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never seen one so big !


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hi dave,


they are early this year as were the plums and the squirrels have

knicked all the hazel nuts already.


with sloes its ok to pop them into the freezer for a day or so if you pick before the frost

and it does the job just as well.


this year if you wait for the 1st frost there will probably be nothing left  to pick :eek:

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hi john

the link is more or less the recipe I used but its not really that

hard and fast.

dave told me he adds sugar late to taste and I added a about 1/3

of a vanilla pod.

I dident have the patients to do all that prodding with a needle

so I stabbed them with a fork and loaded them into the jar that way.

as dave mentioned ... sloes are best used after the 1st frost as

it helps release the sloeyness so if they are picked before the

frost they should be put in the freezer for a while before use.

I also read somewhere that freezing also negates the need to

do all the prodding but I give them a stab with a fork just

to make sure.


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Not being able to get to a bush or tree that bears sloes, can you purchase these in the shops at all.        Speaking of Wales when we visited late August one year my sister in law offered me some sloes to make some sloe gin but I really wasnt into making your own,  how times have changed and I would love to do it now.

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sloes can be a bit tricky to spot till you get your eye in.


the leaves are quite small and the wood can  look a bit gnarly and fusty. 


you can buy them on ebay but Norfolk does have prized sloes.


watch out for the thorns.


the ones with the bloom on are the ones to use.


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