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Broads Authority Notices


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Navigation closures at bridges: -

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that bridge inspection works are being undertaken on behalf of Network Rail at the following times: -

Wroxham rail bridge, River Bure

Monday 9 September Closed between 08:20 – 10.20 and 11:20 -13:20

Thorpe rail bridges x 2, River Yare

Tuesday 10 September and Wednesday 11 September Closed between 08:00 and 17:00

Somerleyton Swing Bridge, River Waveney

Thursday 12 September Closed between 09:20 – 11:20 and 12:20 and 14:20

During this period the navigation will be restricted/ closed and at outside of the stated times slight delays may be encountered.

Please approach the areas with extreme care and caution taking note of any signage or direction.

Navigation restriction upstream, Breydon Bridge, River Yare

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Broads Authority will be undertaking essential dredging work within the Breydon Water navigation channel during the following period:

Monday 30 September 2013 to Friday 4 October 2013 between 0800 and 1600 daily

The site is immediately upstream of the port hand span of Breydon Bridge and during this period the port hand span will be closed to navigation and marked with buoys. The central opening span and starboard hand span will remain clear and open to navigation. Vessels travelling downstream are advised to pass through the central bridge span following the signing and lighting in place.

Angie Leeper, Asset Officer,

Yare house, 62-64 Thorpe Road

Norwich, NR1 1RY,



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Alan edited the earlier post to make the last bit clearer but it can still be confusing as the original Notice to Mariners refers to the port and starboard spans without adding "when looking at the bridge from downstream", i.e from the Yarmouth side.


So let me put down what I think is to be going on on Breydon 

and, if I have got it wrong, provoke a discussion to make it crystal clear to anyone reading this thread.

(especially for newbies and hire skippers, who usually see the Yarmouth / Breydon area as the most worrying section of the Broads!)


They are going to do some dredging in the marked channel.

This will be upstream of the bridge on the eastern side.


Small vessels crossing Breydon are normally be expected to keep to the right-hand side of the channel (we drive on the right on the water)

and go through the smaller span close to their right hand shore.


There will be no change for boats heading up to Breydon bridge from Yarmouth.


When they are doing the dredging boats coming down Breydon will, however, have to move left away from the shore to avoid the dredging equipment, 

and will have to use the main span, as the dredging operations will have closed the eastern small boat span.


The main span is higher but is normally reserved for vessels that are too high for the side spans to keep pleasure craft out of the way of the bigger vessels that need to use the main span which was built to allow coasters etc in and up the Yare to Cantley and Norwich, (but these are very very rare these days).  


This diversion will be indicated by signage and by changes to the lights (for those who need to go through in the dark!) 


Does everybody agree with my translation?




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Hello Martin,

Thank you for the concise explanation.

We encountered hastily put up signs at Somerleyton Bridge on the 11th as it appeared to be divers in the water by the Bridge supports, we went under the bridge with about 3 inches to spare much to the surprise of the guys in the dingy. They were going to close the passage though the bridge after we and two boats coming up river had passed.

The warning signs still being put up were just past the 24 hour moorings and entrance to the marina and on the floating pontoon at the other side of the bridge.

Why do notices and the majority of bridge height boards always seem to be on the left hand side of the river instead of being on the right?



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Hello Hylander,

It was for Tuesday the 11th only.

The weather for tomorrow and Wednesday is not looking favourable so there will not be the problem of rail expansion so they can open the bridge if needed unlike a couple of weeks ago when they would not open the bridge because it was very hot weather.



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Thank you for your reply.     After I posted I thought everyone will think what a dimwit.    As per usual I didnt read it correctly.      I am glad that the bridge will be ok and doubt that the worry of any hot weather will occur until about 5 years time if anything of the past years are to go by.

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Re: Broads Authority Sites Specifics Local Plan, Adoption Statement

Notice is hereby given that on 11 July 2014 the Broads Authority has adopted the Broads Sites Specifics Local Plan in accordance with Regulation 26 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. The plan forms part of the Local Plan for the Broads Authority. It contains site-specific policies covering the period to 2028. The plan area is the Broads Executive Area.

The Sites Specifics Local Plan was considered by an independent Inspector as part of a Public Examination, with hearings held in February 2014. The Inspector’s report was received on 13 June 2014 and concluded that the Plan was ‘sound’, subject to a number of Main Modifications. The adopted Sites Specifics Local Plan incorporates the recommendations of the Inspector.

Any person who is aggrieved by the adoption of the Broads Sites Specifics Local Plan may make an application to the High Court under Section 113 of the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, on the grounds that the document is not within the appropriate power and/or a procedural requirement has not been complied with. Any such application must be made promptly and no later than 6 weeks after the date on which the Broads Sites Specifics Local Plan was adopted, i.e. by 22 August 2014.

Copies of the Adopted Sites Specifics Local Plan, the Inspector’s Report, the Adoption Statement (i.e. this letter), the Sustainability Appraisal, the Habitats Regulations Assessment, the Policies Maps and the Environmental Adoption Statement are available for public inspection at the Broads Authority’s Offices, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1RY during normal office hours. They are also available on the website at http://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/planning/planning-policies/site-specific-policies.

Paper copies of the Sites Specifics Local Plan, with other documents on a DVD, can be found at these locations during normal opening hours (please contact venue). Please note that due to time taken in printing the documents, there could be a delay in the venues receiving their copy of around a week after date of adoption:

Acle Library

Beccles Library

Brundall Library

Bungay Library

Cromer Library

Great Yarmouth Library

Loddon Library

Lowestoft Library

Oulton Broad Library

Norwich Millennium Library

Stalham Library

Wroxham Library

Broads Authority Offices, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road, Norwich

Broadland District Council Office, Thorpe Road, Norwich

Great Yarmouth District Council Offices, Town Hall

North Norfolk District Council Offices, Holt Road, Cromer

Norwich City Council, City Hall

South Norfolk Council Offices, Swan Lane, Long Stratton

Waveney District Council, The Marina Customer Service Centre, Lowestoft

Norf Norfolk County Council, County Hall, Norwich

Suffolk County Council, Endeavour House, Ipswich

Whitlingham Visitor Centre, Whitlingham Lane, Trowse

How Hill Tourist Information Centre (Toad Hole Cottage Museum), Ludham,

Hoveton Tourist Information Centre, Station Road, Hoveton

Yours sincerely

Natalie Beal

Planning Policy Officer

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hi peeps


I received it in an email from the BA yesterday and I have not looked through it.


im sure if you cant sus it john then there is little hope for me but im sure some one in the know


will come along soon.



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