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Round Britain - keep turning left


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cheersbar guys, I enjoyed those enormously, brilliant. Better than any TV program going. That guy is a natural storyteller, I can't wait for the rest his journey :clap:clap:clap:trophy:trophy:trophy

Rgs. Dick

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Really great stuff.How many of us would like to have the opportunity to have a challenge like that.That would make agreat DVD (ideal present ) to watch in the off season.When we sailed Mirrors :Sailing (many years ago ) I always thought that the Big Brother ,the Offshore was a cracking package complete with small diesel engine ,but for some reason never had the mass appeal of the Mirror dinghy.A good all rounder,shame there are not many glass ones around ,I would love one, cheersbar:Stinky

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Thanks for the reminder Poppy - Thames Barges do sail remarkably well given their appearance.

I found these interesting as this was the area I learnt all my boating in. Swale, Lower Medway and later fishing the banks of the Thames Estuary.

If the weather is not right for Belgium we may see a return trip :naughty: - and yes I won't mess with a Thames Barge ;)

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One sinks in Lyme Bay, a bunch take to the backs of lorries 'cos it's too rough :othen they take a short cut! Pah - stinkies, what a bunch of lightweights!!! I'd like to see how they'd get on in the Southern Ocean :naughty::naughty:



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You missed out the correction Perry ;) :-


There is also another ^ Round Britain Race going on

There was very good reason why they never went right round, as anyone who has done it will tell you! Cape Wrath is not called that for nothing! :o Concerns over safety were a major factor in the planning and that was considered a leg too far. Also, the race was designed to be highly visible to the thousands of expected spectators, the only reason many sponsors signed up, and there was no chance of huge crowds making it to the headlands at the very tip of Scotland.

Interestingly, this race is such a challenge that it has only been run 3 times (including the current one). It is a piece of UK Boating History that remains one of the few true 'Corinthian' events left after the world was taken over by post-war consumerism. Rant over, this is why I have an interest:


The driver was H 'Dick' Read, my father's cousin, and builder of the boat.

At this point I have to admit ( :oops: ), my first boating experience was at the age of 4 weeks in a 14ft ski boat version of the above (Built by Dick, finished by my father and still owned and much loved by me). My introduction to offshore work was in a sister (Foam Sprayer - sadly sold on many years ago) and although I now stick almost entirely to sail power for recreation I know I learnt much about seamanship and boat handling by trying to see if a 26 ft powerboat really can do more than 25 kts in a Sea State 4!

For those interested in the original 1969 race, try this link to the Ocean pirate site:


For those who could care less about high speed stinkies, my apologies. Please ignore the above and my usual anti-stinkie service will be resumed shortly! :lol:

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