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Kings Head Beccles


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All the hotel chains are trying to get some of the lower priced market share these days since the introduction of the Premier Inns and their low prices. 


I find Wetherspoons excellent value, we have been in the one at Beccles a couple of times for meals and a drink, if you closely read the menus you can some great bargains of free or reduced prices for drinks with certain meals.


We have used loads of them on our canal trips the last one being at Oxford, in that case we recieved four bottles of good quality Merlot for four of our six crew having steak which was competatively priced.


The prices for stopping in their rooms looks very good and a lot better than some of the hotels we have stopped in in Norfolk at almost triple the price per night.




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I`m not a great fan of Weatherspoons. The last time we went in one was the one in Wimborne which used to be the old Conservative club. It seemed souless, and had no atmosphere, and the staff were not very polite. You always seem to be ages waiting at the bar, and the food looked like it was mass produced.


The last time before that was when Karen and i, along with one of the ladies from work went in to the Weatherspoons in Ferndown after work. The mixed grill i ordered was inedible, and was so dry and overcooked, it actually made my jaw ache chewing it. I`m not fussed about roughing it, or having thing very basic, or rough and ready, but this was quite the worse cooked meal i`ve ever had, and we had to wait over an hour for the dubious privilage. As a result, i told Karen i`d never go into one again, and apart from the the lunch we had in the Wimborne one (to give them a second chance) i never have, and hopefully, never will. These days, we try to use indipendant local establishments, as we find the food and service much better.


That said, i must admit, the pictures of the rooms do look good, but then, publicity photos always do.


As for Allans comment (Ranworth Breeze), i wish i knew where to find these cheap rooms from Premiere inns, as whenever we`ve needed to book one, and asked for one of their £29 per night rooms, we`ve always been told that particular hotel was not part of the promotion, despite the fact they`re advertising it on their sign out front.

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Hi Neil,


Premier Inn have upped their low price to £32 I think. I booked two rooms at West Lynn for May this year, however I did book them well in advance. I did the same for the Darlington Premier Inn for the return trip also £32 per room. I have always booked Premier Inn rooms very late evening, maybe that's the best time to nab a bargain!



cheers Iain. 

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KIPPER!   :norty:


I'll have you know that my paternal Grandmother was a "Fisher-Wifey" in Arbroath and produced the finest Arbroath Smokies I've ever tasted!   ice slice

When I use to go to away football matches following Ayr United, Gayfield Park, as you and Erc will both know its virtually in the North Sea lol. The smell of smoked fish wafting across the ground was something else! 


Sadly me and fish don't agree, but without doubt they are the best available. IMHO.



cheers Iain.

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