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Great weekend, but forgot the weekend bag

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We have just had our last proper weekend on Sweet Kingfisher, but someone (Ian) forgot the over night bag, so we had no tops, underwear and no electric tooth brush. We were not a where, that we had forgot the bag until we were taking other bags out of the car to take onto the boat and that was when Ian noticed no overnight bag :River Police

Traffic was madness driving up on Friday morning. We stopped at Morrison in Norwich for a little bit of shopping and that was also madness. From Norwich a short drive along to Brundall and to Sweet Kingfisher and that is when we noticed we had forgot the bag.

We had a packed car, with bedding and other bags plus we had the boat window covers, also a cover to go over the bow of the boat. 

A drive to Roys for new underwear and some new top, but Ian got his t-shirt from Woodfords for the Ale trail and also a rugby shirt (Roys tops were not to Ian's taste). We had lunch at Woodfords, because time was getting on.

Friday night was dinner at The Yare, but I wish they would change their menu as it is so boring. 

We were lucky with the weather on Saturday and we had a friend come up from London by train, but we had to take the car to collect her. Then back to Brundall and to get out onto the river. We cruised down to Cantley and turned around and headed to Rockland St Mary for lunch (great lunch). Back on the river we headed down pass Brundall and down to Surlingham, where we saw a kingfisher :angel:. We turned and headed back to Brundall and base Cove Marina. Time for a nice cup of tea and then a drive back to Norfolk for the 16:30 train and saying our good buys to our friend. This weekend was our last proper cruise out on the river and the the end of November we will be up to take her out on the river to Brooms for us to fill her up with fuel and pump out and then we will be ready for the winter.

As it was still early, we went back to Wroxham and this time some christmas shopping.    

This morning it was sad and I had tears in my eyes as we were locking her up, as it had been a great season :love.

Roll on to Spring :clap.


Marina :Stinky




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Seems that the last of the majority were packing up today. My wife and I decided on a drive out to Horsey today, lovely spot for a coffee, followed by a walk to see the seals, Surprised to see only two boats at Horsey, one of which was having the gear stripped out of her as we returned from the beach. I suppose the end of October is the end of the season for so many folk. Shhhh, don't let on, the Broads can be magic in November and it's a long time until May!

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We paid a flying visit to Brilliant on Saturday. The weather was lovely. The morning task was landing the dinghy, and that involved queueing for Landamore's slip, I have never seen it so busy!  

Lunch was a picnic on Brilliant with Jason and Sonia, it was lovely to see them and catch up. 

The afternoon was strip out as much as possible and load for home. I am always sad at the end of the season, and surprised at how much stuff we have accumulated! 

We are back next week for the trip up to LBBY and lift out.

Now where can I store all this stuff from the boat??? :0

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Sorry we missed you on Saturday, Marina. I got Iain's message but I couldn't get a signal to call you when we gotr to the boat.

We had to circle at Brooms for over half an hour to get a pump-out and top-up with fuel. We then went for a final cruise to the Ferry House at Surlingham.

I must say that you'd go a very long way to beat Sonia's bacon butties! Washed down with a pint of Little Sharpie and I was then ready to return to Bells to winterise the engines and top-up the five batteries. (Whyever do they sometimes put batteries in such inaccessible places?).

Friday Girl comes out either this afternoon or tomorrow morning and then we'll go down to clean up the waterline with patio and brick acid cleaner. Off with all the fenders (12) and the mooring warps (6) and bring them home for Winter maintenance.

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