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  1. Good precaution on her part. Wish other young people were taking it as seriously.
  2. Hi Peter, that’s really sad news. How old was your daughter’s friend?
  3. Thanks. Have subscribed to Floating our Boat, and have spent the last couple of hours recovering from exertions on the allotment watching some of their vlogs. After watching their latest couple of vlogs where Rich has ‘it’ (the virus) I started watching some of their Grand Union episodes (naturally zoning into ones near MK). Loved the way they explain they have a ‘book problem’. (Each time they travel home they take books back, home but end up bring even more back to the boat.) 😂
  4. I wasn’t judging either way, in fact I was a bit puzzled by the shouting initially. It was only yesterday evening when I was watching the latest instalment of the YouTube vlog ‘Cruising the Cut’ that I realised at last some live-aboards are staying put during the lockdown. (The Cruising the Cut guy just got back from New Zealand by the skin of his teeth so is self-isolating because of that). It wasn’t the only boat on the move anyway.
  5. I think that’s why I’m scared of heights. As I grew up in Anglesey a trip to a castle was quite a frequent occurrence: Harlech, Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Conway, Criccieth, and the Welsh built ones like Dolgarrog. We’ve done them all several times, when we were children and then when my kids were younger. In the 70s there weren’t the safety barriers that you find nowadays on top of the walls.
  6. What the picture doesn’t capture is the effing and blinding coming from the guy in the moored-up boat. If you zoom in you can just spot his head poking out of the hatch as he yelled after them.
  7. I’ve not even managed to get to the top of St Helen’s Ranworth. Went up the enclosed staircase within the tower fine, but then there are those two ladders within the bellchamber. Eek!
  8. I should have added, I chickened out...can’t stand heights, but took some photos of my husband and son touring the upper reaches of the mill. Wild horses wouldn’t get me up there!
  9. He does indeed, and truly a Broadland gem as you say. You need a head for heights though.
  10. St Benet’s Level Drainage Mill (opposite side of the river from Thurne). Helen
  11. I’m another one that is fed up with the ‘broken record’. You are doing more harm to your cause than you realise and also harming the forum as people are saying they want to take a holiday or completely disengage from the forum as a result.
  12. I went for a walk today with my husband and eldest son, along a lovely wide stretch of footpath & bridleway that runs along the Grand Union Canal. It was lovely to be able to get out of the house during this period when most of us are cooped up working from home, or just stuck at home. There were lots of other walkers and cyclists out, but everybody was very good about keeping their distance. It was quite funny to see really...how we were all keeping as far apart from one another as possible. We went as far as a new marina complex that is being built. The actual marina has already opened on the east bank of the canal and I was amazed at how many boats are already berthed there. Construction is still underway on the opposite bank, a new footbridge has been opened and some flats are complete and occupied. The information board and a notice above the canal mention a planned offshoot from the Grand Union Canal to provide a link to Bedford. I wonder if that will ever happen and how it will be funded? The info board mentions that there will be a number of water-parks along the route, so maybe that's to attract investment. We turned back and crossed over to the lower section of Campbell Park (which runs down from the Milton Keynes Shopping Centre to the Grand Union Canal), found a quiet bench and had a picnic before walking home again. This was near our bench... as was this plaque marking a junction between two of the National Cycle Routes. On the way home we passed Gulliver's Land (very quiet, normally there would be a lot of screaming from kids on the more exciting rides). Seren really enjoyed the walk. We all did.
  13. Isn't 9am when they reserve the time for the elderly/vulnerable to shop? Maybe it varies from store to store?
  14. I went for a walk today, as today is one of my fortnightly 'non-working days'. We have a number of really wide pedestrian/cycle routes nearby, and the one along the Grand Union Canal has a bridleway to the side of it, so loads of room ensure 'social distancing'. It's quite funny actually, as everyone that we met were very good at walking/cycling as far away from us as possible, and us them. Also far more people said 'hello' than is usual, so that was nice. Actually we went for a picnic, which we haven't done since our kids were little, and our eldest son came along too. We went as far as a new Marina complex that is being built just to the south of our area of Milton Keynes (the construction site was active). I took some photos, so I'll post on that under the 'My Day' thread.
  15. Nice looking decking!
  16. That’s really good, I’m so pleased for you, well done for volunteering. Though I’d just mention that IKEA staff were advised that the virus can stay viable on surfaces for about three days. Hope self-employed people like Griff can get out there are do jobs whilst still social distancing, but watch those surfaces!
  17. Yes, it was a shock. I’m wondering how her family are coping. An elderly Aunt of mine died yesterday (not of Covid-19...she was in her late 90s and had dementia). The family are struggling with the idea that they can’t even have a church funeral as the local Vicar is in isolation. A lot of the family can’t attend anyway as they are NHS workers and are having to be extra careful. Really sad for them too. Is it busy where you are Jean? I must admit I wouldn’t hesitate to go for a walk in our neighbourhood, as it’s very quiet and it’s easy to give people a wide berth. The important thing is to be able to get outside, but not where there are lots of other people. I was reading today how they’ve closed the car parks in Norfolk seaside towns to try to discourage visitors. Helen
  18. I've just heard that my next door neighbour passed away last night, having contracted the virus. She was in her mid 60s but did have health issues. I must admit it has shaken me up. She was a lovely lady, always ready to help our if we needed anything. Up until now this Coronavirus scare has all seemed a bit unreal, just a case of working at home, which I didn't mind. I hope my news will convince those who just see all the restrictions as a bit of a nuisance that they are necessary. Helen
  19. I planted my potatoes on the allotment during my lunch break today, so that’s a good job done. Graham found that he’s down to the last pot of the marmalade that I made in January. He doesn’t half go through the stuff...bit like Paddington Bear. Luckily I’ve got one of those tins of orange pulp for cheats homemade marmalade making in the cupboard and enough sugar. So that’s a job for the next rainy day.
  20. Poor old tabby. I keep reminding myself that we have lots of food in cupboards and fridge and freezer and that we won’t starve. My grandparents used to have so little food in the house. Grandad (I called him by the Welsh ‘Taid’) went out each morning to shop, so they kept milk, eggs, lard and butter/marg in the fridge and not much else. The ‘larder’ had flour, short grain rice, suet, dried fruit and not a lot else. Meat and veg were bought daily. There would be a tin of fruit, condensed milk and maybe salmon in a cupboard in case visitors turned up for tea, and that was about it. I look at my cupboards and feel ashamed. Each year I have a clear out and find tins that are out of date, and stuff that’s been in the freezer too long. You’ll note it was my Grandad doing the shopping. After he retired he took over the housework so my Grandma (Nain) could spend more time working. She was a seamstress and continued working until well into her 80s, until her arthritic hands meant she couldn’t any longer. My Grandad also helped to look after me when my widowed Mam returned (reluctantly) to work when I was 2. He was the best Grandad ever. Such a quiet and unassuming man.
  21. For the latest on BCBM shares best look at their website or phone them.
  22. I had a message from my cousins yesterday evening. They had been visiting Chris’ daughter in New Zealand. Yesterday evening they were stuck in Singapore airport anticipating 36 hours wait for a flight back to old Blighty. This morning Graham read that New Zealand was locked down, so maybe they got out just in time.
  23. Well, BCBM have finally contacted syndicate members to advise that we shouldn’t be travelling down to our boats. I had been naively thinking that a week on Moonlight Shadow could be a fairly socially isolating holiday, particularly if we wiped down surfaces when we took over and left. I know...I was being a bit daft. I’ll be disappointed to miss our week in early May, but I can see the reasoning. After all, the boat isn’t going to pump out itself! The way some people appear to have been carrying on over the last few days of good weather has been crazy. The crowds at some beach resorts! At least we have the allotment. We took it on last year, but only managed to get half of it cultivated...the other half had been neglected for years and trees were encroaching. Have made some good progress this weekend. We have chatted to some fellow plot holders but we are all being careful to keep a good distance from each other.
  24. There are other shares available...just check out https://www.bcbm.co.uk/boats/broads-cruisers-page-127.html
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