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  1. Yes, but luckily he has one or two other boats he can use to get around the Broads. Bit more economical on fuel too!
  2. Can’t we just all get on together? I feel the biggest blessings of my life have been to move to Milton Keynes and to work for the OU. The OU needs no explanation, it’s the most inclusive organisation dedicated to giving opportunities to all. On a recent TV programme about the 50 year celebration of Milton Keynes the bits that I loved most were the interviews with school kids where they expressed their value for the inclusivity of MK.
  3. ‘Across the world extreme views are proliferating towards intolerence in a way not seen since the 1930s.’ I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there Ray. It really worries me that all the gains of international cooperation that were made following WW2 (learning the lessons of the aftermath of WW1) have been forgotten. Sorry...politics..not supposed to go there! Helen
  4. YnysMon


    Yes, but what about his side kick Boo-Boo? (Yogi’s that is...).
  5. Did you mean ‘peel’ perchance? LOL.
  6. With great difficulty. I ended up with not very much carrot but lots of peelings!
  7. I excel at growing wonky veg. Think I’ve surpassed myself this time though!
  8. YnysMon


    Well, yes. hullabaloos indeed! A species of inconsiderate hirers known from the 1930’s onwards. (Check out Arthur Ransom’s ‘Coot Club’.)
  9. A warm welcome from me too. Helen
  10. Well, at least it shows that they are investing in improvements. Isn’t that a good thing?
  11. Steady on chaps! (Flippin’ ek...for a Welsh person to say that is just weird...). Just behave!
  12. Umm...Folies Bergere? Just noticed that one on Timbo’s phone photo. LOL
  13. ‘ hitched up his tights’ She’s sure about that one, is she?
  14. Jean, how could you! You’ll set him off again!
  15. Typing ‘ying tong’ with predictive text takes a bit of doing!
  16. Brilliant...though you’ve gone a bit Charlotte Bronte with your ‘Dear readers ‘. All together now... Ying tong, ying tong, ying tong... 😀 (iddle i po) More, more! (pretty please!)
  17. Hi Polly. We are probably wimps, but I find that trying to quant against a stiff breeze ain’t fun!
  18. What a pain! Our insurance is probably more expensive, but at least they are easy to contact.
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