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The French Adventure

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On 10/09/2023 at 16:27, Cal said:

A much cooler day today and we had some rain which cooled it down further.


We are a commercial aire which at €16 is the most expensive we have visited but it is like a UK campsite and fully serviced.


We have a lovely view of tomorrow's destination. 








I have not been to Mont St Michel for 32 years but they used to allow RVs to stern Moor along the causeway. Strangely back then every other one was on Italian plates.

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21 minutes ago, ChrisB said:

I have not been to Mont St Michel for 32 years but they used to allow RVs to stern Moor along the causeway. Strangely back then every other one was on Italian plates.

We gave in on the Mont when we got stuck in the queue of traffic to get in there.

We were going to stay in the car park overnight but couldn't even get near it there were so many vehicles. 

Next time we come it will be later in the year so hopefully it will be quieter. Will give it another go then.

We have seen one or two Italian registered vans but really not many. Most have been French or German so far. Getting a few more UK registered vehicles now we are getting further towards Calais again.


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A visit to the beautiful town of Bayeux this morning. 




Before doubling back to Isigny-sur-Mer to the free aire ready for Sydneys appointment at the vets first thing tomorrow morning. 





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We had a lovely quiet night at Isigny-sur-Mer last night.



The vets appointment went very smoothly this morning.  Don't even think Syd realised he had been too a vets!

We are now just having a stock up shop and will refill with diesel while we are here before heading just down the road to Le Treport our destination for tonight.

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We had a longer day's driving yesterday and a last food and fuel stop. So it wasn't helpful when the three aires at our supposed destination were all full.

Found another half an hour down the road on a nature reserve at La Molliere, which didn't seem great value at €10 when compared to some others we had stayed on. Still it was somewhere quiet and safe to spend the night.



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We are just on the train and sadly on the way back to the UK now.


Pet check in and passport control went very smoothly. They checked inside the van and all the lockers but were very swift and efficient and we were on our way in no time and on a train an hour earlier than expected. 

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We were treated to one last French sunrise this morning on the way to Calais.


The crossing was smooth and trouble free. Syd was less bothered about the train this time and had a good snooze.



The UK roads were a shock to the system after two weeks of smooth tarmac and little traffic but we have eventually made it to Huntingdon Boat Haven where we are now settled in for a couple of days rest and relaxation. 

Found the nearest pub had a few drinks and we will explore more tomorrow. Looking forward to a take out curry tonight. 




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We are back home again after 1485 trouble free miles totting up a not too shabby 28.5mpg across the trip.


It has been a great trip and we will take away with us some amazing memories from getting lost in a pedestrianised zone in a medieval town centre, being eaten alive by mozzies, amazing sunsets, being boiled alive in a heatwave and sharing adventures with friends old and new.


The van is ready for a good scrub which it will get next weekend. Its had a quick rinse off but needs a proper going over.

Now time to tackle the laundry mountain!

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