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  1. Thanks Kingfisher, let's hope it's just temporary looking at the text that comes up when clicking on the link it sort of implies that there is not the correct permission in place to load the site.
  2. http://norfolk.broads.org.uk I have often used this site when researching the history of various boats I have been interested in including my present boat, unfortunately, the site no longer seems to work which is a pity as it Contains so much information on so many boats which can be searched for by name/registration number etc Does anybody on the forum know what has happened to it is there any other way to contact the owner of the site?
  3. Well that's a true statement to be a sailor your boat needs Sails but a lot of us have now gone the motorboat route or stinkys as sailors like to call us, So yes I too am now a Boater
  4. Also received My flag today and I must say excellent quality, Pity it can't go on the boat yet as it is out of the water having work done, won't be back till beginning March.
  5. I for one would definitely be interested in T-shirts and fleeces, But quality not cheap sometimes the extra expense is worth it in the end, for instance washing a cheap T-shirt/Polo shirt will lose its shape after the first wash and look crap, Just a thought, We are a quality Forum and should have quality goods.
  6. Hi Thiswan, welcome to the forum and yes you're right there, the Norfolk Broads has an almost magnetic effect once you've tried it you've just got to keep coming back even though sometimes there are those gaps in between, we used to book the boat again If available for the following year when handing back, so guaranteeing next year's holiday, Then we bought our own boat which meant freedom of when to go, but ultimate poverty as a result LOL
  7. Congratulations Robin really pleased for you, I guess you're lucky that the examiner didn't fail you for mucking up the form, Oh well it's all over now happy driving regards Ted
  8. You can't go wrong with a Hampton Mk 2 Brilliant little boat.
  9. That is good to hear, ordered mine and paid for months ago but apparently they were changing the person doing the Forum shop And transferring the stock, so hopefully will be getting my Burgee Very Soon .
  10. Yes Christmas and kids, very important that we teach them the meaning of Christmas and don't over commercialise it, I can remember when I was a child (yes honestly I can) that the Christmas tree and decorations were put up Christmas Eve and not before, Christmas Eve we were allowed to stay up a bit later to see the carol singers which used to arrive on a Tractor and trailer which visited all of the neighbouring farms in the village, And when we awoke Christmas morning we would feel a weight on our feet those being our stockings which were full of presents O what memories, then after we had played with all the things we got came Christmas dinner what a feast, but we weren't allowed to sit round the tree and open our presents until we had listened to the Queen's speech, And then as children we would tear in to the presence quite literally, but mother being of the make and mend era would tell us not to tear the paper But she would carefully fold it and keep it for next year, but it doesn't matter what we do or have done or anybody else does at Christmas it is traditional and whatever you did that is your tradition sermon over.
  11. eddybear


    Hi Herman, welcome from me to, enjoy this is a great forum
  12. I guess I mean in posts, It just says ( my attachments ) I just wished to empty this folder or at least the duplicate ones.
  13. Brilliant news, especially as I find myself boatless for the next few months but still need my Broads fix So a big thank you to Barnes Brinkcraft.
  14. Okay, read this thread, and I tend to agree with what I have already read, that loving the Broads and moving house just be near the boat is a mistake, Most of us would have bought our boats to be away from home and all the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, so as previously said to move your home close to your getaway (boat) would have a detrimental effect, Our journey time to our boat is approximately one and three-quarter hours Just enough distance to feel separated from the world at home, as we get older and retire and have more time maybe a larger boat we can spend more time on,but probably for us anyway the perfect answer would be for a waterfront property (yes I know they cost a bloody fortune) with its own mooring, I know dream on.
  15. I have quite a lot of attachments most of them were duplicated when trying to sell my last boat, how do I empty this folder so making room for later attachments yours sincerely Ted
  16. Hi from me, nice to see your dogs in lifejackets have a great time
  17. eddybear

    Stern Only

    I must admit that I have done this but then only to get water, Boil a kettle have a coffee and then be on my way but certainly never leave the boat unattended in case other people need to moor
  18. What a brilliant price, I paid three times that for mine which now is a bit old hat, I am using EE on a standard sim will that be all right for the Argos one?
  19. Hi Michelle Welcome to the forum, If you decide to go down the boat ownership road so to speak It's probably best not to buy cheap thinking we will give it a try and if we like it will get a better one, speaking from experience it would be better to spend that little bit extra and buy a boat that somebody else has had all the niggling little things fixed on and spent their money not yours and by the way some of those so-called little things can add up to many thousands of pounds, don't want to scare you off but boat ownership can be very expensive if you're not careful. I'm sure there will be plenty of advice coming, I'm sure you'll enjoy your holiday next month regards Ted
  20. Welcome to the forum, as she who must be obeyed wants heat I would recommend warm air heating as long as it is ducted to both cabins, we once hired a boat where the only outlet was in the saloon lovely and warm during the day but at night because there had been no heat in the rear cabin the bedding was decidedly damp and clammy, not that I like to sleep with the heat on better with a good blanket and a hot water as bottle extras, As for getting under bridges, I don't believe there is a pilot at Wroxham till the official beginning of the season, Best to ask the boatyard you are hiring from some may allow taking the boat through on your own. As for where North or South for a short stay differently north, not many tidal problems, absolutely no restrictions to where you moor, And probably one of the best times to be on the Norfolk Broads, I'm sure you will have a fantastic time best regards, Ted
  21. My tipping point won't be anything to do necessarily with the Norfolk Broads, more finances as my pensions are not that great so when I retire I doubt whether I can keep up with all the expenses of keeping and maintaining a boat, Although we have been boating for over 40 years most of that time hiring, But now in our7th year of boat ownership, In the early days waterways were very crowded and the water very smelly, so there's one improvement quality of the water, yes the ratio of hire boats to private boats has completely reversed, and most private boat owners to some extent know what they're doing, whereas people that are new to hire boats have little instruction before being let loose on the water, not so of course with the seasoned hirers so other than increasing financial burden it is things like boatyards still insisting on hiring to stag and hen parties which normally involves copious amounts of alcohol and bad behaviour and spoiling it for us and others for their own financial gain, the another thing I would say that I miss is all the wild Moorings Which means scrabbling for the reduced 24-hour moorings which are now themselves diminishing.
  22. Vetchuger, By the sounds of it you have got the same wheel as I had all my other Hampton Safari which I would quite often polish never seem to do any damage to the varnish, I was using the brass wadding, Regards Ted
  23. Personally, I think brass is best not lacquered all modern brass these days is and will tarnish over time eventually you will need to clean it and made more difficult by the fact that it has been lacquered, Personally I find it quite therapeutic to give all the brass work on the boat a clean every so often and that lovely smell of Metal polish.
  24. We too have spent many happy times on these moorings, And yes at the height of the season they are absolutely packed, Unfortunately, we have recently changed boats and our new one would find it very difficult getting under the bridge, I just feel sorry for those that can and then find it too full and end up having to double up which the BA is actively trying to encourage.
  25. I have a similar story, wife teaching me to Sail disaster much shouting and bad temper, so one day when she had gone to town I decided to take the boat out on my own, Sailed from the hard at Brightlingsea towards Mersey Island no problem then like yourself turned into the wind and try to remember how she said you should tac Sort of got the hang of it but it was an outgoing tide so I was getting nowhere and unlike yourself I didn't have anything to row with, It probably took me over 2 hours to get back to Brightlingsea But by that time I had mastered the rudimentarys of sailing, that was 45 years ago I have improved honest.
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