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Fishing poles should be banned.

Guest smellyloo

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When I went fishing a good size rod was about 12 foot long. Why oh why are these huge fishing poles so popular? It seems that they are so long that it enables the angler to fish the opposite bank.

Why don't they just cross the river and fish with a smaller rod and reel.

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Hi all,

As a pleasure fisherman, I always use a rod. Tried a pole once and it was so awkward decided it was not for me.

But as pipewelder says some cost thousands. To make them lighter they are carbon fiber, expensive stuff but strong. So why did the guy next to me at a local carp fishery start crying. his £2000 pole snapped when he hooked a large fish. As it came my way bobbing in the water, I got my landing net out and got hold of the pole, landed the fish, and said to him not to worry, as I had some sparky tape in my tackle box :naughty:

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Poles , the rod type,not the people, just seem like hard work, sitting there bolt upright just clutching your rigid pole :naughty: when you could be having a cigar and a nice cup of coffee, laid back in your pew and yarning to your cronies.Just laying there in the sun waiting for a bite casually is whats fishing's about to me :dance - on a more serious note, when I came down for my annual pilgramage, I took a 6'carbon spinning rod and my son's 10' Hardy's fibre glass rod, perfect for boat fishing.I find that my 13' match rod and 12' carp rodsare a curse on a boat.

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I agree that poles on rivers are a pain, both from the user's point of view and as a boater. we used to have a boat on the R. Medway, which, in its upper reaches, is about as wide as the Ant. Most of the banks were owned by fishing clubs, who's members used long poles most of the time and who didn't welcome boaters at all. If I had my way, I would ban poles from navigable rivers or at least impose a length limit. :pirate :pirate :pirate :pirate

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Now now all are welcome on these shores ( they have to leave somehow ) Sorry back to poles, I own 3 of these things which have a value of 5000 pounds, Are they worth it ? YES they are if you intend to have as near to perfect presentation as possible, as for using them on a river then yes you can if you long line, This does make it easier than shipping down all the time, but i must agree a good feeder rod or waggler/ stickfloat rod will do a good job for you, But please dont rubbish the pole on its day it WILL out fish rod and line and in this day and age that is most days !!

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Yes it does, sorry i was talking about general course fishing as in perch, roach bream and match carp fishingand a few others didnt want a long list, of course specimen fishing will be a different case..

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