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DIY Gasket

Guest Lag1rich

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Would Gasket paper off e-bay do the trick??

I've had great success with making my own gaskets, and you can save a fortune.

For many applications though, you do need to be extremely accurate with the cutting as the tolerances can be quite close.

I use a set of hole punch drifts ( 2mm and up ), and very sharp modeling knives.

As mBird says, not possible for head gaskets though, or any other copper or composite high pressure gaskets.

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Oh paper head gaskets!! bring on the bsa Bantoms!! :grin:

I completely re-built a Bantam 125 engine with paper gaskets back in '56 when I was 15! (and it worked...).

Best to use thick wrapping paper and I recollect just pressing the part down which gave a nice black oily outline to cut around...

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One way to get the holes in the right location on the gasket is to place the gasket material over the item and put a large ball bearing over the hole and give it a light tap with a hammer. The edge of the hole then cuts the gasket material. Put a bolt in the hole and move on to the other holes. Don't hit the ball bearing too hard as it might damage the casting.


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What should I use for the head gasket? the 2 to be replaced are as follows:

The first one which I assume is the head gasket is located on top of the engine looking down past the wheel which is turned by the starter cord.

The second goes found the piston ring.

(Please excuse my lack of technical terms)

Thanks, Richard

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I'd never try to make a head gasket, they're always either copper or composite, very difficult to cut accurately.

They have to withstand huge pressures (combustion !), and they're also of a very critical thickness, to avoid affecting the compression ratio.

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Aside from any complications if the head gasket is of the modern composite type,the thickness of the copper sheet would be crucial on a small capacity engine like a modern outboard, compared to an old tractor engine....

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I anealed the head gasget on a 6cyl graymarine when I was a lad, I just smeared it with soap and heated it until it went black. seemed to work as the engine ran sweet as a nut (when it would start)

was it the BSA i heard stories about blowing the head gasget and the cyl head banging up and down until the head studs snapped and the head went into the tank??

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