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Swan death

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Irrespective of the cooking potential, it is illegal to hunt anything in this country with an arrow or cross bow bolt. Different story in America but then you would be using broad head tips not plain points.

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Everyone knows that swans are off limits. There was a spate of immigrants killing and eating swans in england a few short years ago. The queen owns all swans in the british isles and as far as im aware there is a suprisingly harsh punishment if your caught killing one. I own a cross bow which i use for target practise and i know the power they can have, so it's no surprise that some ****** saw a big bird and thought.... powerful weapon = more killing power. If it's young people who shot the swans it won't be too long till they're found as younguns love to brag.

I occassionally hunt but cook what i hunt. If the swan shooters don't get caught, lets hope they don't think that a dogs about the same size as a swan or even a young child is the same. When you don't follow the laws with this sort of thing, where is the limit of what a person would deem fit or fun to shoot. :mad:

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Better to use a shotgun. The results of badly aimed arrows can be severe pain and unnecessary suffering for animals.

It can also mean losing out on the chance of scoring a personal best in a National archery shoot :oops::oops::oops: (i`m sure Mark B will know what i mean?).

Seriously though, as many of you know, Karen and i live down here in Dorset, and i know the Stour well, and as a recurve archer, (who also owns 2 crossbows), i find this sort of thing absolutely sickening.

One other thing i would just like to point out, and that is that it is NOT the Queen that ownsl the swans in this country, but "The Crown", be it worn by a Queen OR King. Although Her Majesty Qeen Elizabeth DOES own private property of many differnt kinds, ALL "Royal property" is owned by the Crown, be it wildlife, stately homes or whatever.

Regards to all ....................... Neil.

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and as a recurve archer, (who also owns 2 crossbows), i find this sort of thing absolutely sickening.

Likewise, same thoughts here although I am a recurve and compound man and not an arbalist , yet.

In addition to my abhorrance of this vile act I have further concerns. I have long thought that it could only take one event of misuse of such a weapon together with a bit of sensationalist journalism by a half baked un-informed hack to blow things out of proportion. In this nanny state in which we live that could start all sorts of campaigns for regulation licensing etc. Lets hope no such person ever discovers just how powerful these weapons are.

Even on these Broads forums we have had the hand wringers advocating licensing,training etc just to drive a 4MPH boat, something that would decimate the broadland econony and indeed the broads and rivers as well.

I realise my last comment has the potential to pull this thread off topic, it was used as a pertinent example of knee jerk reaction and potential knock on consequence. Let's remember the thread about low life and swans.

Just to re-inforce a comment already made, it is not just an issue of killing the crown's swans, it is illegal, in the uk, to shoot anything, even vermin with an arrow/bolt.

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Mbird, you should keep up the archery, it's good to have another string for your bow!

I have never been involved in archery, but I used to be a keen pistol shooter (paper targets only) but legislation killed the sport. I agree that kneejerk reactions to the swans death could have fatal consequences for the sport of archery, but on this occasion, I think you have got away with it.

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