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  1. Another Week On Grande Girl 1

    Lovely tale and photos. Thanks! Helen
  2. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I'm getting worried....where's the real Gracie? Somehow I didn't think you were that coy Gracie. Wonder where I got that idea?
  3. Roast Potato's Cooking On The Corsican Part 32

    Hasn't some research found recently that the saturated fats like beef dripping and goose fat are better for you when they've been heated to a high temperature than the low saturated fats? Apparently the so called healthier fats turn into something nasty and potentially carcinogenic when heated. Can't remember where I read that though.
  4. I thought we had to hold off the like button for now?
  5. Fair Ambassador

    Yes, we didn't pay the pilot when we were with NBD, with Ferry Marina we had to pay the yard when we took the boat back.
  6. Fair Ambassador

    I haven't any experience of Fair Ambassador, but I did find NBD very helpful and Fair Regent very comfortable a few weeks back. I've started planning my holiday leave dates around the tides, to maximise opportunities to cross Breydon and get under the bridges. That's why I chose a week starting 23rd September this year, rather than one of the weeks either side of it. Helen
  7. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Yeh, sacrilege! I love getting under the bridge as I know there will be a really special place beyond it. Do we really want to destroy that? (Ignoring that we'd be also destroying part of our heritage.) Love to have the quieter places beyond low bridges. They are accessible if you choose your boat carefully, so no one is really excluded from the experience. Helen
  8. Hurricane

    Haven't watched it since it's original run, but it was my favourite series at the time. How well has it aged? Helen
  9. 24hr Moorings To Become 48hr?

    What lovely photos. I like the colour of the sky in the first, but the composition of the second with the reflection in the water is great. Helen
  10. What's Wrong With This Sign?

    Oops! We must have missed that sign when we were in Horning a few weeks back. I'm sure we walked the dog across the Green. Is that the bit of grass beside the Staithe? Helen
  11. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    Don't go Gracie! The forum just wouldn't be the same if you stopped posting. In fact, I think of you as just about the friendliest of a really friendly group of people. I must admit I occasionally do a bit of virtual editing when I browse the forum. Where things get a bit iffy I just try to ignore it, not respond, and continue on my way. I've mentioned before somewhere that this is the first forum that I've joined (apart from the obligatory OU course forums) and that's because it's well moderated and most members are very considerate of each other, even when they don't share the same views. Helen
  12. The Tales Of Susie Speedwell

  13. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Watch it with the talk of sixties flower power rig! What did they say about careless talk in the war? If you're not careful Timbo will start delving into his archive of terrible fashions again, as he did in the PH bridge thread. Helen
  14. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Double knit fancies...whatever next. I think I need to stop reminding people that I grew up in the 70s.
  15. Mystic Horizon Here I Come

    Hi Neil, thanks for the lovely account and photos. Here's to the next holiday! Helen
  16. Another Week On Grande Girl 1

    Lovely account and lovely photos as always. Looking forward to the next day's blog! Helen
  17. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Eek! Definitely mind blowingly scarey! Very wierd knitware (please Timbo tell me you haven't harboured anything of the sort!) and what's with the dead chicken? I tell you youngsters, the seventies were definitely wierd. Timbo...whatever archive did you drag this one up from? Helen
  18. Saturday 23rd September Both of us awoke early this morning, well before the alarm, so decided to get up and get on our way to Wroxham as early as possible. Graham packed the car whilst I took Seren for a dawn walk. We managed to get on our way just before 7am. We did our usual stop-off at the Caxton Gibbet Costa’s (coffee and sausage toasties) and continued on to Wroxham arriving around 9.30am. Graham took Seren for a walk whilst I went to do the food shop in Roys. After that we went for a wander around Wroxham. Checked out the gap under the bridge (just over 7’, but then it wasn’t that long after high tide), had a look in the pet shop near the bridge for a toy for Seren, but didn’t see one cheap enough (she tends to tear them apart). We eventually found one in Roys Garden Centre, where they invited Graham to take the dog in. I got three Chris Crowther books in the Chandley, having bought the first two on our last visit. Had another walk along the river and the railway station before looking for somewhere to eat. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really hungry, so didn’t fancy anything off either The Old Mill Menu nor the Riverside Caff menu. Graham had tea and a brownie from the latter, sitting at their outside tables, whilst I tried to dissuade Seren from barking at swans. Making our way back to the car I popped into Roys again and bought a Steak Slice for my lunch. It was lovely; really freshly made. Around 12.30 we made our way to the boatyard (Norfolk Broads Direct/Faircraft Loynes – whatever) found the customer parking and had a bit of a nose around. We went to reception just before 1. I’d emailed them a few days earlier to ask whether it might be possible to pick up the boat earlier than their normal 4pm pick-up and they had replied that they’d put us down for a 1pm arrival. Although the boat wasn’t quite ready (we were early!) we had a very friendly welcome, were signed in, paid for the dog (not sure why they don’t charge for dogs in advance) and Tracey took my mobile number so she could call me when the boat was ready. We went back along the quay as far as The Boatshed pub and back and were about to walk back to Hoveton when I had a call from Tracey (pretty much dead on our agreed arrival time of 1pm). The chap that came to do our handover just took us through the essentials before moving the boat out further along the dyke around 2pm and hopping off the boat. We soon felt like idiots though, as we were both completely flummoxed by the throttle. I did my usual panicky thing and asked Graham to take over when I felt I couldn’t control the boat, but he didn’t fare much better. The two Ferry Marina boats we’d hired previously had responded to the slightest movement of the throttle. This throttle did nothing for ages – you moved it forward, and a bit further, and a bit further, and even further before anything happened. In our confusion and lack of forward steering we drifted across the dyke and had to fend off the opposite key heading. Thankfully we managed to get it into gear by the time we got to the main channel. The main difficulty then was following a boat that was (commendably) ticking down through Wroxham at about 3mph. Unfortunately, our minimum speed seemed to be ever so slightly faster than that, so I had to try to slow down now and again by going into reverse slightly so as not to catch them up. I was starting to hate that throttle as it wasn’t immediately obvious when we had forward motion and when not – not until we got used to it anyway, and that took several days. I did like the fact that the boat had GPS though. There were lots of other things that we liked about the boat, but I’ll cover those in a review. We were lucky with the weather today: had some rain on the car journey which had dried up by the time we got to Wroxham, and by the time we picked up the boat the sun was just starting to come out. There were quite a few cruisers about but far fewer sailing boats and day-boats than there were in May or July. From Wroxham we pootled down the Bure, observing the speed limits far more than we had on previous trips. Having GPS helped with this, as did NBD giving us a map which had the speed limits marked on it. On previous trips we’ve relied on our OS map and an occasional glance at the HUD GPS thingy on our phones. We made our way past Acle (moorings fairly busy) and Stokesby (moorings full) to Stracey Arms where we moored at the furthest point down river. Graham had unpacked some stuff on our way down, but we now unpacked the rest of our stuff and made the bed (a first – Ferry Marina and Hunter’s Yard beds are always made up for you). We then watched Gardener’s World before settling down to read for a while before dinner. Dinner was quiche from Roys with new potatoes and salad. Around 9.30 Graham took Seren for a walk and we were settling down for the night by 10pm, ready for an early start tomorrow. Yarmouth passage! Helen

    'Toby will stay sitting on the floor by my feet in the cockpit doing impersonations of a typewriter carriage. ' The mental images of Toby vibrating his way across the floor has had me in tears (of laughter of course). Helen
  20. What's Wrong With This Sign?

    Is one of the 'don't do' signs indicating that they don't allow football? How daft is that in a kids playground? Helen (I was a bit of a tomboy as a teenager.)
  21. Fair Regent - September 2017

    Am I completely losing it? I've just realised that I forgot to mention the most exciting (and briefly worrying) bit of the cruise. Track back to Thursday evening, our idyllic wild mooring on Womack Dyke. Late evening Graham had got ready for bed shortly before I did. Once he'd finished in the bathroom and I got up to make my way to brush my teeth, and so on, and I realised that the boat as on a very slight slant. Mentioned it to Graham and we both dressed again and went onto the bank to investigate. Yes, the boat was definitely stuck on the shelving edge of the bank. Although we'd arrived at low tide, and so thought we'd be fine, we had subsequently moved the boat about 3-4 hours later to be more central on the wild mooring and had forgotten to leave enough slack on the ropes when we re-tied her. Graham now slacked off the ropes a bit and we tried to push her off, without success. We went back on board and checked the tide tables that we'd brought with us. Got a bit more worried when we realised that low tide at Acle wouldn't be until after 1am. I thought for a bit and suggested that we could try getting onto the side of the boat opposite the bank and try jumping up and down, so as to rock the boat. Graham laughed a lot (!) and commented 'what, like the woman at Potter Heigham?' (some of you may have seen the YouTube vid of a couple who very unfortunately got stuck under the bridge and were desperately trying to do all in their power to free her). I thought a bit more and suggested that side to side movement was more likely to have an effect than fore and aft movement and that, however daft the idea was, it was better to try to do something than nothing. Anyway, we went back out again. Graham got onto the bank and I onto the opposite side of the boat. I just flexed my knees rather than jumping, and a minute or so later Graham announced we were free! Yay! So daft ideas are sometimes worth trying! All adds to the Broads experience. We won't do that again, hopefully. Yes to wild moorings, but please take take more care with the slack in your ropes than we did. Another time that we felt like complete idiots! Helen
  22. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Timbo, love the link between 1622 and 2008. Just love history! On a complete tangent, my Nain (Gran) who was a seamstress, as was her mother, used to say frequently that 'the wheels of fashion turn'. I found this in the seventies when a lot of the patterns of women's suits and dresses etc. in Vogue pattern mag were a similar shape to the suits my Mam had worn in the 40s. The wheels are still turning, and not just for fashion. There are whole trends out there in political, artistic and philosophical (etc.) opinion that are like tides, which ebb and flow. Is that encouraging or scarey?
  23. Fair Regent - September 2017

    Thanks very much for all your nice comments. Not sure about the next trip yet. Perhaps March or May? I have started checking out boats and prices though! If I can be on the Broads then at least I can plan to be! Helen
  24. Another Week On Grande Girl 1

    Lovely account Mouldy. Ludham butchers are great, glad to hear that Rodney is still popping in to advise. We thought they had a much wider choice of meat this year on display, looked very tempting, but I hope they're not overdoing it for the amount of custom that they have. We still think they do the best bacon ever. We always visit when we are on Ludham. Loved your photos too. The best for me is of Harry. That's one bright-as-a-button boy. I've got a Harry too, but he's more than 20+ years older, also bright but I sometimes wonder how 'grown up' he is. Helen

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