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Film crew on the Broads


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Did anyone else see the film crew at Surlingham yesterday around 6.30pm ? ...    Not sure what they were making it looked like a film as opposed to a documentary. There was a large rib tied side-on to a a wooden rowing boat. the rib had about 8 people in it and looked like another 2 actors in the rowing boat. There was another couple of boats tied up further up with more film crew folks on there.


It would have been an interesting and nicer experience had they been a little more organised.

   We were on our way back to Brundall from a day out in Norwich with some friends and decided to show them Surlingham Broad, .. but as we came to the very narrow exit we came across round the near blind bend we met the dinghy and rowing boat in the middle of the river, ... they weren't going anywhere but were sitting squarely in the middle,...  fortunately I was going very slowly already but was instructed very clearly by several people (by sign language and waving) on the dinghy to stop, ( !! ) and be quiet ( !! ), ... I thought OK I'll throttle right back,  go into a very slow reverse and try and hold my position until they finished, ..  but they carried on and on for what felt like more than 10 minutes very very slowly all the way along the narrow piece of river back toward the Yare, obviously filming some sort of dialogue.

  Whenever I manoeuvred forward and backward to maintain a straight and almost stationary position behind them, there was lots of shushing signs and engine (throat) cutting signals, and when my wife spoke (at a fairly normal level on our own boat)  they were gesticulating wildly for us to shutup.  We eventually were "allowed" to pass them when they'd finished and we were almost back at the Yare, ... it wasn't a big deal and I did my best to be accommodating but a less experienced person or someone who needed to be somewhere else sooner might have been a little less so. I think if people are going to use the rivers for filming then perhaps stationing a couple of ribs either end of the set to warn people would be more appropriate, these aren't cars you can't stop and turn the engine off, and it wasn't easy or practical to turn in that narrow channel.    



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Hello John,


We saw some preparation for filming when we were down on the Broads just over a week ago.


There has been some filming taken place at the Beauchamp Arms Langley up to Sunday.


Please see the article on EDP24.  



On a closed set I can understand that a film crew runs the show, if however you film in public then you take the risk of public involvement, the good and the bad.


It always makes me grin when a film crew get annoyed when filming in the street and someone walks past them unaware they are even filming. Also when you see outtakes and they reshoot because of a noise made during a presenters dialogue.

In many cases  they might as well just leave it in, most people would not be bothered or even interested.




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