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  1. Working now, just ordered my extra 2.
  2. I'll have another 2 once the glitch is sorted. So that makes 3 total for me, the kids are going to love their Christmas present!!
  3. Just tried to order the other two singularly but still failed. Is this because I only asked for one initially?
  4. Just tried to order 3 even though I only reserved one but PayPal would not accept it so I have just ordered one for now.
  5. Saw this in yesterdays Cambridge Evening News: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/cambridge-weather-radiation-fog-cambridgeshire-13852511 Since they have trouble forecasting the weather they obviously have an office competition to invent new names.
  6. Not wrong, surprised it substituted an 'a' for an 'o', certainly not my typing since 'a' & 'o' are well separated on the keyboard. I know that wonky (got it right this time) horizons are all the rage with selfies etc. but I'm afraid it really grates on landscapes.
  7. My titles were the file names. Could I also request that horizons are horizontal in all photographs, there were one or two that I didn't vote on due to wanky ones.
  8. Just sent my "Sunrise", please note it is Sunrise not Sunset.
  9. The Nbn 2018 Calendar Competition

    One for me please.
  10. Youtube Blocked?

    Just checked my video in "Another Week on Brinks Encore" and I have no problem, Mac with Safari. Is your internet connection ok?
  11. Building New Cruisers

    Yes, indeed Silverline are building Brinks Encores, two already in service and, rumour has it, two more at a later date. If you look in "Hire Boat Discussion" and "Holiday Tales" you will find my writeups on Encore 1. The Encores are basically the same as Broom's Bolero, essentially an Aquafibre Opal, but on Encore the airdraft is quoted at 6'10" so I am surprised that Brooms quote 6'4". The Gala Girls from Summercraft were/are quoted as 6'9". Internal layouts may differ slightly between Broom's Bolero, Silverline's Silver Coral and Brinks Encore. Do not necessarily trust the layouts on the boatyard's web site or Hoseasons. I think it is excellent that new 2 berths are now being built after all the 38/42 footers recently.
  12. Hi Meg It was good to meet you at Womack and Sutton Staithe and hope you were not too disappointed with the weather, I think Thursday was probably the worst for us with the screen misting up most of the time until it stopped raining and I could get the canopy open. Glad to hear that Encore 2 was in better condition than 1 and that you spoke to Barnes about the bed space and window, I e-mailed Barnes about some concerns, including those, after our June week but never got any response. As far as the window is concerned I complained many times to Summercraft about that on their Gala Girls but nothing was ever done, it was a hang over from when the BSS came, in prior to that there was a curtain there, in fact I used to tape the table cloth over that window but didn't want to use Duct Tape on Encore in case it damaged the head lining. You never know we might meet up again someday.

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