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  1. Just been rewatching Robin’s (LondonRascal’s) first Bronze Gem blog (yes, I know... rewatching blogs...but I’m suffering from the latest lurgy and can’t cope with anything more taxing than watching something about the Broads) Watching the opening segment it occurred to me that it would be really interesting (fun?) to get a his and hers review. Too late now I guess, now that Robin has Independence as well as a part share in Broad Ambition. Would have loved to have had Sheila’s views of the boats! Helen
  2. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    That’s good news Robin! Loved the Inde blogs, but we all need a Broads blog fix now and then to keep us going! Helen
  3. My Day

    Ooh, I do envy you! I haven’t been to an RSC production since about 1993! Have visited Stratford lots of times since though, it’s such a lovely place. Our kids loved the butterfly place on the opposite side of the river to the theatre when they were small (no idea if that’s still there), and hiring a boat on the river in the summer. Will look out for opportunities to try Polly’s option of watching a streamed version. Might have to add your version to my bucket list though! Helen
  4. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    Aw, doesn’t it look forlorn...
  5. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    Now, that’s what I call a proper review Mrs Nog!
  6. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    Or how well it steers? (recalling a comment by SwanR).
  7. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    Wot, nothing about the kitchen or how comfortable the bed was?
  8. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    Ah, yes, but on Bronze Gem day 1 Robin mentioned that Sheila was joining him the following day! In fact, if I remember rightly, sometime during the following few days she successfully turned Bronze Gem around at Coltishall Locks whilst Robin was on the bank shouting instructions. Also remember her popping up for a few days on quite a few blogs on various boats. Just would be nice to have a dual view, so to speak. Sheila seems to have as cheeky a cheeky sense of humour as Robin. H
  9. Haven't come across that recently, thank goodness. I think the police had a crackdown. We quite often had mounted police clip-clopping through our neighbourhood, though I haven't spotted any within the last year or so. A bit different from the usual bobby on the beat! Helen
  10. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    He, he, it was all your fault Vanessan for starting the rot! Thought you might have stood up for us females!
  11. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Well, I missed my moment. I thought, good on you Robin for dismissing the gender thing, but it all went downhill from there! Helen
  12. Cars stuck on roundabouts is a common sight in Milton Keynes, especially Saturday and Sunday mornings after the joy riders have been speeding around in the small hours. Joking apart, I wonder how many serious casualties there must be as quite a lot of our roundabouts have rather large trees in the middle of them. It must cost our highways people a fortune to keep having to mend the caution signs! Helen
  13. Birthday Trip

    I hate to mention this, but...NN might guess since you signed in as him again! LOL
  14. Birthday Trip

    Love the way you’ve promoted (or rather knighted) the Admiral. ‘Sir Admiral’ rather suits him I think! Helen
  15. Another Newbie

    A warm welcome from me too! Helen
  16. Birthday Trip

    Hi Lind, A warm welcome from me and my ancient cat too! Glad to hear you’re both enjoying your holiday. The photos Howard has been posting look great. I second the hint about the squidgy, we took one with us in September and it did help. We’ve now bought one of those window vac things, having spotted a Beldray one half price in Sainsbury’s January sale, so we’ll be trying that out during our Broads trip next month. Helen
  17. Guess Who Just Got Wed?

    Lovely photo, surrounded by real friends! Congrats again. Helen
  18. My Day

    Huge congratulations! Helen
  19. A Winters Tale

    Similar characteristics? You don’t go around nabbing and eating orcs , do you?
  20. A Winters Tale

    Hi Jay, Why have you turned into Gollum? Trying to tell us something? (My precious?) Do you realise that I’m a complete Tolkien nut? H
  21. Where Did The Love Affair Begin?

    Memories...so precious!
  22. My Day

    Glad you enjoyed the RSC production Polly. Helen
  23. The mention of Wetherspoons has reminded me that I’ve read some reviews mentioning that there are a few places in Beccles that are dog friendly: 1.The Bear and Bells 2. Graze at The White Horse 3. The Wine Vaults (bar area). Not tried these out myself yet to find whether the reviews are accurate though. We’ve also been to The Wherry in Geldeston with our dog, which we very much recommend. Helen
  24. Back On The Broads 9th March

    We've had excellent meals at both the White Horse and The Swan. Recommend mooring at the Staithe. Helen
  25. The Cross Keys at Dilham The Swan Stalham Not a pub, but worth visiting - Alfresco Tea Rooms, Ludham Recruiting Sergeant, Horstead (nr Coltishall Locks) The Red Lion, Coltishall The Rising Sun, Coltishall (not that it's a place I'd choose to eat at, drinks maybe) Acle Bridge Inn Pedro's Acle (just have a 2-3 number of tables that are dog friendly, so probably best to book). Haven't checked out Pedro's in Horning, but would imagine that has the same policy. Helen

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