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What a Weekend


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Well this has been a hectic weekend for me, we had a wedding to attend on the Saturday.

we were running a bit late and managed to get there by the skin of our teeth just before 4 pm, where was the bride - not here yet, good she was fashionably late.

at 4.30 the groom announced there would be a slight delay, as there had been a problem with the dresses.

at 5pm we heard that it wouldn't be too long now, one of the congregation had shot off and was helping out, 5.15 the bridesmaids arrived, the bride wouldn't be too long. eventually at 5.30 she duly arrived and the wedding proceeded.

It turns out the dresses for the 4pm wedding were delivered to the bride - at 4pm, the bridesmaids dresses didn't fit and there were a few problems, so the person who had organised the décor for the reception shot off to her house, and got some material from her attic and ironed it to make sashes to cover up the worst of the bad tailoring at the waistbands, the brides dress needed a little more work as it fitted where it touched.

by the time the wedding started the poor pianist had been going for at least 2 hours - I reckon he deserved a bonus (taken out of the dressmakers cut).

one of the guests had during the waiting time at the church managed to visit the pub twice

After this the reception went well (though the hot currys had been on hold for well over an hour).

Sunday was spent with the wife packing to visit a friends in Leicester, during this time the cat was put in the garden to stop him sitting in and sharpening his claws on the suitcase.

packing involved a lot of rushing around and a late night was had by all, duly awoken at 2 AM by the mightiest thunder storm ever.

Monday morning arrived, and time to take the wife to the station, as she had hurt her elbow I was roped in to go with her to St Pancras station and see her on to her train for Leicester - 11.50 she was on board and I was heading for the 12.12 back home.

11.56 I received a phone call, could I come back to her platform - I would be met at the barrier.

11.58 I arrived at the barrier and met the train manager who hustled me through the barrier and onto the train to see to my wife who was experiencing chest pains an palpitations (I wasn't overly concerned as she has had this before and they didn't find anything wrong) I was concerned when having just reached her the train moved out, heading for Leicester first stop.

anyway during the trip she had a couple of reoccurrences of the chest pains etc, there was a doctor on the train who checked the basics and declared her fit to continue to Leicester.

Once we got to Leicester I was wondering how we would explain my lack of ticket to the staff, but no need, on the platform my wife had another episode, and we ended up with the staff and british transport police escorting her in a wheelchair, bypassing all the barriers, to the polices small office (about 8 foot long and 3 ft wide) here we were attended by a paramedic, who as it happened went to the school next door to the one my wife went to, after several ecg's and tests he called for an Ambulance and we were taken to the hospital. here blood tests and more investigation was done.

By this time I am wondering how I will get home - the train app on my wifes phone, plus running all over the hospital like a mad thing finally sorted that out - £58 for a single ticket back to London- then we realised that the notification had gone to the wifes email on her laptop at home. more rushing around to get phone signal to try and set up the email (meanwhile I texted my daughter and asked her to check the email on the laptop - by now it had gone 4pm, eventually I get a text with the booking number, and the information to allow 2 hours before picking up the ticket.

5.30pm and we finally got the all clear at the hospital following a second blood test. so we phoned for a taxi, this dropped her off at the friends house, then took me to the station (now 6.20pm)

Fortunately the 2 hours had elapsed since booking and I was able to get my ticket, I then looked at the departures board to see that the next train south was at 6.24, the time now - 6.24, aw heck, bet I've missed it - down to the platform and the train is just pulling in, phew - it seems that someone pulled the emergency stop just outside Leicester and the train was running late (my only piece of luck all day).

So down to St Pancras where we arrived on time having made up the few minutes on route, and then in time to catch the train down home with only 30 minutes to wait (hourly service by now) 20 12 train down to Canterbury and home by 21.30pm.

Now I still haven't got my lunches for the week, or eaten (well OK I nicked the sandwiches they gave my wife at 5pm) home to cook myself a ready prep pizza from the fridge, and then bat and bed for 11pm (only an hour later than I would have wished since it was early to work today.

Now I know why they didn't mind kidnapping me up to Leicester for nothing- they knew I would have to pay a fortune to get home again.

Now what was I going to do this weekend? - whatever it was it didn't get done.


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