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Talktalk Scam,


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Just a warning if your with TalkTalk, I've had two phone calls from someone claiming to be from TalkTalk, telling me I had downloaded some corrupt files and other stuff making my comp run slow, when I started asking them questions they said don't you believe I'm from TalkTalk, I said no and they replied where do you think we got your phone number from, I then said I'd phone TalkTalk direct to find out and at that point they hung up, as I knew it was a scam I phoned Talktalk to report it, and they confirmed it was a scam and they have blocked the phone number they called from, the caller sounded Indian and the Phone number they called from is 001989653255



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There are a lot of telephone scams going around linked with unwanted sales calls. A caller display unit is a worthwhile investment- that way if the call comes up with a display like international, withheld , unavailable or a telephone number you do not recognize then you have the option of not answering the call.

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Frank you should have gone along with it but act stupid.. it really annoys them.. and then say you work in law enforcement and have tracked the number down.. and the police will be at their door shortly.. you can sense the panic as the phone is thrown down lol

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As one who use to be inundated with those type of calls, I purchased the BT http://www.amazon.co.uk/BT8500-Advanced-Blocker-Cordless-Handset/dp/B00LZTHUEO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436349298&sr=8-1&keywords=bt+phones+call+blockerMoney well spent I must say. As the Skipper says it informs you who is calling etc. You do however pay a small fee for that to BT.



cheers Iain

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Some years ago a friend was being constantly pestered on the phone by conservatory companies offering free quotes.

Getting tired of the calls he gave in and booked an appointment for the salesman to call and measure up for the said conservatory

Imagine look of displeasure when the salesman arrived at the door having climbed the stairs to my friends second floor flat.

I know this sounds like a joke but it really did happen.

We use a CPR Callblocker on the phone and it is brilliant, it catches around 90% of nuisance calls and blocks withheld numbers. Any that do get through can be instantly blocked by dialling #2.

We bought ours direct through the Telephone Preference service but I think Maplin stocks them


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Here's how I handle the nuisance marketing and scammers. I don't have a landline, I don't give out my mobile number to anyone. Instead I give them the number of someone who I honestly can't abide and let them put up with the headache. I have a personal email account and then one for all the muppets that demand an email address as 'part of their service' or 'its a required field'.


If someone wishes to communicate with me and it is an important matter...they will take the time to write to me the old fashioned way. But remember to train your postman/woman. I have trained my postwoman to dump junk mail straight in my bin instead of through the letterbox.


If  cold callers always seem to knock on your door specifically...seeming to avoid houses around you, take a good look at your garden walls and gate. I spotted a tick mark had appeared by my door. This was a bit of 'sign' used by the scammers to show I was a good target. I looked up the marks used and discovered that a sign like the hash sign on your computer keyboard but with three strokes in each direction meant 'police will be called'. I chalked the 'hash' mark by my door...and I'm now left alone.


My favourite marketing bumf came from the Stannah Stairlift people. They sent me a lovely brochure about their stairlifts addressed to 'The Occupier of the Ground Floor Flat'.  :shocked

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