stop earning money, and her indoors finds you lots of things to do, I'll just keep working LOL
  16. Actually just as easy to do on a boat, I have done these and have them with a salad the next day, have always found that my boat oven will reach a good temperature similar to the one at home, as I follow slimming world I tend to use low-fat sausages I have made the Scotch eggs with chicken Italia sausages skins removed flattened out into a circle and then wrapped round a semi-hard-boiled egg dipped in beaten egg and then breadcrumbs get it right so the yoke isn't too hard and they are delicious as for breadcrumbs tend to buy them in the packet far easier on a boat
  17. Yes welcome from me to,I bet the sound of a seagull engine would take you back to the 1960s, like a piece of music it does have that effect
  18. The worst experience I had with a fisherman was at How Hill a few years back, the river was very busy and a lot of boats coming down the ant So had to keep well to the right, unfortunately just past the end of the mooring is there was a fisherman with his line out and I had no choice but to hug the bank which resulted in a face full of maggots and verbal abuse even though he had young children with him, the idiot didn't have the sense to see how busy the river was and personally I had nowhere else to go there was me going up river and three abreast coming down but that foul mouth bad tempered fishermen couldn't see it (rant over)
  19. Well just married very cosy, we married in 72 as well, but didn't go on the Broads until 78, our honeymoon was spent in a tent we couldn't afford to rent a boat, But now 44 years later and boat owners separate cabins are in order (Not so cosy) such is life LOL
  20. Welcome Simon, you post your questions I'm sure somebody on here will have the answers, happy boating
  21. Hi, what time are the moorings on the island reserved from on Friday, I was thinking of arriving about midday if that's okay.
  22. Yes, I too have enjoyed the Easter weekend and didn't manage to get hit once which is a bonus as usually, we manage to get some damage on the northern Broads in the silly season which basically has just begun, I have noticed since the re-profiling of banks although we have lost a lot of the wild Moorings, I think it would be quite easy to establish others but with reeds instead of grass I have my eye on a few sites, I will keep you posted, regards Ted
  23. I think you'll find it's like riding a bike you never forget, it's there in your subconscious waiting to be awoken Go for it
  24. I would agree with you there, myself having had two Hampton Safaris, The first one a MK 2 And now I have the much rarer MK 4 Of which only three were built the first one had an argument with a bridge and is now much altered, the second one still survives In good condition and resides on the southern Broads, mine is still In original gel coat but the hull itself is painted which has just been freshly done and the top Compounded and polished, I haven't got pictures of this since the work was done but include library pictures, so do I consider this a classic yes by its very rarity being the last boat that Hamptons actually built and fitted out themselves and where ever possible when doing work or repairs on the boat I have kept faithfully to Alex Hamptons original plan and not bodged or changed things unnecessarily.
  25. Like David H, our first hire boat was from Saunderson's, Be it 43 years ago and it only broke down once but we did do the whole of the Broads network in a week which was pushing it and it was one of their older boats so all in all not bad they even let me Store my rusty little Austin a40 Undercover, very nice people
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